Biden Campaign Accuses Trump of “Sustained Ineptitude” in Handling Coronavirus


Joe Biden’s campaign claimed the Trump administration is inept on Friday. The criticism comes as Vice President Mike Pence prepares to visit the state of Georgia.

The former vice president’s campaign issued a statement from Senior Advisor Symone Sanders bemoaning Pence’s attempt at “damage control.”

“Mike Pence and the Trump Administration have failed Georgia,” the campaign said.


“As the cases of COVID-19 in the state began to spike and the death toll climbed, this administration failed to act and no amount of inartful deception will erase that their inaction has cost lives.”

The Biden campaign said Coronavirus was “exacerbating” racial inequalities in the U.S. Studies have pointed out that people of color are suffering disproportionately from the pandemic.

“We need a president that will prioritize rooting out structural racism that has allowed communities of color to be devastated by this pandemic and the economic crisis that followed,” the campaign said.

“We can’t let these same communities be left behind as the country begins undertaking the most daunting economic recovery in recent history.”

“Right now, Georgians need decisive actions from transparent and empathetic leaders, but instead today they will get a photo-op.”

“In the fall, however, they’ll have the opportunity to vote for someone who is prepared to do the hard work, Vice President Joe Biden.”

Pence will visit Georgia later on Friday after President Trump visited a Ford plant in Michigan on Thursday where he was photographed wearing a face mask, though he had refused to wear one in front of journalists.

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