Joe Biden Leads By 8 In Georgia As Trump’s Red State Collapse Grows

A new poll of Georgia shows former vice president Joe Biden leading 51%-43% over Donald Trump.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, “In head-to-head matchups, former Vice President Joe Biden ran strongest against Trump, leading the president 51% to 43%, fueled by solid support from women and independents. Other matchups against South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and U.S. Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are much tighter.”

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren each lead Trump 47%-43%, which is just outside of the poll’s 3 point margin of error. Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris respectively have two and one point leads that are within the poll’s margin of error. Women are flocking to the Democrats with Trump getting no more than 38% support against any Democratic candidate from women. Biden does the best against Trump with women as the former vice president leads 58%-36%. Trump has a 59% job disapproval rating with Independents in the state, and Biden leads Trump 45%-35% with that group.

Trump’s strategy is to duplicate the 2016 election map in 2020. Trump is losing to Biden in Texas, Arizona looks bad for the president, Iowa has been moving away from Trump, and now he has a Georgia problem. Most of the traditionally red states are going to fall into line for Trump on election day 2020, but if the president loses one red state, the election becomes nearly unwinnable, because Trump hasn’t expanded his map.

Donald Trump’s path to victory is narrow, and it looks like he won’t be able to count on red states like Georgia to save him.

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