Republican Senators Admit Trump Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill said that Republican Senators tell her that Trump has no idea what he is talking about.

McCaskill said on MSNBC, “I mean, that’s the thing about the Republican senators in that chamber, they know this guy doesn’t know whit about public policy. You should hear stories they tell when they come back from meetings at the White House. I have Republican senators tell me they were in a meeting at the White House with the president on health care and it was clear he had no idea what he was talking about. I mean, what, just yesterday, he does a meeting with the Iraqi leader — Of the Kurdistan in Iraq. And he starts talking about safe zones in Syria. He doesn’t even know the difference. So the notion that he is drilled down in Ukraine and is trying to implement public policy, nobody in that chamber believes it.”


Republican Senators know that Trump is lying. They know that his actions toward Ukraine have nothing to do with public policy because Trump knows nothing and doesn’t care about public policy.

Yet, Republicans are going to vote to not convict and remove this president from office.

Every single Republican Senator who votes not to convict Trump is an accomplice to his crimes and must face the verdict of the voters in their home states in November.
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