Bill Maher Calls For Elizabeth Warren To Be Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate in 2016


Bill Maher turned a Larry King question about a potential Hillary Clinton/Jeb Bush matchup into a call for Warren to be on the 2016 Democratic ticket.


Maher said:

We’re talking about two centrist, corporatist type people…a little left, a little right who are not really going to move this country off the track it’s on. I can’t see either one of them doing anything bold, like demanding a carbon tax. You know if you pick up the paper almost any day of the week, there’s something really really scary and frightening about where the climate is going, and I don’t see either one of them.

Of course, if you look at the polls, the people in America, these geniuses, don’t even have it on their list of top ten things to be worried about, so it requires great leadership. I think it’s obviously the most important issue of our time, requires great leadership. I don’t see it coming from either a Hillary or a Jeb Bush.

(Maher was asked if he saw it coming from anyone.)

Yes, I think someone like Elizabeth Warren. One of the most gutsy people I’ve seen in politics in a long time. She’s somebody who I think would really say what she feels, and she may not ever win anything, but I’d love to see her run with Hillary. How about that? A granny ticket.

I think the people who want Warren to run against Clinton are a bit shortsighted, and probably caught up in their own agenda. Clinton would trounce Warren in a Democratic primary, and the battle would tarnish one of the brightest stars in the party. The gender biases of our time probably make it impossible for Clinton/Warren ticket. Clinton will probably have to add some testosterone to the ticket, or else white men might start to realize that they aren’t running the political show anymore.

The Clintons would probably shudder at the prospect of an unabashed liberal like Warren on the ticket. The Clinton brand runs so well in red states, because it is very much in the political center. It is highly doubtful that former Sec. Clinton would make such a bold choice.

I do think that Elizabeth Warren has big things in her future. Whether it is a position in a potential Clinton administration, or a more prominent leadership role in the Senate, Sen. Warren’s star is poised to shine brighter. It would be great to see two intelligent and highly qualified women leading the Democratic Party, and if enough Democrats demand it, maybe Bill Maher and other liberals could get their wish of a Clinton/Warren ticket in 2016.

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  1. I for one do not want Elizabeth Warren anywhere but right where she is. As a senator, she can be much more effective for much longer. Coaxing her to run with Hillary is just a political ploy. Stay a senator. You can be one of those much longer than a VP or a president for that matter.

  2. I have a feeling that Julian Castro of San Antonia may get the call to run with Clinton. A Texas, Hispanic would be huge, with Clinton. I also think he would do very well.

  3. I agree with Sidnee – Warren is best where she is. She has a concentration on financial matters that is irreplaceable, and there is not much she could do so well as Veep.

    But I do NOT take my direction on politics from a hack comedian who has more mouth than knowledge. He’s made a damned fool of himself too many times speaking without knowing what he’s saying. Enough of our being led around by loud but ignorant celebrities!

  4. I would much rather have Elizabeth Warren as the head of the Senate Banking Committee for twenty-four years than in the White House for eight! But, if she were to run, I would like to see her on a ticket with Cynthia McKinney or Dr. Jill Stein!

  5. Thank you! People don’t realize that making Elizabeth Warren VP would effectively shut her up. Look at some of the great, long-term Senators (Kennedy for example). They had far more power and press over a far longer timeframe than any two term President. Keep Elizabeth right where she is. She is a “freshman” Senator and already, if she talks, the press listens.

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