Trump Is Throwing A Fit Over Not Hosting The G7 At His Golf Club

Trump threw another fit over not being allowed to host the G7 at his private golf club and make money from foreign governments.

Trump tweeted:

There is zero evidence that Trump was going to pick up the entire cost for the event. The Trump Organization refused to say how much they were planning on charging foreign governments for the rooms.

PolitiFact wrote when they fact-checked the claim that Trump would not be profiting off of the G7, “Moreover, the summit is a one-of-a-kind event, attracting seven world leaders, hundreds of diplomats, journalists and other guests, and worldwide publicity. Even at cost, it fills the hotel during Florida’s slow season and guests would be doing other spending on the property even if the rooms were rented at break-even prices.”

Using the presidency to host a big international event at one of his own properties has long been one of the president’s goals.

Even “at cost,” the G7 would have generated millions of dollars for Trump, and much of that money would have violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

Trump wanted to have one last big score before the voters potentially booted him out of office, which is why he is continuing to tantrum long after public pressure forced him to drop his corrupt scheme to host the G7 at his golf club.