Trump Drops A Debate Day Bombshell On Himself By Admitting He Wants SCOTUS To Wipe Out Obamacare

Trump has released his own 60 Minutes interview footage, and it shows him admitting that he wants the Supreme Court to wipe out Obamacare.

Sahil Kapur tweeted:

Here is the full interview footage as released by Trump:

It would be one thing if 60 Minutes released this footage, and Trump didn’t want it released. His sustained outburst over the interview would be understandable, but Trump released this footage.

During an election in the middle of a pandemic, he wants people to know that he supports taking healthcare coverage away from potentially hundreds of millions of people. This could be the biggest pre-debate self-destruction by a candidate in modern US electoral history.

Democrats have had it right all along. The reason why Republicans are rushing through Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is that they want her on the bench before November 10 so that she can vote to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

Trump isn’t even trying to hide it.

He wants to destroy the healthcare of hundreds of millions of Americans.

As my colleague Sarah Jones tweeted, twenty somethings should be paying attention, because they are about to be thrown into a health insurance system where a lot of the protections that they take for granted will be gone:

Trump may soon be gone, but his legacy of causing pain and destruction to the American people could continue for years to come.

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