Trump Doesn’t Get What He Wants As Judge Could Release Partial Redacted Mar-a-Lago Search Affidavit

A federal judge said that he could release portions of a redacted affidavit for the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.

CBS News reported:

Judge Bruce Reinhart said he was “not prepared to find the affidavit should be fully sealed,” during a court hearing involving members of the media and the Justice Department. 

“There are portions of it that could, at least, presumptively be unsealed,” Reinhart said.

The judge gave prosecutors one week to file their proposed redactions to the affidavit – which likely contains a more detailed accounting of the reasons behind last week’s Mar-a-Lago search — and said he will make a decision after that.  

Trump Wants To Know The FBI’s Informant Is

Donald Trump doesn’t want a partial or redacted affidavit. He wants the whole document unsealed because the former president is trying to find the person who informed on him to the FBI.

There has long been an assumption that there was only one informant, but with up to half a dozen current Trump employees talking to the FBI, there could be multiple informants.

Donald Trump and his right-wing allies think that the DOJ is spying on him when federal law enforcement is investigating potential crimes committed by Trump.

What Trump really wants are names. He wants the names of witnesses and informants so that he can punish them, but those named won’t be publicly revealed, and given the nature of previously redacted government documents that have been released, the public is unlikely to gain much new information about about the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago.