Mitch McConnell Trolls Trump And Calls Biden Infrastructure Win Good For America

Senate Minority Leader McConnell told local Kentucky media that he was glad that the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed and called it good for America.

McConnell told WHAS asked if he would be attending the infrastructure bill signing ceremony:

Mitch McConnell did vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. He has previously said that the bill will be a “godsend for Kentucky.” Apparently, he thought that he needed to turn his praise up another notch, as he said that Biden’s success is good for America and that he is glad that the bill passed.

It is not a coincidence that the Senate Minority Leader made these comments after Trump essentially branded the 13 House Republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill traitors.

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are two of the most unlikable people in American politics, non-Ted Cruz division, so this might be a situation where many Americans are rooting for mutually assured destruction.

The timing of McConnell’s comments was no accident.  Mitch McConnell is trying to get under Trump’s skin by praising his actual friend Joe Biden.

Mitch McConnell refuses to acknowledge Biden wn
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