While Sarah Palin Exploits Hillary Clinton Empowers

The Anti-Palin Hillary Clinton Discusses Empowering Women

Liberal men often ask me why I write about Sarah Palin so much, assuring me that she is “stupid” and a “non-issue” if only I would leave it alone. But the women never ask me. They never ask me because we shared a collective blow to our solar plexus when we heard about McCain’s choice. We knew immediately that this was a woman who would set the woman’s movement back 100 years with every word she spoke, and the indignation, grief, and rage haven’t left us yet.

Hillary Clinton Feminist Extraordinaire
Hillary Clinton Feminist Extraordinaire

Last night, though, we were treated to an interview with Hillary Clinton on CBS’s “60 Minutes”. Clinton hardly dominates the media since becoming Secretary of State, so seeing her was a stark contrast to the daily Palin saturation of the news. Watching Hillary was healing, uplifting and encouraging. Hillary is the anti-Palin, and she’s out there kicking ass for us every day.

Here is the video courtesy of 60 Minutes:
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My favorite moment was Clinton’s forceful response to a question in the Democratic Republic of Congo, “What does Mr. Clinton think through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton?” a man asked. “You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the secretary of state. I am. You ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I’m not going to be channeling my husband,” Clinton said.

Cue the accusations of what a “strident” “shrill” person she is – but you know, those accusations come from the Right and frankly, I don’t give a damn. She was brilliant and unapologetic in her demand to be treated as the authority she is.

Scott Pelly asked Clinton, “You felt it was expressed from a viewpoint of gender bigotry so to speak?” Clinton replied by talking about the great 21st Century mission of expanding rights for women and girls, “That’s the way I heard it. Yes. And since I believe strongly that one of the great moral, economic, political and cultural challenges and unfinished business of the 21st century are the rights and aspirations of women and girls. I am going to stand up for that principle.”

We now have a female leader fighting for us every day. So while we’ve taken a hit with Palin, we also have the guts, glory and grace of Clinton to celebrate.

Let’s compare Clinton’s ideas of feminism to Sarah Palin’s. Here is Sarah’s definition of feminist, “I do. I’m a feminist who believes in equal rights and I believe that women certainly today have every opportunity that a man has to succeed and to try to do it all anyway. And I’m very, very thankful that I’ve been brought up in a family where gender hasn’t been an issue.”

When asked by Katie Couric for her definition of feminist, Palin said, “Someone who believes in equal rights. Someone who would not stand for oppression against women.”

Palin is the front man for misogynistic policies systematically stripping women of their rights, such as charging for rape kits and being anti-choice and she sells all of this with her body. There’s a word for that and it’s not empowerment.

While she was governor, Palin once claimed she couldn’t support Clinton because Clinton “whined about the media.” Video here:

Not only is Palin’s smear of Clinton inaccurate, but the fact that Sarah Palin is an unprecedented coward regarding the Press only serves to exemplify her lack of empathy and support for the women’s cause. It also demonstrates her stunning ability to think of herself as the woman for whom things will and should be different. In other words, she doesn’t fight for all women or any other woman’s rights but her own. These are not the value of any feminist, not even a supposed “pro-life” feminist or traditional feminist. These are the values of the dominating patriarchy.

Palin is one of those women who derive pleasure from keeping other women down, while at the same time, not holding herself to the standards she preaches (for example, in stark contrast to Clinton, Palin’s husband ran her office when she was governor). Palin once giggled with delight while a radio host called a female senator, who was previously a friend and ally of Palin, a “bitch”, suggested she was too fat to fit into an airplane seat, and called the breast cancer survivor a “cancer”.

No sister does that to another woman. In feminism, we are not in competition with one another, but banding together – old, young, rich, poor, brown, black, yellow and white, gay, straight – holding hands in solidarity against a world which does not see us as equals. As hard as it is for the Right to believe, there are other values than the exterior of people, contrary to the current Republican party’s obsession with false narratives and plastic puppets. Not all women crave the lust of the patriarchy.

So while Palin joins the patriarchy as their Misogynistic Barbie, Clinton carries the mantle of civil rights and social justice in our names, across the globe with dignity and power.

Clinton is a force to be reckoned with. She does not pander to the patriarchy or soften the perceived blow of her power and intelligence with a flirty wink.

Clinton is her own woman. Clinton has more courage, smarts, integrity and guts in her in little pinkie than Palin has in her entire bedazzled encased self. Thank God for Hilary and for an administration that recognizes and supports the importance of women’s rights around the world.

As the Secretary of State said at the UN, “We must declare with one voice that women’s progress is human progress, and human progress is women’s progress once and for all.”

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  1. Sarah, I believe you become a better writer with every article.

    I have to wonder what her “allies” think of her as she says the things she says. Today she went on about Obama cutting the troops pay which is an out and out lie. I wonder if Hannity and beck and Rush all laugh at her as she is sent out on her daily mission of lies and stupidity. At least they know its a conspiracy

  2. @Shiva,

    Thanks, Shiva. This was a very personal post for me. I am often asked why I write about her so much, which helped me to understand that even the men who support equal rights for women sometimes can’t understand the grief and pain women carry around every day and the very pointed way Palin represents all that we could lose in a heartbeat.

    We have come a long way, and Clinton is a great role model and example of this — but we have a long way to go, as do civil rights for all minorities and the oppressed.

    As a movement, the left will be well served to see that all oppression is the same issue. We must fight for equal rights for all, not just one group. Each step we take forward is a step for another group — as the more the platform of social justice grows, the more power it has. Our humanity is at stake with each denial of the rights of another human.

  3. Sarah Awesome article! I love what you said no sister does that to another. But Palin was caught up in her Fake pregnancy at that time.
    I loved this comparison:
    “So while Palin joins the patriarchy as their Misogynistic Barbie, Clinton carries the mantle of civil rights and social justice in our names, across the globe with dignity and power.”
    Palin can go back to cutting ribbons at walmart!
    Hillary is so far out of the park, on diplomacy, woman’s rights and everything, she was a Senator and a lawyer.
    Palin is nothing but a flea on the POTUS dog BO!

  4. I never thought Hill was shrill, not her voice and not her…..and yes, after hearing $arah’s DONKEY BRAY almost daily, Hillary IS a breathe of smart air.

  5. Sarah Jones,

    Shut up and get back in the kitchen where women belong. Make me some food, the way I like it, just the way I showed you. And when I’m done eating, clean up after me, bring me a beer, let me watch my huntin’ show, and if you’re good, maybe I’ll let you rub my feet before I go to bed.

    And where exactly are my male heirs? Don’t make me go Henry VIII on you, wench.

    Oh, and one more thing…God bless Sister Sarah Palin for knowing a woman’s role!

  6. Conservative Heart,

    if you’re just kidding — very freaking funny.
    If you’re serious — Bite me ass wipe!

  7. @Conservative Heart,

    I’ll order my cook to whip up a moose stew for the cameras and tell the nanny to dress the kids nicely so I can play Mother of the Year, selling the myth that all women can do it all while wearing red naughty monkeys and wearing dangerous hair piece constructions — after all, it it’s on the cover of a magazine, it must be true!

    Meanwhile, I’ll spend my time in a bathrobe eating Taco crunch supremes and watching reality TV shows while letting my 17 year old daughter’s boyfriend live with us when I’m not collecting millions of dollars for selling out humanity and the environment and selling abstinence only. And my husband, Toad, will sleep on the sofa until I finally make enough money to build another house next door to us because I might have to let him do all the thinkin’ around here, but I don’t have to sleep with him– the bible says so. So long as we look happy, that’s all that matters.

    I’m just spitballin’, but is this what you had in mind?

    Oh, and what kind of beer did you want?

  8. @Sarah Jones,
    Your wit brightens my day and puts a smile on my face.
    Hope for humanity and intelligence still lives. Your writings are brilliant. Thanks so much.

  9. I had the pleasure of meeting Hillary ahead of the Iowa Caucus and found her not shrill, but absolutely intellignet, caring, and charming. Sarah Palin seems to be nothing but a glamour gal.

  10. I totally agree with you on this concept. It baffles me almost daily that Hillary gets little or no air time or few newsworthy segments compared to being constantly bombarded with Palin and her dangerous nonsense. It is frightening and sad to watch supposed reputable journalists sink to the lowest denominator to report any and everything she says as if she is the President herself. She lost in the presidential primary, thank God. And she quit her responsibilities as governor of the great state of Alaska. And I can’t understand to save my life, why a woman married to a man and associated with a group that wanted Alaska to be on it’s own away from the UNited States, gets so much play from the US. She incites hate groups and racist organizations. All she has to do is write a sentence on her facebook page or twitter and her followers are off to the races spreading her falsehoods and made up garbage. Hillary on the other hand has really done the real hard work in service to the American people. She has a lifelong commitment to service to the United States and now the world on multiple levels. She contrasts Palin in being well educated and well informed on matters of the country and the world. She doesn’t just deliver one liners and a girlie wink, she delivers the work required to get the job done. Hillary is an extraordinary leader, woman, wife and mother. She has raised a fine daughter who can hold her own. Hillary can handle a gun, but does not find it necessary to talk obsessively about it. She doesn’t make threats like ‘It’s time to reload and target”, etc. Hillary has spoken on behalf of women abused all over the world versus Sarah Palin, in Alaska, charging victims for rape kits. Really??? And who whines and plays victim more than Sarah Palin.
    Hillary is dealing with world leaders and representing the US and doing a fantastic job. Last I heard, her poll ratings are about 70% high. She is respected all over the world. She has been the 1st lady, a great US senator representing the people of NY and came 18,000,000 votes close to winning the democratic nomination for President. And was able to put her painful close loss aside to be in partnership with her then rival Barack Obama. Now they are a strong team working for the good of America. Hillary is one of my heroes! Sarah Palin is a joke on America and she is laughing all the way to the bank. Thanks for bringing this topic and the truth to life. I have great passion for Hillary as a woman and a professional. This is a huge topic for me as well. Keep up the great work and bring us more of your wit and the truth.

  11. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…

    Why do you even bother trying to keep up with me? We all know that your slanted, uninformed, liberal education is no match for the truthiness that is my gut.

    But let me humor you (because uppity women need to be humored every now and then) for a while longer. Here is your guid, little Miss Sarah:

    For my food, bring me Rocky Mountain Oysters because conservative men always have to show they have big balls.

    For my reading leisure, bring me “all of them” because I read all of them.

    For my viewing pleasure, bring me FOX News b/c ALL OTHER NEWS SOURCES are nothing but propaganda mills for the liberal elite. No other news outlet is the most fairer and balanceder of them all.

    For my critical studies, bring me the Bible. There is nothing like the good book. Everything we need to know about life is already in there. We just need to open up our hearts, renounce the devil–and Liberals–and accept Christ into our lives.

    For my beer, bring me some Dos Equis b/c I am the most intereting man in the world.

  12. Seeing Hilary on 60 minutes was awesome. Please tell that Carnival Barker Palin her 15 minutes are up. Palin is a greedy vindictive uneducated grifter trolling for $$. Palin is shameless. She and her family are trailor park people and so are her fans. All uneducated missing teeth type. Palins son HAD to choose the military instead of jail time for vandalizing school buses. Sarah, you must be ashamed. Another daughter had 2 kids out of wedlock and another aressted and the youngest doesn’yt go to school and poor Trig, left all alone at home and Palin is never around. What a disgrace for a parent. Chelsea is smart and educated, Hilary must be proud. Palin’s kids are all losers like her. PALIN IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE. Nothing but a troublemaker and a LIER!!

  13. Palin is a terrible mother, 1/2 term governor, uneducated, a liter, mean, petty, stupid, doesn’t read, and a grifter. Sarah Palin please, you are nothing but a troublemaker and a terrible terrible mother. I know people in Wasilla and they say Palin is a fraud. All her kids are LOSERS. That cover on Sunday, I thought that was a homeless family. Palin you are nothing and you have nothing to be proud of. Go home, you are a nasty Beotch!

  14. I saw that cover too and it went right into the trash. That whole family look like losers, Track the eldest looks like he was on drugs, what a mean kid, cutting the break lines of school buses. That family is TRASH!

  15. @Conservative Heart,

    I am concerned, dear heart, that Dos Equis does not love America like we do. Are you sure you want to pal around with him?

    God is warning me that Dos Equis (foreign name!) might be the anti-Christ. I haven’t seen his birth certificate, also, and Jesus is very upset, but I leave this to you, oh rib of mine.

    You are the brain of this operation:-) I am just the bringer of the good news of the lord and your helpmate in Jesus with the Big Hair.

    Yours in Secondary Citizenship,


  16. @Sarah Jones, Dos Equis is brewed in White Plains, NY so the irony of a Mexican beer brewed in the US is pretty sweet, now give the man what he needs!!!

  17. @Jason Easley,

    Um, I am a conservative; I don’t “do” facts. If Dos Equis wants to change his name to a REAL American name, then I will consider it. Plus, now, I need to see his papers.

  18. How it is possible to miss Hillary Clinton’s message, issue, abilities, and accomplishments completly mess my mind as much as – and I was an eye witness – 9/11 does. I cannot get my mind around it.

  19. @John, not only is she a terrible mother, but just trying to figure out who had which baby in that family could be a national nightmare in a national election

  20. An excellent and obviously closely personal post. Well done again, SJ.
    It’s a natonal disgrace that Palin the braying donkey has so much media play while Ms.Clinton’s accomplishments go largely unsung — typical of our media’s pandering to the trash mentality. How I wish this would change. Your post is a step in that direction.

  21. If I was her when asked about bill, I would’ve flew home and kicked him in the nuts. That was very rude of that lady and an insult to America. She should be sitting next to the shoe guy. Hillary is awesome and most of the commenters are sincere. see how she can bring us all together. she is amazing. Thanks for representing me.

  22. Hillary Clinton embodies public service at its very best, while Sarah Palin embodies the lowest common denominator of this society. It’s sickening to see so many people taken in by what is essentially a facade. In spite of her “pro-life” stance, she is a horrible mother who has exploited her kids for political show and doesn’t seem to spend much quality time with them. Maybe that’s why two of her kids have had brushes with the law. It seems lost on those who praise her for being anti-abortion that being pro-life means investing in one’s kids from birth forward, as
    Hillary Clinton has done. She has raised Chelsea to be a fine young woman that any parent would be proud of.

    I lost all respect for Time Magazine when they included Palin as one of the most influential people in the world, but not Clinton. How does an ignorant, divisive rabble-rouser get that kind of distinction, but not one of the most successful secretaries of state in recent times? It shows some horrribly skewed priorities.

    While Hillary Clinton took her defeat in stride and made something great out of it by embracing the post that Barack Obama chose her for, empowering women along the way, Sarah Palin has shown herself to be a sore loser.
    Rather than suggesting any cogent policies, she childishly poses herself as 180 degrees in opposition to anything he says and does. Instead of working for the betterment of women, she uses her looks and prides herself on being ignorant. In her mind, that’s supposed to be authenticity as opposed to Obama’s so-called elitism. As far as I’m concerned, her snark and sarcasm are based on anger and disbelief that McCain and she lost the last election.

    In any case, I am tremendously proud of Hillary Clinton, because she has succeeded on her own merits. Whether people like her or not, her intelligence and dedication cannot be denied.

  23. I was so proud to support Clinton in her bid for the Presidency and today to support her as out Secretary of State. As I said to my daughter-in-law, you know she’s accomplishing what she set out to do when you don’t see her in the news on a daily basis. The media is always hesitant to praise any successful woman yet they follow that sh*t-for-brains Palin as if she’s the second coming.

    Thanks, Sarah, for another great article. In my opinion, there is no comparison between these two women, one is an accomplished mother, wife, lawyer, former first lady, former Senator and current Secretary of State, the other is not fit to shine her shoes.

  24. Sarah Palin, who has been a whiner since the days she was mayor of Wasilla, the pork capital of the world.

    Hearing Palin even talk about Hillary makes me sick. Palin could not even complete one term as governor. She gives all politicians a bad name. Moreover, she is clueless as she runs around making millions making unfounded accusations. Palin is about the money, as her granddaughter receives free government health care.

    Palin, if she lived to be 500, could never accomplish what Hillary has in her brief time on this Earth.

  25. The people that like Sarah Palin are all like her, trailor types with no education. Palin is jealous of the elite because she will never be one of them. She is not a refined person, she is uneducated, doesn’t read and she is too mean and petty to be a statesowmen. As one politician said in Alaska, you can tell that Palin is white trash as soon as she opens her mouth. All her kids are losers, hardly making it out of HS. Poor Trig never sees her and Piper is flunking out of school. Palin is for Palin and nothing else. This grifter is a moron!

  26. The problem with Palin is jealousy. She was able to get elected in a backwoods state like Alaska and she is mad that the lower 48 think that she is unqualified. The Clintons and Obamas are diplomats with Ivy League qualifications and culture. Their education is impressive and inspiring. The kids are all smart and refined have have culture and class. Ahh Palin not so much. Toad arressted with a DUI, HS dropout, Track HAD to choose the military because he broke school bus lines, Track is a noted drug addict in Alaska, Bristol dropped out of HS and was knocked up, Willow was aressted for vandalizing a home, Piper is never in school and Trig never sees his mother. Levi is a HS droput, his mother is in jail, Toad’s sister is in jail, she robbed a guys house twice with her kid in the car. My gosh, the Palins are nothing but white trash. Thats why Palin is so mad at jealous, The Clintons and Obamas are outstanding and Palin and her ilk are LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Palins are grifters.

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