DHS Chief Chad Wolf Falls Apart When Asked If Trump Believes In Russian Election Interference

Illegally installed acting DHS chief Chad Wolf fell apart when pressed by Jake Tapper on Trump and Russian election interference.

The exchange on CNN’s State Of The Union:

Tapper: And the president accepts that Russia is trying to interfere in the election again?

Wolf: Well, again, to my knowledge, absolutely. I’m going to let the president and the white house speak for themselves on that. But I’ve seen the intelligence. The intelligence assessment back in 2017. Recent statements as late as August of this year, earlier this month from the od&I that continues to talk about China, Russia and Iran continuing to try to meddle in the 2020 elections.

Tapper: Have you brought up Russia with the president?

Wolf: I have been in numerous conversations with the president about election security in a number of nation states have gotten discussed.

Tapper: Including Russia?

Wolf: A number of nation states have gotten discussed, yes.

Tapper: Okay. You’re not really answering the question about Russia, but let me move on.


Wolf would not be releasing top-secret information to answer yes or no. It is easy to spot when a Trump administration official is lying by their inability to provide simple answers to simple questions. Wolf wouldn’t say that Trump believes in Russian election interference, which should tell the American people everything they need to know about Trump’s need for Russian help to win the election.

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