Before He Even Leaves the US, Romney Gets Schooled by Australia

On the Ed Show tonight, fill in host Michael Eric Dyson pointed out that Romney met privately with Australian foreign minister Bob Carr in San Fransisco on Sunday and later told donors that Carr and other foreign leaders think America is in decline.

That was supposed to be interpreted as a big dig at Obama, the only problem is that Carr never said that. Carr issued a statement saying that Romney’s interpretation of his comment was not accurate.

Way to prove your diplomacy skills, Romney.

Watch here:

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Transcript via MSNBC with minor modifications:

Michael Eric Dyson: Mitt Romney’s trip overseas isn’t until later this week, but he’s already causing some tension with one of America’s closest allies. Romney met privately with Australian foreign minister bob Carr on Sunday. Later, he told hundreds of donors that he and other foreign leaders think America is in decline. Romney said, and this idea of America being in decline, it was interesting, car said that, he led the talk of America being in decline. Romney said business won’t invest in America because of this decline. But here’s the problem. Carr never said America is in decline. He had to release a statement saying his interpretation is not correct. President Obama had this response.

President Obama: So if anyone tries to tell you that our greatness has passed. That America is in decline, you tell them this. Just like the 20th century, the 21st century is going to be another great American century. For we are Americans, blessed with the greatest form of government ever devised by man. A democracy dedicated to freedom and committed to the ideals that still light the world. We will never apologize for our way of life, we will never waver in its defense. We are a nation that freed millions and turned adversaries into allies. We’re the Americans who defended the peace and turned back aggression. We’re Americans who welcome our global responsibilities and our global leadership. The United States has been and will remain the one indispensable nation in world affairs.

Michael Eric Dyson: All this madness about where Obama stands, and is he really American and truly a defender of the nation? That’s a president speaking in defense of his country.

How about we let Carr speak for himself?:

But Senator Carr said reports suggesting his comment was a criticism of the US economy were wrong.
He said his exact comment to Mr Romney was: “America is just one budget deal away from ending all talk of America being in decline,” Senator Carr said in a statement on Monday.
Senator Carr said his comment was in praise of US economic strengths.
Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson Julie Bishop said Senator Carr’s comments were being reported as implicit criticism of President Barack Obama’s performance.
“That will be seen as unwelcome intervention into the US presidential election,” she said.

What Bishop means by “Carr’s comments were being reported as implicit criticism of President Barack Obama” is that Romney used one of our biggest allies to try to drive a wedge between our current President and their Foreign Minister, and threw Carr under the bus to do it. The Australians are none too pleased to be used to attack the President.

Either Romney really doesn’t care about America or he’s just so desperate to score a point against the President that he’s not above using our allies to try to elevate himself while knocking the President down. Let’s hope if Romney wins we never need Australia for anything.

It’s becoming clear that being a venture capitalist doesn’t offer much opportunity for the subtle skills that international relations require. This may be Romney’s weakest area yet, and that’s saying something.

America waits with bated breath to see what disasters await us courtesy of Romney’s upcoming overseas trip.

36 Replies to “Before He Even Leaves the US, Romney Gets Schooled by Australia”

  1. Luck is with Romney, Australians cant vote here and little of what they said will be reported as a Romney lie. We know Fox News wont do it.

    Romney is just a lie a second

  2. This is extremely reckless of Romney who clearly has no scruples nor cares about who he hurts or how he will go about it!
    If he wins the election in November, there goes our allies and there goes our great nation!
    This is scary business!!

  3. Romney will continue to lie, if it achieves his goal(s.) It’s just who/what he is. I question the ethics of anyone who will lie to win. Republicans will vote for Romney, and if he wins in November, it won’t be long before they will be forced to deal with their mistake. Romney is dangerous because he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to lie. Lying to help a politician win the WH is the main reason I think GWB will not be attending the GOP Convention next month. The republicans are ashamed of him because they know he was a failure. This is why no one, not even Romney, will utter his name. This is also the reason Romney wouldn’t allow the press to get pics of him with Cheney at the fundraiser in Wyoming last week.

  4. This is typical Right wing tactics. Sometimes one wonders if they just process reality differently than the rest of us so they hear what they want to hear. Or maybe they’re just compulsive liars. They can’t win telling the truth and they rely on the cynicism of people to believe anything they hear. How else do you explain the popularity of Fox News?
    I work with one particular ultra conservative and he is incapable of repeating something verbatim and worse yet his re-interpretations are unrecognizable to the original statement.

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  6. Well we now what a great American he really is, He is a flip flopper, he is a bully, he is a tax cheat, and he is a liar.

  7. I’m as boggled as you are that anyone likes this guy. Just read an article about how many people think his economic plan is better than Obama’s and I almost vomited. It defies belief. That percentage that was polled has GOT to be the Obama haters. I can think of no other explanation.

    Then, there is this stunt. It REEKS of desperation. And the other thing that struck me is the usual Romney mantra of “everyone else is collateral damage, win at all costs”. He couldn’t give one rat’s arse what happens to our relations with Australia over this, nor could he care less about throwing Carr under the bus. Carr IS collateral damage, just the expense of doing whatever it takes to win.

  8. When Romney LOSES, majii, he can thank his sociopathic, Pathological Lying Personality Disorder and all those who Enabled him.

    Willard can go down in an Implosion of self-ignited LIES.

  9. I have to agree with you 100 percent. Why on earth anyone would vote for this man after all the lying and deception (and what little we know of his policies, i.e. supporting the Ryan budget), is beyond me.

    Now he’s lying about what people in the government of other countries say. This man is a walking international incident.

  10. it’s like that old joke about lawyers:

    Q: How do you know when your lawyer is lying to you?

    A: His lips are moving.

  11. It’s quite obvious that Mr. Carr was making a dig at Congressional obstructionism rather than at the President. Romney needs to pay attention to what REAL leaders are saying.

  12. Good grief….This guy graduated from HARVARD???!!

    America is not in decline when we INVEST our own money in the country, not outsource it overseas for cheap labor.

  13. If he thinks he can use the old dirty tricks of Ed Meese and the rest that skull and bones crew to win, he’s not too bright.

    This is not the first time a GOP campaign has tried to further their opponent with the American people to sully the name of a sitting president or the county…

    Remember Nixon working behind the scenes to destroy Johnson’s chances for peace so that Viet Nam war would not end, or, Regan’s crew destroying Jimmy Carter’s chances of getting the Iranian hostages back…

    Same dirty, destructive tricks. Mittens is desperate to stay in the game anyway that he can; his chances are sinking day by day and he’s almost becoming marginalized, ignored on a certain level. I think the insult to the Australian just showed how desperate and scary he can be now that he’s on the ropes.

  14. I think this shows just how “out of his depth”,not to mention self-serving he is when speaking about foreign affairs. He does not belong on the world stage and does not have anyone close to him with foreign policy gravitas. He should be embarrassed, but one thing I’ve learned these last several years is that Republicans are rarely embarrassed by what they or their colleagues say or do.

  15. He’s not popular, sadly GOTP obstruction is giving them results as POTUS gets blamed for everything. It’s more about unhappiness w/economy than for Myth. Then the bigots he’ll always have those. Obama will win, in the end, indies will not throw this country under the bus, I know I won’t.

  16. I saw a sign two days ago: “Independents for Ron Paul” and something about a “Ron Paul Revolution”.

    I hope you’re more characteristic of independents than the owner of the sign (which contrary to Democrat signs in this county, seems to have stayed up for more than a day).

  17. It is curious that this desperate draft and tax-dodging liar can be a poster child
    for the cult known as Mormonism.

  18. We have more than one branch of government. The GOP and some of the country believes that the state of the economy is President Obama’s fault which is not true. The destruction by the Bush/Cheney administration and the obstruction by the current GOP Tea Party controlled Congress, the insane filibustering of the GOP in the Senate and the Citizens United created by the GOP controlled Supreme Court is the problem with the state of our economy. I just wish the main stream media had to courage to report the truth by all networks. Romney is the biggest, boldest liar there ever was in a high profile politician. Does he ever tell the truth? How could you ever rely on anything that he says? What is wrong with the American people that they would even consider this man as a President? Why is he always destroying important government records? Why is he so secretive? He only cares about the rich and getting richer. Wake up people! I think the international community is wondering why the US has been so fooled by the GOP. We look like idiots. God help us if President Obama is not reelected!!!! Vote the GOP out of office and out of control of our economy, bodies and lives. Enough already!

  19. Romney used one of our biggest allies to try to drive a wedge between our current President and their Foreign Minister, and threw Carr under the bus to do it. The Australians are none too pleased to be used to attack the President.

    There are many ways that the Romney-Australian foreign minister Carr misunderstanding could have developed.

    Thankfully, this misunderstanding occurred with Australia, an English speaking country that has many strong ties with the US.

    It is a little ridiculous to think of Romney as anything but an earnest and patriotic, if clummsy, American.

    Romney’s clumsiness in expression was an issue in the GOP nominating campaign. We can easily concede that in acting as an executive with preparation, behind his desk and in set piece platform encounters, Romney is an accomplished person.

    Unfortunately, Romney is moving unto a stage where off the cuff remarks, confidences exchanged “privately,” and hurried, spontaneous conferences can lead to serious ramifications.

    Nothing POTUS says goes unnoticed, and it is a little unsettling, that Romney, whose campaign so often takes its opponents’ remarks out of context to use against them is so sloppy in his own communications.

    Romney just doesn’t seem to be learning very much from his experience in politics.

    We see once again that Mitt Romney is a well intentioned, and in many ways capable, but in over his head.

  20. He graduated? Can we see his transcripts?

    Seriously, incidents like this discredit America, not just the GOP. If this is the best the ‘loyal opposition’ can offer, we need to stop letting them distract us and start asking hard questions.

    What can the next generation expect to see if your plans are implemented?
    Be specific.
    No glittering generalities.
    We don’t care about your emotional state.
    Facts, please.

    Jason – thumbs up on the delete. We need to fence off the agent provocateurs (trolls).

  21. Once again, the “Village Idiot” get slap by our foreign allies.. And msm (Chuck Todd, D. Gregory, J. Tapper, C. Crowley, W. Blitzer, L.Russert, C. Rose, N. O’Donnell, A. Mitchell, C. Matthew, E. Robinson, etc..) who cover-up, prop-up and make excuses for Romney pathology lies.. This is not the first time this idiot sprout insults. First, this dumb-nut insulted Russia Pres. Medvedev, by branded him and his country “the number one GEOPOLITICAL FOE.”..Second, he (ditmitt) insulted PM Cameron by saying his toast to Pres. Obama was sucking-up and it was not dignified for a world leader… Now, this ass-hole take the words from Australian Foreign Minister and twisted them to suit his needs (in other words, HE LIE)…

    Does anybody else feel like this is a remake of G W Bush all-over-again with political media help..

  22. This is why Romney will win…

    I’m not sure if I entered the Twilight Zone or a Bizarro comic strip. This is a true conversation I had with coworkers that I truly like.

    The five of us were all sitting around talking after work. Every one of these people mentioned they would have liked to see Obama in Fort Myers when he was here. I know them all pretty well and I thought I was in friendly company, but the following happened after I said I would vote for Obama.

    Friend #1 is a really nice lady in her last year of college. She said all Obama has done is raise everyone’s taxes and if he gets his new tax increase passed her father, who has a small business, will have to fire someone. I told her that Obama hasn’t raised her taxes and in fact has lowered them. And also that the first 250 thousand on a business won’t be taxed any differently with the new tax and if her dad made 260 thousand he would have to pay slightly more on only $10,000, the amount over the 250. She said I was wrong and said she wouldn’t research it because her father told her this and she believes him.

    Friend #2 is ex-navy – He said Obama has made it too hard to buy a gun so he won’t vote for him. I told him I go to gun shows and have bought a gun in the past year. Gun show sellers told me the only difference with Obama is that the 3-day federal background check is now always 3 days where under the last administration it took up to a week. They also told me they love the hype (and intend to help push it) that Obama wants to take away your guns. During his last election they made a fortune from people who thought this was their last chance to buy a gun. The whole country sold out of ammunition at that time. Friend # 2 said Obama must be waiting for his second term to take guns away. Friend # 2 doesn’t own a gun.

    Friend # 3 is in her 60s and works two jobs – She said Obama’s health care program is a government takeover and it’s not right to fine people hundreds of dollars if they can’t afford to buy insurance. I told her the government was just steering people into buying insurance and the wonderful insurance companies would still be in charge of giving you the care they deemed profitable, and that people in low income brackets aren’t included in the mandate. She goes on Medicare next year and didn’t see the irony of her “don’t let government into my healthcare” argument.

    Friend # 4 is an evangelical who I’ve known for a year. I’m a non-religious person and I’ve gotten along great with this guy and we banter all the time about how our beliefs are so different. Anyway, this was my most bazaar moment when he told me Obama was born in Kenya, educated in Indonesia and had a totally fraudulent birth certificate. I couldn’t believe this guy is a diehard birther! He got louder and louder as he went on about our illegal president. He went on to say if Obama wasn’t a Muslim he would have dropped his middle name. I had no reply to this guy.

    This conversation left me kinda speechless. These are regular working people and not one of them ever mentioned the economy or deficit.

    I don’t mind if someone votes for the other guy on real facts, but those are four votes being made on totally made up stuff.

    Okay enough venting… we’re doomed.

  23. Ol’ Mittens is not electable as the Tea party express takes the wheels off the GOP and makes then going officialy nowhere. The only comments I hear from the other side are psychotic and pure make-believe.

  24. I live in Australia. Most Australians think very highly of President Obama and many Australians thought George W. Bush was a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. I’m pretty certain Australia, the country of the fair go, would not be at all impressed with a candidate who short changed American Industry and sent labor overseas or with a candidate who doesn’t show his tax returns and has offshore accounts in Bermuda, the Caymans and Switzerland. Bob Carr is a Labor politician…which is equivalent to the American Democrat.

  25. The new gaffe Romney has made about Obama is not pleasing the British, Obama’s grandfather fought alongside us in WW11, he fought with Patton’s army and helped liberate the concentration camps.The Romney people have talked to the British Press and said Obama does not ‘understand’ the Anglo Saxon heritage we share (read that racism) not like Mitt who comes from a family of draft dodgers. The Brits are not amused!

  26. I am so enjoying the comments from the brits, I especially like the one ‘ Do us a favor and shut the hell up old chap’

  27. Maybe as did Lee Atwater, Romney will have a born again moment when on his deathbed and ask for forgiveness for his pride and ego

  28. Well in Dubya’s case, he was kept =hidden behind his advisors and not allowed to speak until it was too late. They must have forgotten that play in the Romney playbook [OH, where is Dick Cheney]. To be sure, Romney will find a way to speak out of both sides of his mouth and several other orafices to mislead the American Public.

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