Pelosi Gets A Great Dig In By Refusing To Say Trump’s Name

On Sunday morning Pelosi was talking about the filibuster when she referred to the former president as “what’s his name.”


Speaker Pelosi was talking about when Republicans were in power and they changed the filibuster on CNN and said, “It’s fundamental to our democracy. Mind you, just to remind you when what’s his name was president was and the Republicans were in power Mitch Mcconnell pulled back the filibuster to enable, with simple majorities, three justice to see go to the Supreme Court for life. You would think that they could pull it back for the American people to have the vote.”

There are two things that the former president is afraid of, being criminally prosecuted and being ignored. Speaker Pelosi is treating Trump like the stain that he is on American history.

The Speaker was correct about the filibuster. One doesn’t need to gut the whole thing to make massive changes. A filibuster carve out allowing Democrats to pass the Right To Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act would get the job done.

There is no need to say Trump’s name unless the conversation is related to investigations and criminality, but Speaker Pelosi still knows how to drive the former president up the wall by denying him the attention that he craves 24/7.