Ann Coulter Tells Hannity He is Like a Liberal Making a Silly Argument

Hannity and CoulterAnd now for your entertainment pleasure, Ann Coulter versus Sean Hannity.

The subject: the dreaded “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, of which, she has recently proclaimed, “if the GOP is this stupid, it deserves to die.”

The stakes: Hannity somehow defending Marco Rubio without falling prey to Coulter’s wrath.

That is what Coulter named her latest column, that if they pass this bill the GOP deserves to die, so I think we can take from this that she really, really hates this latest immigration legislation, and she really, really hates any Republican who would cater to the Latino vote – like the four Republicans who are part of the Gang of Eight – Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sen.John McCain (R-AZ), but especially Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Gang of Eight Immigration

The Gang of Eight senators say this is a common-sense approach. Coulter says it will destroy not only the Republican Party but America.

Hannity complained that, before we legalize those illegally in this country that we have to fix our borders. He also complained that until we do, taxpayers foot the bill. He will never say anything, of course, about taxpayers paying for the Church. His final lament was that legalizing these immigrants only “encourages more illegals.”

Hannity took a shot at Chuck Schumer but not Rubio, and then, perhaps looking for validation, brought on Ann Coulter. He was destined to be disappointed because Coulter did not hesitate to compare Rubio to Schumer.


Hannity: Miss Coulter,I got to my daily, nightly look at the Drudge Report and there it is, “If the GOP is this stupid they deserve to die.” Did you say that?

Coutler: Yes, that’s the headline of my excellent column this week which I highly recommend everyone read. You talk about Chuck Schumer. Well, Chuck Schumer is playing Marco Rubio, the Jack Kervorkian of the Republican Party. If this amnesty bill goes through – and it is amnesty – step one is legalization. Everything after that, all the triggers to citizenship, are phony triggers. There doesn’t have to be a fence, there doesn’t have to be E-Verify. There just has to be Department of Homeland Security assuring us that they have a plan.

Hannity (interrupting): But that hasn’t been worked out yet. No, none of this has been worked out yet and I interviewed Rubio today knowing you were going to say that and I specifically asked him. And he said without the strict border control measures, he said the only thing, it’s temporary legal status until the borders are fixed and then from that point –

Coulter (laughing): But that’s everything!

Hannity: I’m telling you what he said. I’m not fighting for his position.

Coulter: That’s everything!

Hannity: Alright, but I’m telling you what he said –

Coulter: But what you just said is everything! Legalization first. That’s the issue.

Hannity: But –

Coulter: No! We want enforcement first. The idea that they will not become citizens is a pipe dream. It’s preposterous. I mean, nobody is going to keep them in limbo. The Rubio bill and the Chuck Shumer bill starts with legalization. What the American people want- though not the employers who want cheap labor – they want enforcement first. This bill has nothing in terms of enforcement. If we’re serious about enforcement, just say we’re enforcing E-Verify.

Hannity: Alright. Let’s say for example –

Coulter: It’s set up –

Hannity: Let’s say for example we can bifurcate the bill and control the border first. What would Ann Coulter do with the 11 million people that did not respect our laws and sovereignty and came here illegally?

Coulter: I – I don’t – this is a total frog and a fig leaf, this idea that the American people can’t sleep at night because the situation is exactly the same –

Hannity: You’re not answering my question

Coulter: – as it was in 1987. It’s been 20 years –

Hannity: You’re like a liberal.

Coutler (Stunned speechless).

Hannity (laughing).

Coulter: No, nothing. To the contrary, you are like a liberal –

Hannity: I’m teasing!

Coulter: – making a silly argument! It’s a straw man argument! Nobody cares!

Hannity: No, no, it’s not. Hang on –

Coulter: This idea that it’s an emergency, it’s a crisis, it’s preposterous –

Hannity: I actually think –

Coutler: The same thing will happen as is happening now.

Hannity: Ann. Hang on a second. What I am arguing with you is that if we don’t secure our border we have a major national security problem so I am asking you this –

Coutler: Yeah!

Hannity: Because the House is talking about bifurcating the two provisions.

Coulter: That would be a disaster.

Hannity: Control the border, get it totally secured, verified, secure a hundred percent. Then, if that happened – and its hypothetical – what would you do with the 11 million people?

Coulter: Then we’d have this other bill. Okay, now in the abstract, that would be a fine idea. First we require 100 percent enforcement of E-Verify – 100 percent – they can do that now. If the Congress were serious about enforcing they would demand enforcement of E-Verify now, they would build the fence right now. The fence is not new technology, it’s been around since the Middle Ages, but at this point, because the House and these Jack Kervorkians of the Republican Party like Kelly Ayotte, whom I hope gets a primary opponent, and Marco Rubio, whom I hope gets a primary opponent, and the rest of them, they’re going to pass an amnesty bill. If the House passes anything concerning immigration – this is very important Hannity viewers so pay attention here – the House passes nothing but say enforce E-Verify, it goes into the conference between the two bodies and it will come out an amnesty bill. At that point, if it is voted on the House and it is voted on in the Senate, we have a amnesty. The country is over and the only thing left for people like you and me to do, Sean, is to punish the people who destroyed America.

Presumably, this means unleashing the Right Wing militias the Right Wing says do not exist in order to fulfill Coulter’s dream of purging the country of liberals.

Coulter hates a great many things, of course, so we can’t take too much from her hatred of immigration. It would be far more newsworthy to find something Coulter praises other than McCarthy. Rubio will certainly never rank up there alongside her hero. For Rubio she had this, in parting: “…We will never win another national election, thank you Marco Rubio.”

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