Rudy Giuliani May Not Go To PA With Trump Because He Keeps Infecting People With COVID


Rudy Giuliani was supposed to attend a Pennsylvania “election fraud” hearing with Trump, but he may not be able to go because people around him keep getting COVID.

Besides being a terrible lawyer, Rudy Giuliani may also be a one-man super spreader:


How is orange Batman supposed to make an intimidating presence in Pennsylvania without melted hair dye Robin?

The hearing that is being held by Republicans in the state Senate is a farce. There was no voter fraud. There was no election fraud. Donald Trump lost Pennsylvania because he maxed out his vote share in the red rural counties, while Biden performed better in those areas than Hillary Clinton did while also flipping a few other key counties in the state.

Biden will end up winning Pennsylvania when the final vote is tallied by something a bit less than 100,000 votes. Every single one of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties voted to certify the results. There were no vast conspiracies against Trump, but it is fitting that his lead attorney may not be able to come with him to PA because he seems to be spreading coronavirus to everyone who spends time with him.

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