The Mainstream Media Helps Tucker Carlson Spread Racism By Calling It Grievance

Having learned nothing from the Trump years, the mainstream press is now calling Tucker Carlson’s white supremacy grievance.

The Washington Post Massages Tucker Carlson’s White Nationalism Into Grievance

This is how The Washington Post described Carlson’s white supremacy:

But on many nights, it is Carlson’s White grievance that dominates the show.

He has questioned whether Floyd’s death was caused by a police officer and says Black Lives Matter is “poison” for the country. He has promoted a claim, embraced by white nationalists, that “the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate [with] more obedient voters from the Third World.”

He has accused Boston University Professor Ibram X. Kendi, author of “How to Be an Antiracist,” of promoting racism. He called a top military leader a “pig” for saying he wanted to understand the role racism played in the Capitol attack. And he has said Black people and their White supporters are on a mission to spread “race hate,” devoting many of his segments over the past year to bashing the ideas behind critical race theory.

Tucker Carlson Is Pushing White Supremacy, Not White Grievance

Tucker Carlson isn’t giving a voice to the grievances of white people. The very long Washington Post profile mentions racism consistently, but it never connects Tucker Carlson to pushing racist views. The article challenges many of Carlson’s claims but unbelievably never directly connects Carlson to pushing racism and white supremacy.

It isn’t difficult to call out Carlson’s racism. HBO’s John Oliver spent an entire program explaining why Carlson is America’s top white supremacist and the danger of the toxin that he is putting into the country.

White Grievance Is The New Economic Anxiety Code Word For Racism

The corporate media should have learned after they spent years pushing Trump’s racism as economic anxiety when the core of Trump’s appeal to his supporters is racism.

Tucker Carlson isn’t voicing white grievance. The Fox News host has picked up the baton from Trump and is spreading racism and white supremacy. The failure of the biggest media corporations in the country to clearly and directly expose it only helps legitimize Carlson and his views.

The corporate media is refusing to show a spine and tell the truth, and the whitewashing of Tucker Carlson’s white supremacy is why so many Americans no longer trust the corporate media giants.