Trump Melts Down And Falsely Claims Only 25% Want Him Impeached


Trump showed that he only reads the Republican numbers in polling data by falsely claiming that just 25% of America wants him impeached.

Trump tweeted:


Trump’s claim is flat out false. In the latest Washington Post poll, 58% support impeachment, and 49% support removing Trump from office. The 25% number that Trump quoted has been the number of Republicans who support impeachment in various recent polls. Just like Trump’s claim that his approval rating has risen 17 points in three days, the president is making up and misusing polling data to create the false impression that Americans don’t support impeaching him.

Support for impeachment is growing, not declining, and Trump’s claim that he did nothing wrong is completely inaccurate. If Trump did nothing wrong, he should release the full transcript of his phone call with the president of Ukraine.

Instead of coming with a real defense against impeachment, Trump is melting down and trying to spread a false reality that the majority of Americans don’t want him to be impeached.

Donald Trump is in a crisis, and he responding by wasting his time tweeting false information.

Trump is losing, and the impeachment numbers are the loudest signs yet that the majority of Americans want to be rid of Donald Trump.

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