Democrats Score A Win As Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Is Under Federal Investigation

The Government Accountability Office will be investigating Trump's voter fraud commission thanks to the efforts of Democratic Sens. Cory Booker (NJ), Michael Bennet (CO), and Amy Klobuchar (MN).

Trump, Who Is Hiding His Tax Returns, Accuses 20 States Of Hiding Voter Fraud

As Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns, he has accused 20 states of hiding voter fraud because they refuse to turn over any of their voter data to his election integrity commission.

MSNBC Annihilates Trump With One Graphic As He Rambles On About Imaginary Voter Fraud

As Trump literally made things up about voter fraud by claiming that people came up to him and told him things, MSNBC debunked everything that Trump was saying with a single on screen graphic.

Trump Faces New Failure As Democrat Proposes Amendment To Defund His Voter Fraud Commission

Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN) will propose an amendment that will ban Trump from using any federal money to fund his voter fraud commission.

Trump Humiliated As Nearly Every State Refuses To Give Him All Or Part Of Their Voter Data

Trump's voter fraud commission has fallen flat on its face as nearly every state in the country has refused to turn over voter data to the White House.

Trump’s Voter Fraud Scam Falls Apart As 44 States Refuse To Provide Data

Forty-four of the fifty states refused to provide data to Trump's commission investigating voter fraud, as the White House seems to have been completely clueless about state voter privacy laws.

Deep Red Louisiana Defies Trump And Refuses To Turn Over Their Voter Data

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler called Trump's election integrity commission politicized while refusing to turn over the state's voter data to the President.

Maryland Attorney General Just Blew The Lid Off Trump’s Illegal Voter Fraud Commission

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh called Trump’s voter fraud commission illegal and debunked Trump’s entire voter fraud conspiracy in a blistering statement.

Here is AG Frosh’s statement: read more