Bill O’Reilly Compares Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine to Obama Using Cocaine


Conservative Bill O’Reilly complained on Monday that the media is treating Donald Trump differently than Barack Obama when it comes to drug use. He defended the President taking a potentially dangerous drug.

The former Fox News personality tweeted about Trump’s claim that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine. The President hyped the drug as a treatment for Coronavirus against medical advice.

“Barack Obama said he used cocaine in high school and the press didn’t care,” O’Reilly said.


“So why the angst against President Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine? If the remedy is useless, so what? Why do they care?”

O’Reilly later added a second tweet, again attacking the media over its reporting on hydroxychloroquine.

“Some saying the media is trying to protect folks from the hydro danger but I don’t know what that is,” he claimed.

Doctors have warned that hydroxychloroquine can be dangerous and even lethal if administered incorrectly. Even some at O’Reilly’s former network have made that clear.

Former President Barack Obama has admitted to using cocaine in the past but he never recommended the use of cocaine to treat a pandemic disease.

“I’m taking it for about a week and a half now and I’m still here, I’m still here,” Trump said of hydroxychloroquine on Monday.

“Here’s my evidence: I get a lot of positive calls about it,” he said.

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