Trump And Biden Are Tied As Texas Blue Wave Builds

A new poll of Texas finds Donald Trump and Joe Biden in a virtual tie as the critical red state could turn blue in November.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll of Texas:

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a very tight race in Texas, with Trump receiving 44 percent of the vote and Biden receiving 43 percent in a general election matchup, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University poll released today. Democrats go for Biden 90 – 5 percent, independents do the same 45 – 36 percent, and Republicans go for Trump 87 – 6 percent.


In terms of how voters view the candidates, they give both Trump and Biden negative favorability ratings. 38 percent of voters view Biden favorably, while 45 percent view him unfavorably. That compares to a February 2019 survey when 48 percent viewed him favorably and 38 percent viewed him unfavorably. 42 percent of voters view Trump favorably, and 50 percent view him unfavorably. That compares to a February 2019 survey when 47 percent viewed him favorably and 49 percent viewed him unfavorably.

President Trump receives a 45 – 50 percent job approval rating, unchanged from September of 2019.

Trump also gets a negative approval rating for his response to the coronavirus.
Trump has struggled in Texas from day one. By Republican standards in the state, he has been plagued high unfavorable ratings, and the President has been warned by members of his own party that Texas is in play for Democrats in 2020.

Joe Biden is the perfect Democrats to have a chance to win Texas. Biden’s appeal to women and Independents coupled with his moderation could fare well with a group of Republicans in Texas who don’t care for Trump.

If Biden pulls out a win in Texas, the election will be over. The Democrats will take back the White House in a landslide.

The poll in Texas is a warning sign for Republicans, but Trump has ignored every other warning on all issues, so it isn’t shocking that Joe Biden could turn Texas blue.

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