Trump Apparently Thinks 11/9 Is The Anniversary Of The Sept. 11 Attacks

Donald Trump did his usual regimen of non-work on Saturday morning by retweeting a flurry of tweets, mostly from his favorite propaganda pushers on Fox News.

But one retweet has left some Twitter users scratching their heads because it appears to suggest that Trump – the actual president of the United States – believes Nov. 9 (aka 11/9) is the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

For no apparent reason, Trump reposted this tweet from former White House national security adviser John Bolton commemorating the Sept. 11 attacks:

Screen Shot 2019-11-09 at 9.44.38 AM.png

Of course, there’s really no way to get inside of the deranged president’s mind to determine the real purpose of his retweet.

What we do know, however, is that Bolton now finds himself at the center of the impeachment inquiry as Democrats seek key testimony from him. Bolton has indicated that while he won’t voluntarily testify, he would comply with a subpoena.

That potential testimony became even more critical as Bolton’s lawyer said on Friday that he knows more information about Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal than House investigators do.

Trump’s history of 9/11 blunders

Despite being from New York, Trump has repeatedly made blunders when discussing the Sept. 11 attacks – from lying about the tragedy or – of course – making it all about himself.

Trump’s first reaction to the terrorist attack wasn’t one of sorrow. In fact, he called into a radio show and bragged about the fact that without the World Trade Center, his building is now the tallest.

During the 2016 campaign, he repeatedly pushed the claim that “thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey were actually celebrating the attack – an assertion that has been debunked time and again. He also once referred to the attacks as 7/11 – the convenience store chain – instead of 9/11.

So it’s almost irrelevant whether Trump’s retweet of John Bolton was an indication that he thinks 11/9 is actually 9/11, or if he was just trolling his former adviser. We already know that Trump really couldn’t care less about America’s worst terrorist attack – aside from how it makes his building look.

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