Look Out For ALEC’s Candidate Jeb Bush If The GOP Goes Brokered Convention

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  1. Bring it on. It will be a huge failure among independents because of Bush fatigue and the fact they will be thinking that the primary season should have been sufficent enough for the GOP to pick a nominee.

  2. I can’t think of anything that would guarantee an Obama victory more solidly, than putting a guy named “Bush” in to run against him.

  3. Somehow, no…just no. Do they think his kids, “the little brown ones” (as G.H.W.Bush called his grandchildren) will pick up more votes from the Spanish-speaking community than they’ll lose from the tight little bigoted base the GOP has been so diligently currying? What about when that nasty little rumor he’s Vicente Fox’s half brother makes the circuits? And I think he’s quite comfortable where he is. He’s a deal smarter than his vain nincompoop of a brother, and the last thing he needs is his very own Dick Cheney duck hunting behind him.

  4. I think all Jeb has to do is open his mouth and talk. We will all suddenly hear Georgey, and be “severely” reminded of him, and run severely the other way. They sound alike and are equally awkward. All the horror will come flooding back once he talks.

  5. I’ve met the SOB. Asked him at a rally that if he was elected governor, would he look into and work to repeal the laws that only impact Native Americans (like Florida’s “feather” laws… if you can’t hunt a bird, you can’t even legally pick up a feather)*. Never happened as far as I know. He got a funny look in his eyes when I asked (later I was informed that the Bush clan are considered to be virulently racist – against my people).

    That happened before I learned the truth, turned my back on conservatism, and became a “liberal and proud of it”.

    Jeb scares me almost as much as Gingrich. With Gingrich, it was something visceral, bad vibes so to speak. With Jeb, it’s more intellectual. I think it’s because he is a little smarter, and his speaking Spanish is going to be an aid. I would worry hard about the future of this country if he won the nomination.

    In fact, I kind of wonder if this was the goal all along… get rid of the deadwood and leave JEB the only option. If he DOES get nominated, we need to start fighting right away and we need to remind people of how things were under his father, but more so under his brother and suggest that while he’s more intelligent, he will still be more of the same.

    *- I know people who have been threatened because of those laws, I’ve been threatened for wearing a feather (a friend of mine at the time – the father of the young cop, had to restrain her and give her a rather stern talking-to), and I’ve known people who did jail time or paid outrageous fines because of the laws that only impact our culture.

  6. OMG! Please not another Bush! Just let all thoses Burning Bushes vaporize! They may think they are God’s chosen & speaks to them! WRONG! Save America,don’t let the GOP take anymore away from US! Vote Obama 2012

  7. Im not sure the US would take to a 3rd Bush. However it would be funny if Palin offered herself up and the gop picked Jeb.

    Jeb may be exciting to republicans, and maybe all that’s gone on up till now is a dog and pony show. That is very possible. I would not put it past the GOP to keep us occupied with trash before throwing the good stuff out.

    I don’t take Jeb lightly, but I don’t think the US is ready for more Bush

  8. YES! YES! YES!! Jeb Bush!!! God’s chosen candidate for president!!

    And he’s got that great family name and pedigree to him! Sure win! Bye, bye No-bama!

  9. Oh great, another revival of the show “Presidential Arrested Development” staring the Bush’s…I love it when “GOB” George Oscar Bluth,the oldest son…er ah, I mean “JEB” mucks everything up that “dad” tells him to do…GOB, er ah JEB must think his “magic tricks” will get him into power or something…what a funny, funny idea for the next “Presidential Arrested Development”…Bawahahahaha! Get the popcorn, kiddies…I hope they do a show on the time right after Obama got elected and GOB, er ah JEB started jumping up and down like an ass-hat screaming about secession and talkin’ crazy trash…bringing back the Bluths, er ah, the Bush’s…too funny!

  10. I think the Bush name is too heavy an anchor to swim with, but I can certainly understand the GOP believing the only viable candidate is one who has not been vetted yet.

  11. Good luck with that as the reign of terror over our economy and worldwide economies is going to bring many down that will be exposed for their crimes and that includes the Bushies.

  12. We need to get him checked out asap. I know there’s a lot of dirt there, but I’ve read so much evil by Republicans that the specifics have faded into the murk.

  13. Does anyone know that Jeb Bush and Newt Gingrich were traveling around the country talking to state legislatures to convince them they should file for bankruptcy to get out of their pension obligations?? Nice guys as I have a friend that is in his mid-70’s; worked for the State of CA for 30 years and has no Social Security check so his pension is his sole source of income. I don’t think people are aware Jeb is every bit of cunning and devious as Shrub. Jeb may just be more of an articulate, bi-lingual SOB!

  14. He is potentially more dangerous, just because he is intelligent, but for that same reason, he might have a healthy phobia about duck-hunting. All the same, I’d rather deal with his half-brother, Vicente Fox.

  15. My biggest apprehension regarding the possibility of an unknown candidate arising from a brokered convention is that it would leave very little time for a “surprise” candidate to be properly vetted. Thus far, the Rep’s have done a decent enough job cutting down their own candidates as each flavour of the month has come and gone. Has this past year have been an intentional smoke screen designed to protect a candidate arising from the convention from intense scrutiny.

  16. They don’t think 2 Bush did enough damage or are they trying to make sure the world really ends in 2012?

    They also foisted palin on us in 08, and they would try again with a person that was not vetted?

  17. First, thanks to Dennis S. for the shout out and yes, we really do disagree about the saleability of Jeb. I think he is highly marketable to a Republican audience, but hell, so was Newt for a while, and Herman, and both of the Texas crazies. So are most of the other bench warmers in my article. But none of them and maybe least of all Bush are saleable in a general election. One reason is the flip side of the concern @the Butterfly expresses above – vetting. There are dozens of people who, with the new tools of the Internet and social networking, have devoted themselves to digging out the dirt on one or another of these characters. I know one woman who finally ran out of things to find about both Mike Pence and John Kasich and has started a website and is soliciting others to help her gather “stuff” on every Republican governor. The vetting is being done, it will be better publicized than ever before, and, from what I have seen, it ain’t pretty.

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