Trauma and Trump: Understanding America’s Vote Requires a Psychotherapuetic Approach

In a post-election episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and political analyst Mark Halperin insisted that the Trump victory should have been foreseeable by anyone watching and thinking rationally. The signs of disaffection with Washington were everywhere, and the antipathy to Hillary Clinton—and the Clintons as an institution (and foundation!)—glaringly saturated the electorate. If, again, our elites and the elite media had simply listened to the average American, whom they supposedly condescendingly ignore and even disdain as they huddle up in their bubbles of polls and self-involved punditry, this outcome would have been obvious. So the story now goes—as it is now told by that same supposedly elite media covering its tracks. read more

Kansans Despise Gov. Sam Brownback’s Policies But They Voted For Him Anyway

Only 18 percent of Kansans are satisfied with Governor Sam Brownback, despite electing him twice to be their governor.

Voters say Republican Governor Sam Brownback is ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas’

A new PPP poll finds that voters disapprove of Sam Brownback's job performance. He trails Democrat Paul Davis in his bid for re-election.