GOP Dream of Destroying Obama Dies With House Health Care Passage

GOP Dream of Destroying Obama Dies With Health Care Passage
The Republican strategy to destroy Obama crumbled in the House on Sunday night.
For almost a year and a half Republicans have been nurturing a dream that they could turn Barack Obama into Jimmy Carter by stopping the passage of health care reform, but with the House passage of the health care bill by a vote of 219-212, Republicans have not only seen their dream of turning Obama into a one termer shatter, but their dream is dead, and Obama remains strong.

Remember Jim DeMint’s dream of breaking Obama:

DeMint said, “‘If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,'” House Republicans continued to meander along with the talking points that worked so well for them during the summer town hall meeting. Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) claimed that the health care bill was historic because, “unprecedented and unconstitutional mandates on our states.” Rep. David Nunes (R-CA) claimed that the bill was, “the cornerstone of [a] Socialist utopia.” Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) summed up the GOP position as the Republicans, “decided apparently that they benefit from virulence, hatred, disruption.”

In comparison to the insane ramblings of gloom and doom coming from the Republican side, Democrats seemed sane. Throughout the hours of debate, it was as if the two sides were not even debating the same issue. Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) said, “Amidst angry and at times even hateful rhetoric, amidst the misinformation and scare tactics, there exists one simple truth, and that truth is that the current system is unsustainable.” Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) said, “This may be the most important vote that we cast as members of this body. We have a moral obligation today, tonight to make health care a right and not a privilege.”

The entire GOP strategy for turning Barack Obama into a one termer centered on stopping health care reform, and giving him his defining defeat. They wanted to make Obama look like another weak Democrat. They risked everything on health care, and tonight they lost big. The Republican Party had a glimmer of hope and relevancy, but it was extinguished tonight. Democrats should pray every night that the Republicans ignore the economy this fall and run on the decided issue of health care reform. By doing so, they will be playing into the Democrats hands.

Even worse for the GOP, Obama and the Democrats are now free to focus on the economy and jobs for the next 8 months until the mid-term elections, and Obama now can add an historic piece of legislation to his stellar resume. The Republican hopes of defeating Barack Obama in 2012 hinged on stopping health care reform. They tried to turn Superman back into Clark Kent, and now all they have left is white rage, a pile of tea bags, and 18 months of doing nothing for the American people.

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  1. It’s hard to tell who had a worst weekend: The University of Kansas in the NCAA Tournament or the Republicans on the floor of the House. The GOP has stood in the way of health care reform for decades and their fear-mongering scare tactics failed them. Now progressives and liberals have to make sure we don’t fall asleep in November and allow the Republicans to hamstring the President. One battle is over and another begins tomorrow.

    But somewhere in heaven Ted Kennedy and Paul Wellstone are giving each other high fives.

  2. “They tried to turn Superman back into Clark Kent, and now all they have left is white rage, a pile of tea bags, and 18 months of doing nothing for the American people.”

    Almost a perfect statement.

    However, in my estimation it’s 8 years and 18 months of doing nothing for the American people. Unless of course, getting screwed counts for doing something.

  3. Title should read:

    “Dems go against the wish of the American public and killed their chances of a majority in November.”

  4. @nes718, I am sure you can tune in to the GOP channel (faux noise) and find the false headline you are looking for. After all, they spew the same noise every day.

    Nikolai @ 1:11, you are so correct!

  5. Hahaha! How dumb are u libtards honestly. I mean since when did countries like Cuba,Venezuela,Canada, and the former Soviet Union become a model to follow for economics and healthcare. The funny thing is were not defeated the backlash from what Obama and his fellow comrades has pulled will be felt for years to come not just in the November elections or in 2012. Socialism is power in the hands of the few which none of u libtards seem to get, Right now our country is ran by Comrade Obama, Bernanke and that joke Timothy Geithner. Also those libtards u were retarded enough to put in Congress and the house that were able to convince independents and fringe Dems to vote for them on the basis of change and other crap u all have peddled. Yes change did need to happen I will be the first person to give Bush his share of the blame. Libtard and obama change isn’t the kind of change America needs. When we slip into a Depression because unemployment and inflation are still running rampant. I hope your all not still sipping the Kool-Aid

  6. @,

    On behalf of Comrade Obama and the Socialist Army of Peace, I must ask you to please stop speaking/writing.

    Your country thanks you.

  7. @, Wow you are a dumbass Troll fact Obama’s approval ratings when up after he took back the mantel of healthcare reform why the American people wanted something done. Since when is it socialist to stop business practices that are harm full to the American people? You need to start listening to The Architect Rove he said it right when he said “it is no longer 1994 for the GOP we are now looking at 1995” and with the passing of healthcare reform we may be looking at 1996.

  8. What the hell has happened to the America I love? You liberal crazies have ruined her!!

    How fucking dare anyone out there make a mockery of America after all she has been through?!

    She lost her innocence on 9/11, she went through a difficult war in Iraq, she had to endure “presidents” like Clinton and now Jokebama.

    All you people care about is….. losers and forcing socialism on her.

    SHE’S A GREAT COUNTRY! What you don’t realize is that America is making you all this money and all you do is push a bunch of communist Chavez crap on her.

    LEAVE AMERICA ALONE! You are lucky she even fed you and your sorry liberal family! You BASTARDS!


  9. yes, i suppose the kind of change we needed was the sarah palin kind of change.

    just stop writing and start walking. Costa Rica is about 5500 miles south of the CA/Mexico border.

  10. Haha i guess you all couldnt wait to come on here and comment me. What Kool-Aid are you guys sipping seriously. How dumb can you libtards be Comrade is driving a country further into debt than even idiot Bush did. Your idea of Healthcare Reform is forcing everyone to have healtcare insurance if not they get a fine. Socialized medicine is woefully average in small countries such as Cuba and Briatin. They have a combined 60 million residents lets see how it works in a country with nearly 400 million people. Most people obama claims hes moving to cover could have applied for insurance or medicaid but didnt move to. alot are also illegals that shouldnt be here in the first place.

  11. @Oldsun,
    I’m the dumbass lol. I’m not the one who voted for Comrade and this idiocy. Healthcare Reform isnt forcing everyone to carry insurance. This will result in raised premiums. I really don’t understand why you libtards feel the need to let the government have so much power. Oh yeah i highly doubt the country will elect a libtard again after the crap he has pulled. Bush started the fire Obama just came with a tanker full of oil and a ton of matches and made it alot worse.

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