GOP To Sabotage Devin Nunes By Putting Jim Jordan On Intel Committee For Impeachment


House Republicans may steal Devin Nunes’s thunder by putting Rep. Jim Jordan on the Intelligence Committee for public impeachment hearings.

CBS News reported:

As the impeachment inquiry enters its public phase, top Republicans in the House are weighing whether to temporarily assign Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the panel that will conduct the initial public hearings. Discussions about adding Jordan to the committee are “active and serious,” a senior Republican involved in the process told CBS News.



If Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy were to temporarily assign Jordan to the Intelligence Committee, he would have to make room for him by removing a current member. The move would also undermine Devin Nunes, the committee’s top Republican. McCarthy has sole discretion over Intelligence Committee assignments.

For those of you keeping score at home, Republicans claimed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was some sort of supervillain for picking the members of the committee who would do the impeachment investigation, but they are perfectly fine with Kevin McCarthy bumping off a Republican Intel Committee member so that he can replace them with one of Trump’s favorite stooges in Jim Jordan.

Republicans wouldn’t be putting Jordan on the committee because of his outstanding legal mind. Jordan would be at the hearings to disrupt and create a sideshow. Rep. Jordan’s role would be to create moments that can be played all day and night on Fox News.

Jordan’s presence on the committee would sabotage Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and it will not go over well with Nunes who is the ranking member of the committee and a man who is looking to monopolize the spotlight at the impeachment hearings.

The Republican addition of Jordan to the committee suggests that they have no strategy. The GOP’s goal is to turn the public impeachment hearings into a circus. Nunes has been ineffective and clearly fallen out of favor, which is why Republicans are turning to Jordan to make Trump feel like he is being defended during the impeachment hearings.

Things are about to get very ugly for House Republicans.

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