Rumors Swirl: Obama To Kneecap The Koch Brothers With Citizens United Executive Order

Rumors Swirl: Obama To Kneecap The Koch Brothers With Citizens United Executive Order


It is being reported that one of President Obama’s surprises at the State Of The Union will be an announcement of an executive order that will take on the Koch Brothers and Citizens United.

Eleanor Clift of The Daily Beast reported:

Wednesday is the fifth anniversary of Citizens United, and reformers have been told that the president may announce executive action in his SOTU speech that would require businesses contracting with the government to disclose political contributions after contracts have been awarded. This would ensure that the contracting process is blind, but also give the public (and the media) the information needed to connect the dots to look for backroom deals or conflicts of interest.

Guess who happens to have multi-million dollar contracts with the Department of Defense? The federal government hating Koch Brothers have tens of millions of dollars in defense contracts with the federal government. Rush Limbaugh also has a federal government contract that allows his showto be broadcast on the American Forces Network.

It is possible that the president will announce this executive order tonight, but he may also decide to wait and make a separate announcement. When/if the president does decide to make this announcement it will be a huge boost to transparency. The Koch brothers have a web of secret organizations that they route their money through, so most of their campaign spending will remain a secret, but it will become a bit easier to connect the dots and figure how much direct influence campaign donations are having on public policy decisions.

A constitutional amendment or a Supreme Court decision will be required to kill Citizens United, but it appears that the president is planning to take action. Any executive order issued by the president would be the first positive step towards increased transparency in the last five years. President Obama can’t undo Citizens United alone, but he can take steps to give the American people access to information that is currently hidden.

The Koch brothers have chosen their puppets for the 2016 presidential election, but the days of having their cake and eating it too could come to an abrupt end with a stroke of President Obama’s pen.

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