Rand Paul’s Office Won’t Say How He Got Coronavirus Tested Before Sick People

Sen. Rand Paul’s office has refused to say how the Senator from Kentucky was able to get tested for coronavirus ahead ill people who are showing symptoms.

Paul’s office has not provided an explanation:

How did Rand Paul, who had no symptoms, get tested before people who are sick and currently in the hospital?

One of the biggest scandals of the coronavirus crisis is how the rich, famous, and powerful have been able to get tested and get their results back quickly while ordinary Americans are being forced to wait in many cases weeks for their results.

Rand Paul should have never been running around the Senate infecting other people. He should have been quarantined as soon as he was exposed to the virus and forced to wait for his test results like everyone else.

In Trump’s America, there are different sets of rules when it comes to coronavirus testing. If you are a celebrity or rich, you can get tested on demand. If you aren’t, good luck, because you’re going to waiting to get tested and to have your results back.

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