Donald Trump Jr. Projects His Dad’s Failures On To Biden

The President’s son has claimed that Joe Biden will destroy the middle class if he’s elected in November. Donald Trump Jr. claimed that the former Vice President will raise taxes on ordinary Americans.

“Donald Trump put AMERICA FIRST and CUT TAXES for the middle-class and small businesses,” Trump Jr. tweeted on Thursday.

Joe Biden wants to put AMERICA LAST and RAISE TAXES on the middle-class and small businesses.”

“Biden’s leftwing policies would destroy the middle-class and crush small businesses!”

There is broad consensus that Trump’s tax cuts disproportionately benefited the wealthiest Americans and large corporations, while the middle class gained less from the cuts.

Trump Jr. sent a further tweet attacking China because of the Coronavirus and linking that country to Biden – this is a tactic Biden’s conservative opponents have used for some time.

“The Chinese Communist Party lied & the American people paid the price for it,” the President’s son said.

“[Trump] will hold China accountable & is already leading America’s economic comeback. Biden will roll over to China & crush our economic comeback with higher taxes & job-killing regulations.”

President Trump’s trade war with China has had serious consequences for American farmers, while his middle class tax cuts are not permanent. Biden is advocating for increased taxes on the rich.

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