Domestic Violence Victims Denied Health Insurance by GOP Senators

Domestic Violence Victim DENIED Healthcare Coverage

Let’s say you were going to cast a Republican Clown Show of Hypocrites who ran on “Family Values” whilst cheating on their wives and voting against women’s rights at every turn.

Let’s imagine this is the most ridiculous Clown Show ever… so bad that these Republican Clowns actually voted against protecting battered women from being cut off from health insurance access. Yes, let’s pretend that they actually voted to ensure that in nine states, health insurance companies could tell a woman who has been battered (the mere fact that this still goes on should be shameful to these “family values” men, but I digress) that she has (drum roll please):

A pre-existing condition.

She has been battered, and thus is not eligible for health insurance. She is “high risk”.

So, somehow in this scenario, the woman is not only subjected to sub-human treatment, but also then denied health insurance because of the actions of some “man” she had the bad luck to say hello to one fateful day. The man who beat her is not deemed “high risk” or denied access to health insurance, and yet, he is the one raising the costs of health care.

Gosh, that sounds like the America I know and love. How ‘bout you?

You can’t make this stuff up. It did really happen and it is currently legal in (now) 8 states to deny a woman health insurance due to her being the victim of domestic violence (I’m sure this has done wonders for reporting of incidents and women seeking medical care after being battered).

Ten Republican senators voted against the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act of 2006, an act that would have “forced insurance companies to stop ignoring state laws that provided protection for victims of domestic violence, specifically when it came to denying them insurance coverage.”

These are the same Republican Clowns now fighting against health care reform, which would protect battered women from being denied coverage from insurance companies for having been abused in the past. These guys stand for insurance company dollars, not family values.

They would let the battered mother of a family of five go without healthcare (if she is denied, who takes care of her kids?) in order to give the insurance companies another way to cheat the system.

Roll call: Alexander, Burr, Ensign, Enzi, Frist, Gregg. Hatch, Isakson, Roberts and Sessions.

Alexander: He just called the push for Health Care Reform “Most Brazen Act of Political Arrogance” Since Watergate Scandal. Yes, because helping people get healthcare coverage is scandalous, and allowing women who have the temerity to be beaten by their intimate partner in this “free” land of ours access to health insurance is just OUTRAGEOUS! Yes, Lamar, it’s a “kamikaze mission” for Democrats to want to help the people.  God only knows what Jesus is thinking now as he looks down on these crazy Democrats who think women are entitled to health care even if the man they are involved with is a complete and total tool of the highest order.

Burr: He’s the guy sitting passively in his office while Rome burns. He’s a failure of a patriarch, and that’s the kind of scandal one just doesn’t get over if one is a Republican. It’s OK to cheat, lie, steal, and kill. But do not, for the love of god, be impotent. So, Burr isn’t going to help protect battered women. He leaves that to the real men in the Democratic Party.

Ensign: He’s too busy cheating on his wife and buying his lover’s husband off with his parents’ money or some such oddity to bother with women’s rights. Anyway, he’s super busy with his ethics scandal so please do not pester him with piddling details about women’s health care rights and the like. Be pro-active and pull yourself up by your own bootstraps by marrying his girlfriend. You will never need to work again, let alone worry about health insurance. See, ladies? With the Republicans, if you put out and give in, you’ll get along.

Enzi: Remember when Enzi broke our hearts with his compassion during a CQ interview? “If you have no insurance, it doesn’t matter what services are mandated by the state.”

We’ve hit Frist now. Having to talk about Abramoff again is just too much. Let’s cut to the chase.

The Republican philosophy: Jesus was all for the further abuse of battered women. It’s in the bible, people. Look it up. Right under the section where Jesus describes how fiscal conservatism equates holy status only when used to implement social Darwinism by science deniers.

For all of the women in the house, the Republican Clown who hit on you by telling you how great you would look in his car while he talked over you? THAT guy is now creating laws that impact your access to healthcare.

The GOP mantra is to do anything, no matter how morally repugnant, to justify insurance corporations’ profits.

The Healthcare Reform Act that President Obama and the Democrats want to pass this week would put an end to this brutal, family-harming, uncivilized practice.

But what can you expect from godless heathens who pal around with terrorists?

2 Replies to “Domestic Violence Victims Denied Health Insurance by GOP Senators”

  1. Such hypocrites the republicans are! Still, I love the fact it has become so obvious. For example, they act like they are such church-going folk, yet they put the dollar over people’s well-being with their own constituents being no exception. That reminds me of the money-changers Christ chased out of the Temple. Other passages from the Bible say, talk is cheap, watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing, and you can judge a man by his actions. Wow! I think the republican high rollers are pretty much striking out on all counts! The republicans would do well to READ those Bibles they are always thumping!

  2. @Nikolai,

    Excellent points. Too bad they don’t care about being genuine or honest regarding their cynical “values”; aka, vote getting manipulations re the bible.

    One would think they owned the bible and Jesus to hear them talk.

    And if one were to actually read the bible, as you point out, one would know that is heresy.

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