Religious Right Serves Restraining Orders On Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Kagan

Tt was no great surprise that evangelicals followed the lead of two congressional Republicans and issued religious orders restraining the 'wrong' kind of Supreme Court Justices from fulfilling their duly sworn Constitutional duty.

Indiana Enacts Theocracy Legalizing Discrimination

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed legislation legalizing discrimination based on the religious right's "free exercise" of their bigoted beliefs that Republicans in Indiana contend are the law of the land.

Minority White Christians’ Religious War On the Constitution

There is a misconception among ignorant Americans that this nation was founded on the tenets of the bible and is therefore a Christian nation

The 21st Century Koch-Christian Crusade Is Killing Thousands Of Americans

The common demand from the religious right is "show just one instance of Christians killing anyone NOW," not 1,000, 60, 30, or even 12 years ago. It is really an unfair demand, but one that is easily answered without ever looking outside of America's borders.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Embraces ISIS’ Theological Mindset

Apparently, ISIS utilizing America's war tactics caught the attention of Robertson and his Christian theology informs him it is time for America to embrace the ISIS tactics and religious ideology, and as a Christian nation issue an ultimatum to the Islamic terrorists to "convert or be killed."

Ted Cruz Lies and Claims Senate Democrats Will Abolish The 1st Amendment

Ted Cruz was introducing his father at the Watchmen on the Wall, sponsored by the extremist Family Research Council and combined the Koch-Republican-Supreme Court definition of money as speech with a very healthy dose of Republican fear mongering to influence evangelical fanatics into believing Senate Democrats were abolishing the 1st Amendment.

Bad Apple Ted Cruz Didn’t Fall Far From His Father’s Equally Rotten Tree

If Americans wondered what drove the man who masterminded the $24 billion government shutdown all they need to know is that Ted Cruz did not fall far from his father's evangelical tree.

The Religious Right Attempts to Circumvent the Constitution By Claiming Academic Freedom

The latest attempt by the religious right to circumvent the Constitution involves claiming that prohibiting teachers from teaching the bible as science infringes on their academic freedom.

The Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore Rampant Republican Fueled Racism

Instead of a public outcry against blatant racism, main stream media failed to report the story on every evening newscast across the country.

After Campaigning from the Pulpit, Right Wing Churches Must Lose their Tax Exempt Status

Regardless if religious organizations abuse their agreement with the IRS or not, it is long past the time to end their government-sanctioned and taxpayer-funded entitlements once and for all.

1,000 Evangelical Preachers Will Break the Law and Support Republicans from the Pulpit

On October 7, about a thousand preachers will violate the requirement they agreed to with the IRS by actively providing specific guidance about how to vote on issues and candidates.