Jim Jordan Seems To Be Encouraging Republican DAs to Prosecute Biden

Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) hearings and investigations into President Biden and his family have been a failure, so now he said that the rules of the game are for local Republican DAs to prosecute the President and his family.

The New York Post reported on their interview with Jordan:

“I didn’t want to see what happened in the Manhattan DA office, but now that we’ve crossed that line, that’s where it’s likely to go,” Jordan said of local GOP prosecutors going president-hunting.

“Frankly you can’t blame people for doing it. I’m not saying I am supportive of that but I think that now has become the rules of the game.”

Jordan said that he wasn’t saying that he was supporting Republican DAs prosecuting the Biden’s, but what he didn’t when he had the opportunity was condemn the idea. Rep.Jordan made it clear that these are the rules of the game now in his view, so his comments were a not-very-subtle wink and a nod telling local district attorneys to go after the Bidens.
Jim Jordan’s Biden investigations have flopped, and since Republicans are all about evening the score to help Trump in 2024, they need President Biden or a member of his family to be prosecuted.

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