Nancy Pelosi Tells Trump Directly That He Is Impeached Forever

On HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher asked Nancy Pelosi what she would say directly to Trump, and she told the president that he is already impeached.

Speaker Pelosi said:

If the president is listening I would want him to know that he is impeached forever, and he is impeached forever because he used the office of president to try to influence a foreign country for his personal and political benefit. In doing so, he undermined our national security. He was disloyal to his oath of office to protect the constitution, and he placed in jeopardy the integrity of the election.

And that, really, he gave us no choice.

Earlier on with some of the charges that came forward, which were violations of the law, I said he’s not worth it, but once he crossed that bridge, it wasn’t a question of his being worth it. The constitution was worth it. He had to be impeached.


Speaker Pelosi explained the entire impeachment case against Trump in less than a minute. Trump is trying to deny that he was impeachment. He is acting like the Senate trial is where impeachment will be decided.
Pelosi slapped Trump with reality. He already impeached. Trump is going to stay impeached, and he will be impeached forever. Nothing can be done to ever change Trump’s status as an impeached president.

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