‘Alcaida’ And ‘Peopel’: Trump’s Handwritten Notes Show That He Is A Racist With Poor Grammar


It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to recognize that Donald Trump isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but there are some instances in which this fact is simply unavoidable.

During his bonkers public remarks on Monday following racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen, the president gave the public a view of his notes – and they weren’t pretty.

Judging from the president’s scribbles, he wouldn’t even be able to advance out of the first round of a grade school spelling bee. In a pair of words jotted down at the top of Trump’s, he wrote “ALCAIDA” and “SOME PEOPEL.”


Jabin Botsford, a staff photographer for The Washington Post, posted the photos on Twitter on Monday and lawyer Max Kennerly pointed out the two misspelled reminders:

As Malcolm Nance asked on Twitter on Monday, “Is he really that ignorant?”

For any youngsters reading, the correct spellings are “al Qaeda” and “people.”  The fact that Trump is unable to string together some basic words would be funny if he weren’t the man in control of the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal.

Trump is a racist with poor grammar

Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to grammar usage. But Donald Trump has shown time and again that he has the intellectual abilities of a toddler – and he seems to revel in it.

The longer his presidency goes on, the more comfortable he is flaunting his idiocy and racism, as he’s shown again over the past several days. After all, he often receives the loudest applause at MAGA mob rallies when he spews ignorant, vile and white nationalist attacks on his political opponents, particularly when they are minority women.

The fact that Republicans in Congress refuse to condemn anything he says or does only emboldens him to continue ramping up the racist, moronic rhetoric. What’s frightening is that it’s only going to get worse as 2020 the presidential campaign heats up.

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