Trump Will Discuss Meddling With Putin While Refusing To Do Anything About It

At the end of a tense and controversial NATO summit in Brussels President Donald Trump held an informal news conference with international reporters and spoke about his upcoming summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. read more

Avenatti Claims the Kremlin Is Trying to Smear Him in the Press

Attorney Michael Avenatti has become a media celebrity over the past few months and now he claims that Russia is planting false media stories about him.  In an interview with Betsy Woodruff from the Daily Beast Avenatti says that he believes he has proof that the Russian government is behind the attempts to discredit him and damage his reputation. read more

Mueller Filing Claims That Russian Election Interference Is Still Happening

Special Counsel Robert Mueller does not give interviews or press conferences, and there are no leaks of information coming out of his office.  When he communicates, it is by legal filings made in a court of law.  And on Tuesday he claimed in such a filing that election meddling operations like those conducted by Russia during the 2016 presidential election are still occurring. read more