An Obama Or A Biden Is Scheduled To Close Every Night Of The Democratic Convention

The current Democratic Convention schedule, which is subject to change after the VP pick, has an Obama or a Bien closing each night.

Morning Joe took a look at the current, not written in stone, schedule:

“Morning Joe” is getting a first look at the headliners. Monday’s lineup includes Bernie Sanders and Katherine Cortez Mastro, Andrew Cuomo, and Gretchen Whitmer. Former Republican governor John Kasich. Senators Doug Jones and Amy Klobuchar. And former first lady Michelle Obama. Tuesday, we hear from Sally Yates, Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Lisa Blunt Rochester, Bill Clinton, and Dr. Jill Biden.

Wednesday’s headliners are Nancy Pelosi, among many others. So it’s going to be — Elizabeth Warren is going to be there. Gabby Giffords, and Barack Obama. Look at Thursday, Cory Booker, Mayor Keisha Lance bottoms. Kamala Harris, the Biden family, and Joe Biden himself.


Joe Biden’s convention is set to look more like who America really is. Trump’s convention is certain to be heavy on the older white male presence, but that is the core of his support and the backbone of Trump’s shrinking Republican Party.

The message in the tentative schedule is clear. An Obama or a Biden will closeout, or in Barack Obama’s case, nearly closeout because one should expect that Biden’s running will speak last on Wednesday night, the Democratic convention.

Some speeches to look out for include, Michelle Obama and Cory Booker who both have a history of giving outstanding convention speeches. Sally Yates should be interesting after her recent Senate testimony. Bernie Sanders and AOC will represent the progressive wing of the party well, as Democrats should have the country watching as tell the nation in one unified voice that Trump has got to go.

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