The Misunderestimation of Sarah Palin

Understanding Sarah
Understanding Sarah

Senator Chuck Grassley’s (R-IA) aides are confused about Sarah Palin after she offered her help to the 6th termer and then refused to do what he asked. He wanted Palin to fund raise for him, but she had other ideas.

Politico reports:
“It says to me she’s not serious about running for president,” said a source close to Grassley, suggesting that a real White House hopeful would not have snubbed a figure like the senior senator in the state that begins the nomination process.”


You don’t understand Sarah Palin if you think that her not acquiescing to requests of an important political figure indicate she is not serious about running for President. While many Republican campaigns are now seeing Palin as the “self-centered” “chaotic” person the McCain campaign aides saw (not to mention Alaskans who know her best), many of them still don’t understand her.

This is not your normal candidate. While most political candidates have an excessive ego, Palin’s makes these look nominal in comparison. Palin also suffers from an inability to see things as they are. She sees no need to play the game the way the boys want her to, and this strategy has been successful for her in her run for Governor of Alaska as well as her stint as leader of the “insurgent” Tea Party.


Sarah Palin is an insurgent agitator who runs as an “outsider”. This is her appeal to her base. Never mind that she is no outsider. You can’t have run for VP on the Republican ticket and be an outsider. Nor can you take oodles of money from the Party and be an outsider. But this is what Sarah does. She takes money and adoration from the myth she sells.

Palin sees no reason to play Grassley’s game his way. She isn’t going to run that way and in her mind, he needs to bow down to her, not the other way around.

This is why the woman the GOP thought was going to be their puppet is in fact the tail waging the dog. Yes, she regurgitates their ideology and is a great agitator for them – puppeting their divisive spin. But in this way, Palin doesn’t see how she’s being used by the Republican Party. Ultimately, in her mind, she has the power.


As long as the base loves Sarah, she does hold some power. But what Sarah can’t see, as most egomaniacs and narcissists can’t, is reality. The reality is that when the Republican Party is done with her, they will leak information out about her that will sink her ship before she knows what caused the hole.

If they play the game the old school way, this will appear to come from outside of the party, hopefully a high-ranking Democrat they can then use as a target in fund-raising bids. But there aren’t too many Democrats who aren’t aware of the game Palin is playing, or of the toxicity of Palin in general. Notice how they don’t touch her. She is the GOP’s problem, not theirs. Palin raises plenty of money for the Democrats. They like her right where she is.

If they play this the way they have of late, they will leak it to the much pseudo-reviled mainstream media. A whisper campaign will commence. Fliers will be left on cars. From nowhere, a siege of negativity will descend upon the previously adored candidate. Her base will never know why, she will never know why. She will be cut off at the knees by her own Party by the same kind of vicious smears she rapidly indulges in against her own perceived enemies.

And as Sarah knows, there’s plenty to leak. This is her weakness and the Republican Party is not above using it against her when she gets out of line.

Does this mean Sarah won’t run?

Inner circles of the Republican Party have long been saying they will keep her around as the loss leader for 2012, the candidate who will generate hype and attack Obama and stir up the base. But she won’t be their candidate. If by some stretch of the imagination (or rather, if our economy is not recovered), Palin gets the nomination because her base is the primary base of conservatives, she will be their sacrificial lamb to Obama.

Even if Palin could assess all of this and make it work for her, meaning she would run in 2016 instead of 2012, by then, her appeal will not have the same edge of seething dominatrix sexuality it has now. She will have to rely upon her words then, and she might make that fly with some people, as Angle has done, but it won’t be enough to make a serious run.

None of this means Sarah won’t run. Anyone who thinks that doesn’t understand Sarah. They’ve noted she is chaotic, but they still don’t seem to understand why. Yes, she has trust issues and yes, she only hires people who pass her Nixonian paranoia test, but why is she chaotic?

She’s chaotic because she believes she is in charge. She believes she holds all of the power. She believes she does not need anyone other than her salivating entourage of yes people. She plays her way and they will accept it because they will be forced to accept it. Palin is not going to run as a traditional candidate. And while many candidates play this card, the difference is, she believes this illusion. Palin is no Yale preppie posing as a cowboy, knowing he’s selling a populist narrative. Palin believes in that narrative, almost as much as her base do, and furthermore, she believes she was mantled by God to be President. That’s some powerful ego at play.

Palin’s biggest weakness is her inability to assess herself accurately. Palin has always put all of her cards into her charm basket. She is beloved by the people. She proudly told an opponent after a debate, during which she never bothered to answer one question, that she didn’t need to answer questions because the people loved her. The people did love her. Some still do.

She has tremendous power and she has been able to wield it to garner all kinds of money, perks and fame. But that doesn’t mean this will continue.

Sitting in the dark corner of a DC bar is a Republican political operative who has the goods on Palin. He’s just waiting for his phone to ring with the word, “Go.” If Palin weren’t such a poisonous person, I’d almost feel sorry for her. She has no idea what’s coming her way.

She’s flying high now. Soon her new book tour will commence, and Palin’s drug of choice will be in abundance. It’s adoration she craves. It’s worship she can’t live without. That is why she throws anyone with the courage to say no to her under the bus. Dissenting ideas are not a part of Palin’s winning strategy.

It seems Sarah could use a lesson in humility. But even after she gets the schooling of her lifetime, she still won’t get it because she is a narcissist to the core. And I mean, full scale, balls to the wall narcissist. And just like when this happened in Alaska, she will never be able to admit where it came from, because to admit it came from her own people, from her own party, from the people who knew her best, will be too threatening to the myth of herself that she clings to for survival.

At the core of every narcissist is an unstable ego, so tenuous, so dependent upon sustaining the fable of their own perfection that they can’t cope with or take responsibility for reality, let alone their own mistakes. This is why she engenders such fierce loyalty, because up close, this is a frail person; a person in need of constant buoying.

Those close to her see her when the perceived slights set her confidence aquiver and they rush to her aid, filled with hatred for those who caused the suffering. Never realizing that one day, someone else will be in their place, holding on to the shattered pieces of Sarah Palin’s ego and blaming none other than them for their cruel betrayal. The wheels of the bus go round and round. Only those with a crystal clear self-serving agenda, lack of insight, and/or disturbingly low self-esteem can survive within the Palin inner circle for long.

Narcissists go to the well of adoration until they have their fix; once they receive their fill, they turn outward again to commence the siege on their enemies. They often turn on the very people who have given them the most, leaving in their wake a trail of beaten and battered and terribly confused and wounded people. This isn’t good for a politician with national ambitions.

If the Republican Party had paid attention, they would have known all of this and played this situation slightly better than they have. But they, too, bought the myth of Sarah. They thought she was some small town hockey mom with wide-eyed charm they could use and abuse. They never saw the snake until it was too late. Of course, this is what they deserve for failing to vet her properly and for believing their own myth as big daddies with all of the power. Hubris runs deep in politics, but may in fact turn fatal for the current Republican Party if they don’t wise up.

She’s been a great tool for disseminating lies about the other party, but she’s out of control. The myth of Sarah was powerful before the American people got to know her. But now that she has shown her mean side, now that they’ve heard her empty attacks and seen the ever-present sneer on her face, Americans are less enamored of the Sarah myth. Many of them, in fact, can’t stand her. Palin’s approval ratings are currently lower than BP’s. Familiarity breeds contempt with people like Palin.

She is toxic and the Republicans know it. One day soon they are going to have to renounce her to save themselves from the taint of her hate, but of course, they hope to squeeze every ounce out of her as a fund-raising tool first.

Sarah Palin will then become an even more bitter person, blaming Obama for her every fault and every poor decision. She is a person who had it all and blew it, every step of the way. It was her fate. Her fragile ego made it so.

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  1. All this POLITICO stuff has been proven to be a lie,yet you continue to repeat it which say’s a lot about you.
    You left the part out about her dismantling the Democratic Party. I think I will go “feed the ducks”.

  2. Yeah right. You are so clueless. Dismantling Democratic party? WHY? She makes more money for them than anyone else! LOL. Go send her more money, she needs another jet.

  3. “Sitting in the dark corner of a DC bar is a Republican political operative who has the goods on Palin. He’s just waiting for his phone to ring with the word, “Go.” If Palin weren’t such a poisonous person, I’d almost feel sorry for her. She has no idea what’s coming her way. ”

    Very well said. I can not wait until this day comes– and it will.

  4. The crazy thing is there is so much more about this woman that most people don’t know BECAUSE the media does not run with it. Lame stream/street media? She has no idea how kind they’ve been to her.

  5. While your feeding the ducks there “man”, why don’t you ask them which way the dead fish swim? Or what is the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Then ask the ducks what they read. They might actually know. Give me one quote from Sarah’s entire career that shows she is worthy of holding ANY public office. The entire GOP today is filled with hate. You follow Palin like the last of the turncoats followed Hitler, always believing that you’re going to be next to her after her great victory. Sorry “man”! There’s only room for one at the top and in Palin World, that’s gonna be Palin.

  6. wow, that was an amazing analogy. You said what I have felt for so long. That’s exactly it. The last turncoats, tailcoat riders. If we could recommend comments, yours would be double recommended.

  7. I think you have underestimated the scorned people of Alaska.
    They are afraid of her wrath. If the republicans start the battle, the people of Alaska will finish it.
    They have been waiting since she was chosen VP and then when she threw the state under the bus by resigning to make more money.

  8. Why would they be afraid of her wrath? She’s a goon. She’s was using the state to her own benefit.

  9. Terrific post!!!!! Some one said sledge hammer, I agree! Will be fun to revisit this in the future and see how exactly right on you are!!!!!!!

  10. That person appears to have been banned. I read it too. Another jihad on Politicususa from the Palinbots most likely. So pathetic.

  11. She has the AIP behind her and the militia goons that are also behind Joe Miller. Things are different in Alaska. People do have a reason to be afraid.

  12. The AIP, Alaska Militia that everyone including AK-sen candidate teabagger Joe Miller. That’s who her goons are.

  13. I disagree Brian, one thing I’ve noticed is progressives have a sense of humor. Cons are humorless, fearful & whiny when things don’t go their way. As far as moron, why don’t you look in the mirror dude!

  14. I don’t think you understand the dynamics of a very small town and a person, Sarah, who, once determines that she has an enemy at home, will stop at nothing to ensure that person is destroyed. Sarah is not like normal people: she goes for the kill in everything.

  15. Personally I can’t stand that woman. I can’t wait until she is brought down especially because of the things she does to the people in AK. She’s off her meds for sure. btw Sarah Jones writes about how people are scared of Palin in Alaska all of the time. Try “Alaskans calling out Palin for stoking violence” or something like that. It was from last spring. I’ll try to find it.

  16. Another thing about the quitter.

    $arah is something of an energy Vampire who needs her faithful bots and their slavish worship of herself as the Queen of Faux, to keep puffed up.

    As the Vanity Fair Article put it. “Even the insects in that house cringe.”

  17. PS – Sarah has some very powerful people behind her, within and without her church community. And don’t forget, during her stints as mayor and governor, she made sure her friends and frenemies were ensconced in positions all over government. Parnell is her puppy and hasn’t changed a thing. These people will not rock the boat.

    It’s like high school all over again.

  18. (oops, wrong reply earlier)

    PS – Sarah has some very powerful people behind her, within and without her church community. And don’t forget, during her stints as mayor and governor, she made sure her friends and frenemies were ensconced in positions all over government. Parnell is her puppy and hasn’t changed a thing. These people will not rock the boat.

    It’s like high school all over again.

  19. Compassionless, are you kidding? When are you and the other Bots going to stop using Palin as your Hate-Obama proxy platform and let that woman get the mental help she so desperately need? How sick are those who use her as a proxy for the platform they don’t have?

  20. The article says it all. Once the GOP is done with her, all hell is going to break loose. And I for one cannot wait. Palin IS a toxin, that is getting more and more dangerous to the Repub party. She can’t be controlled. She can’t contain her hatred for President Obama. She tweets the strangest most bizarre tweets. When her CRASH comes, it’ll be the happiest day of my life. I’ll then be able to resume a normal life. No kidding – ever since I heard about her and found Palingates, my life has focused on her. Good Riddance when they turn on her!!

  21. This Alaskan is as afraid of her thugs as I am jealous of her beauty. Zilch. Zippo. Nada.
    The bitter quitter has her few and far between whack-o-baggies, but the vast majority see her as exactly what she is; vile-agra for the impotent bazooka-joe-wanna-bees, nothing more. Good luck with that gotp. Also.

  22. I’m as tired of Sarah Palin as I am of race baiting, but this piece is so excellently written, so coherent, and so insightful that I read it with glee and relish. To me, this is the last word on Schemin’ Sarah. Also, excellent use of the phrase “loss leader” – it speaks to the marketing background in me. :)

  23. Excellent post, Sarah!

    Mrs. Palin’s influence and political skills are vastly overestimated.

    Her astounding hubris and narcissism are vastly underestimated.

    And her lack of self-awareness is priceless: “But even after she gets the schooling of her lifetime, she still won’t get it because she is a narcissist to the core.” Yep. Priceless.

  24. Hub ris is Palin’s middle name. If the gods are for punishing, I hope they get started soon. She may implode if she gets any more full of herself.

  25. Funny? This is not funny. Palin is not funny. She is a serious threat to our democracy. Anyone so intent on promoting herself, at the expense of anyone she deems to be not exactly like her, at the expense of her family, and at the expense of the sanity of her followers, is not funny. She is mentally unbalanced. Watch the fireworks when she is brought down by the truth.

  26. And Brian, can you name one instance of Palin showing compassion? when she was Governor, native Alaskans were dying, and until an outside group brought it to light, Palin ignored their plight. After there was a stink about her ennui, she baked cookies and went there with Franklin Graham to offer prayer. Great. And that is just one example of her selfish, me first behavior. The second best is when McCain called her. Instead of saying what any caring, loving mother of a newborn with special needs, a pregnant teen, three other kids, as well as the highest position in her state would have said, which is, “Thanks, John, but my plate is full,” Palin packed up the kids and jumped on the first plane south. She is sickening to most of us.

  27. You are an excellent creative writer there Sarah Jones. You do realize the real Sarah Palin is none of those things you describe. She’s a sweetheart who cares deeply for her friends, family, and supporters. This I know. You are sexist and a traitor to womanhood.

  28. crystalwolf, progressives do NOT have a sense of humor. You are all over zealous boneheads who are obviously unhappy with the hand life dealt you.

  29. Beck, Hannity, Levin, Grassley all asked for a retraction. Only suckers believe biased journalism. Crystalwolf, you’d do better not to judge before you meet someone face to face. That meeting may surprise you

  30. A retraction for what?

    “Only suckers believe biased journalism”

    you hit the nail on the head. You mentions Hannity, Leven and Beck. It doesnt come any more Biased.

    Lets see the link to the retraction

  31. an opinion news program is different from an article such as this one that proports to know behind the scenes facts.

  32. I have said on a number of times the GOP will drop her like a rock. Slowly but surely they will do it like you say, before she knows who did it.

    She may think she is a goddess, but she doesnt know or understand the cigar men in suits back room GOP thing.

    Carl Denneger blasted her good the other day. She has become what the tea party is supposed to be against.

  33. Sure, and I have a piece of swamp land to sell you……………She’s about as sweet as a rattlesnake. She’ll bite you while you’re not looking.

  34. Palin reminds me of a bully that runs a small town based on fear and the threat of retribution. I do know when you push enough people around long enough, they push back. The secrets that have been kept for this long are going to leak out and when people realize there are others willing to speak out, the floodgates will open and she will be stipped of her crown and tossed aside.

    What a shame. Someone with her widespread appeal/fame, could have used her name for good, to actually help bring our country together rather than rip it apart with hate and bigotry. She can’t call herself a Christian and with the same breath preach intolerance and hate. She doesn’t “forgive”, she “attacks”. She is vile and hateful and people like this always fall hard.

    And to the P-bot’s here: I don’t really give a rats behind what kind of idiotic rhetoric you spew here, this is MY opinion. Aren’t the right-wing, nutjob blogs missing you? Time to go home where they love your kind of crazy.

  35. Take your rose colored glasses off buddy. You keep thinking it is the democrats that made her downfall in AK. Try reading articles from AK and you will see it was her own party she had problems with. It got so bad they couldn’t work with her. Your wrong. She left the state in terrible shape and even her hometown of Wallisa she left them with a hugh debt.

  36. Am willing to bet as soon as she makes the announcement for the run of president you will start hearing from the people of Wallisa who really know the real truth about her especially about who baby Trigg really belongs to. If people believe the so called “wild ride” I will call her a liar.

  37. For what? They aren’t even in that politico article! What is wrong with you? You can’t follow a link? And by the way, Beck and Hannity have as much credibility as Palin. Which is none.

  38. Sarah Jones, you are spot on. Your post is delicious. I am going to take impeccable care of myself, because I want to be around with my popcorn and beverage of choice when Palin implodes. And, as you observe, it will happen. Remove Palin’s narcissistic supply & what will Sarah Palin Heath have? Nothing.

  39. Yeah, that’s right – a Harvard Law Summa Cum Laude grad is the same as high school drop out Glenn Beck, one semester college drop out Rush and 6 college degree in “journalism” Palin. Yeah, you sure hurt me with that one. GO back to c4P.

  40. I’m not done with the entire post yet but have to say something about her narcissism. Some people will think that she parlayed the incredible, hateful, and ignorant opposition to democrats into much wealth for herself and not notice that this is not a driving force for her. It really is the attention and adulation she craves. Her family on the other hand benefits greatly. Good for them but isn’t it funny how Bristol being unwed underage mother is AOK with RW, her going on DWTS is likewise AOK and Palin’s never speaking one word about actual policy does not bother them? I have a feeling that every one of her fans also has big ego issues. So sad. We are a mentally ill nation. Well, 20 some percent anyway.

  41. Well, technically, Palin is not a threat to our democracy, the people who take her seriously, are. The same people who voted for Bush and then after seeing what a mess he was making, voted for him again, are. Insane asylum escapees or wannbes are now taken seriously by the media as viable candidates for office. What can be next?

  42. Another great column with accurate insight into the Palin nuthouse. You’re always right on target and I appreciate your following Palin’s antics and keeping us aware of the damage she’s trying to inflict upon this country.

    Have you thought about doing a column on her endorsements and how she’s receiving credit for those she endorsed AFTER they won the primary. WaPo has her with 36 wins and 11 losses despite 9 of those endorsements were given after they won their primary. Where is Palin’s respect for the truth that her ‘bots claim is ever present in her speeches and posts? No corrections for the inaccurate count on her wins, just acceptance of their praise for her being such an allegedly powerful endorsement. I’ve written Chris Cillizza a few days ago but haven’t heard anything. It appears that he is a contributor to their site. Would love to see your take on this and have it go viral on Twitter the way all the other posts from Politicususa have!

  43. And even with all of the crap on her, it doesn’t have to be a real secret coming out. It could be a lie. That’s how the GOP does stuff. They will bring her down though.

  44. Oh man you are spot on. I can’t get through the post without stopping to comment because I had a mother and presently have a sister-in-law who was/ is a narcissist. It is funny how the people in their lives blames themselves for the other person’s issues. Well, it’s not REALLY funny. Both of mine are Leos, not saying that matters, but…

  45. That’s funny because Palin has a Leo rising or some such thing. No slam against Leos intended, but they are known for their “strong” egos:-)

  46. Erika touched a nerve?
    Cons are the most sourpuss, fearful people you can every meet. That’s my opin if you don’t like it to damn bad!

  47. Erika can I sell you a bridge in Alaska? You know where dead fish go with the flow? Sarah cares about $$$$$$$ and power and that’s it. Period

  48. You sound exactly like the pathetic, middle aged man who fantasizes that $arah is speaking directly to them…I moved away from Wasilla less than 2 months ago (yes, THAT Wasilla). The only people that can still stand to even be associated w/ her are the far religious right. The rest think that she’s either a bad joke or an embarrassment to Alaska, or both. (I vote for both).

  49. She’s a sweetheart who cares deeply for her friends, family, and supporters.

    This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard. She cares about her supporters? She just cares enough to fleece her supporters. Do you know what a grifter is?

  50. “The reality is that when the Republican Party is done with her, they will leak information out about her that will sink her ship before she knows what caused the hole.” No doubt about that, and it will be Masterpiece Theatre on steroids!

    “Up close, this is a frail person; a person in need of constant buoying…” This is what the adoring crowds don’t get. And when her lifesavers disappear, so will the keepers of the multitude of secrets and scandals that make up her sordid past, which have so far been off limits to the media. The feeding frenzy following these revelations will make her long for the old “lamestream media” that was more than happy to play along and perpetuate the myth.

    When the powers that be are ready to reveal that the Empress has no clothes, Sarah’s withdrawal will not be a pretty sight. I don’t believe they have rehab for narcissists.

  51. Right, because any woman who criticizes another woman is a traitor to womanhood. Which makes Sarah Palin a big ole traitor to womanhood since she has done her fair share of criticizing women over the past few years (and before that, I’m sure).

    Sorry, but we’re not buying the “criticism of Sarah Palin = sexism” just like we’re not buying that you know Sarah Palin as anything more than the fantasy she’s created in your mind. It’s sad, really.

  52. You’re clueless, manonthestreet (that wouldn’t happen to be K Street or C Street, would it)? Palin and her lunatic stream of hate thinly disguised with puerile snark makes far more for the Dems than the bad-mouthing of Pelosi makes for the GOP.

  53. Democrats should target the next “Where’s the birth certificate?” billboard with a late night raid using a fast application of latex paint to change “the” to “Trig’s”. Guarantee that would get headlines.

  54. And, you my dear, are obviously a delusional cult member. Maybe you can all move to Ghana or Waco when she’s brought down……………build a compound and drink kool-aid.

  55. That’s been true since Wednesday, September 3, 2008, when she made her hateful, snark-filled speech at the Republican Convention. Her speech helped to net about $10 million in contributions–to the Obama campaign.

    Anyone who doesn’t see her for the demagogic, immature, emotionally stunted 16-year-old in a 46-year-old bodythat she is, is either in serious denial or is besotted with the facade she presents. I would say that about people like Grassley, who should know better after seeing her in action during the last 2 years. As I always say, the GOP has only itself to blame for allowing Palin to acquire her undeserved status.

  56. The politico hit pieces was full of lies
    You will believe anything about Palin just to justify your hate

    In his piece entitled “Sarah Palin is wreaking havoc on the campaign trail, GOP sources say,” Politico’s Jonathan Martin (who was tasked with the Republican Party beat for the website for the 2008 elections) falsely claims Sarah Palin backed out of a scheduled interview with talk-radio host Mark Levin:

    According to a source familiar with the situation, she backed out of planned interviews with conservative talk-show hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin the morning she was scheduled to talk to them.
    Levin contested this claim on his facebook page, and has asked Politico to retract this statement:

    This is a flat out lie. Sarah Palin never backed out of any interview with me. Period. And John Martin, the reporter, never contacted me to ask me directly. I insist on a retraction.
    Red State seconded the request.

    Allow us to be third.

    Glenn Beck: Politico Piece On Gov Palin Is An “Out And Out Lie,” Demands Retraction

    Grassley & King Camps Confirm Jonathan Martin “is Full of Crap”

    SRLC CEO Responds to Politico Hit Piece on Governor Palin.

    Hey Jonathan,

    Hope you’re doing well. Just read your article on Palin and wanted to add my two cents. (this wasn’t requested by anybody and feel free to quote me if you’d like)

    As you know the 2010 SRLC was the largest Republican Leadership Conference in 30 years, with more speakers, more press and more attendees than ever before. Governor Palin’s staff was incredibly easy to deal with and very professional.

    I interacted with every major GOP personality in the country leading up to the conference and can tell you first hand that the only thing different about Governor Palin was the intensity of the interest from the attendees, sponsors and even other speakers.

    She’s easily the most requested surrogate our party has and it’s a shame that Republicans would rather gripe that they can’t get more of her time instead of being appreciative of everything that she does do.

    Charlie Davis
    President and CEO
    2010 Southern Republican Leadership Conference

  57. excellent read Sarah. i must send this on to some friends. you really articulated what i have known about ‘La Palin’ from the beginning.
    what hurts is watching ‘la Media’ dance to her madness and Americans who should know better gleefully join in.
    meanwhile a greedy oligarchy goes unchallenged as they go about dismantling this nation of “we the people” and turn it; with the help of Teabag wearing no information folks, into “we the Corporate Entities.”

  58. Another great post Ms Jones…….lol

    After the republican party does her in, as we have always known they would, $arah will end up like the Sunset Boulevard character, Norma Desmond.

    Toss will keep her medicated, (different meds than he uses now) and in the dark about her circumstances, while she thinks that she has a chance at a “comeback”, to run for POTUS.

    After all Todd will have control of the millions she has made, and he can keep her sequestered in their remote cabin that caused the propertytaxgate scandal, or any number of places in Alaska.

    I’m sure that the sea of pee and the rest of the Painbots will keep enough fan mail coming in to make it easy for Todd to pull it off.

    If he can’t, maybe he will take her out on his “snow-machine” and she will have a terrible accident, or attacked by one of her famous grizzlies, or mistaken for a wolf by a helicopter hunters….endless possibilities in the wilds of Alaska.

    The general public will not care by then, it will be $arah who?, oh THAT $arah, hmmm, imagine that.

    Todd is well versed in these scenarios, as he has threatened Trooper Wooten and many others over the years with these and more.

    That’s why no one will publicly speak about the Palins, they continue to be terrified of them.

    I read from journalists who have been to Wassilla to ask questions about the Palins, that it was as if most of the people had PTSD, after having anything to do with them.

    They made the comparison because they had interviewed a number of military that had been in traumatic conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Whatever happens to $arah and her family in the future, will most likely never be as bad as what THEY have done to others.

    That is unless Karl Rove is in charge of taking out the republican trash……….

  59. Do you mean like $arah?

    After making millions, she continues to beg for money for her “legal defense fund”

    Her website has asked folks to live on Ichiban noodles or rice for one month so that they can afford to donate to her cause.

    What did $arah have to say about that??…….nothing, that’s OK with her.

    Or the judge that received a deluge of death threats because of her daughters custody case, and had to be guarded by state troopers 24/7, after her name, work AND home addresses and phone numbers were posted on $arah’s Fakebook page, with a litany of complaints about the judge. All of the complaints were never based in any fact of course, just $arah expecting the judge to follow her demands.

    The comments here are mere sticks and stones, compared to the very REAL threats that she and Todd have made against others and the very real life threatening situations they have put them in.

    The instances of not simply the Palin’s lack of compassion, but the very real damage they have done to people and threatened to, does not BEGIN to compare.

  60. Sarah, you do realize that the word “misunderestimation” is not really a word don’t you? Unless you feel that former president Bush is worthy of quoting, in which case I would have hoped you would have stated so.

  61. Sarah, my congratulations, too, on an excellent summing up.

    I some future post, I wish you would connect the following dots:

    The article exposing the Koch brothers in The New Yorker
    — The additional detail fleshing out The NYer’s points, presented at Palingate
    Robert Reich’s dire warning about the threat of the above to our democracy
    — The lack of coverage of Sarah Palin’s “plenty to leak,” which you mention above, her nonpregnancy with Trig as a huge hoax in itself and a perfect symbol of all her lies, deceptions, bankrupt “family values” rants, and nonsense “common sense” world salad.

    I wish I were as sure as you are about all this coming to light. The New Yorker piece cited above is a hopeful sign, as is your very clear post above. but some of us have been following this all-too-obvious hoax for a long time, thinking it would be exposed any day, and so far: she is still flying high, with all that that symbolizes for our country.

    Please keep going. And let’s all be sure to Vote!

  62. You Palin bots think everyone is as stupid as you are. It is a joke for those who have been awake and in the country for the last few months, as Sarah Palin used it to justify a word she made up a few months ago. Where have you been? Oh, that’s right, you’re a conservative so you don’t get humor and you need everything explained really slowly.

  63. Bitter Palinbot who donated too much money to herself and is feeding his kids mac and cheese so Palin can get 200.00 underwear, which he uses to amuse himself before he votes teabag. Nice family values.

  64. So you think that if Crystalwolf meets Payme, she’ll suddenly rethink her opinion of her? LOL! You’re a riot. Apparently you don’t read anything but Payme’s book of lies. The rest of us read actual news. You should definitely donate more money to Payme. It costs 100,000 a day for her to survive. Diva Wasillabilly looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.

  65. If you must know, I do not support Palin. I suppose that puts a damper on the direction of your hatred. Please find something else to whine about.

  66. And you don’t explain your hatred or your defense of morons like Glenn Beck. You’ve also never came back with the proof that anything was retracted. Why? Because it wasn’t. Ooopsie. Who’s whining?

  67. Right, Sally. I donated to the villagers in Alaska from way down here in GA because Palin refused to lift a finger to do anything for them. She was too busy running around the country making public appearances to care about her own constituents. Donations came from as far away as Singapore. Now, if someone on the other side of the world could care about the villagers, Palin could have, too, but she didn’t. Palin may complain about Hugo Chavez as she tries to tie him to President Obama in a negative way, but she’ll never tell her supporters that Chavez offered free fuel oil to the villagers in AK, or that a few years ago when she was governor, AK accepted his help.

    She’s a media created scam artist and nothing more. In reality, Palin is a coward because she hides behind Facebook and Twitter and runs from the MSM while claiming that “the MSM is picking on me.” The MSM can’t pick on her because she won’t let them within 5 feet of her when she’s making public appearances, and the members of the media who do attend her events are sequestered in a separate area and are prohibited from taping her entire speeches.

  68. And down below, Cultie claims to not be for Palin. Is just spending all of their time here making outrageous claims for fun, I guess. Not because Palin is crying her make up off in another crazy moment because someone isn’t worshiping her. So sad. What will happen when Palin goes down? A reintegration campaign for the Kool-Aid drinkers or should we just urge them to secede to Palinnation, which we will put somewhere in Somalia like they want things to be?

  69. Just think what would happen if it were Malia Obama in Bristol’s place doing the things Bristol has been doing. The faux outrage would reach to the skies, and there would be 24/7/365 negative coverage of Malia giving magazine interviews, speaking on behalf of abstinence, on DWTS, etc.

    For all of the negative media Chelsea Clinton received while her dad was in the WH, Bill and Hillary did well in raising her. She educated herself, got a great job, and married the guy of her dreams.

    No one can say these things about Bristol. I’m not bashing Bristol and the Palins because she had a child out of wedlock. I’m doing it because of the double standard that exists in this country.

    If a young woman living in the inner city has a child out of wedlock, the same people who are enthusiastically cheering on Bristol and her kid would tear her apart and label her as being a $l*t, w*0re, lazy, on welfare, having a baby daddy, etc.

    It’s the hypocrisy of the faux Christian Brigade that is the problem.

  70. Sarah, You are spot on! She is not who she perceives she is, nor as she can appear, ramp up the charisma and continue to pull the wool over on people. Personality disordered are surrounded and create chaos, confusion and the disordered person blame shifts, blames others ongoingly. Any truth presented incites anger and vindictive rage necessitating discarding people. it seems the Republican party has been short sighted in what she can do for them not realizing anything gained is pale in comparison to the wreakage she will have wreaked and damage to the party. With pathalogical personalities people discover or realize too late. People need to believe a dangerous or predatory person looks it, like a Charles Manson. Sad, it is not true, the most dangerous persons can con others they are the nicest, most God of the best. Predators target that human vulnerability.

  71. So much for the freedom of speech politicususa…too bad blocking my IP won’t work because of a wonderful thing called a proxy.

  72. There are a lot of teens more mature than this fool is. My point is that I’ve seen the same behavior in some 16-year-olds, but not all. It’s just that she has the kind of emotional immaturity that a teenager who has it at any stage eventually outgrows. It’s obvious that she hasn’t. She also seems like one of those mean girls, and fortunately, all teens aren’t like that either. My daughter wasn’t, thank goodness.

  73. I agree completely with the article. Republicans will get rid of Palin before she can run for presidency, they know she can’t win.

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