Right-Wing Radio Host Laura Ingraham Bullies GOP Congressman Over Immigration Reform



During the broadcast of her radio show Tuesday, Laura Ingraham had Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) on to discuss his attempt to succeed Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) as House Majority Leader. Cantor is stepping down as he lost in the Republican primary for his seat last week. Ingraham has taken a lot of credit for Cantor’s loss to Tea Party challenger David Brat. The far-right radio host and ABC News contributor used her airtime ahead of the primary election to endorse Brat due to his extremely conservative views on immigration, which mirror those of Ingraham. In Ingraham’s mind, the United States not only should deport all immigrants who are here illegally, but should also completely shut its borders and curb all legal immigration.

Labrador, who also holds a very conservative view towards immigration and considers himself a member of the Tea Party, probably figured he was heading into safe territory going on Ingraham’s show. With his chances of winning the the House Majority Leader post extremely long, Labrador figured there’s be no better place to drum up some good press among conservatives than Ingraham, who now fancies herself a kingmaker after the Cantor upset. Little did he know that Ingraham would take him to task for not having extreme enough views on immigration.

After he tossed a bunch of red meat regarding the President, calling him lawless, and telling Ingraham that we need to ship off the children that are being detained due to crossing the border illegally, he and Ingraham got into an argument revolving around Labrador’s support over the guest worker program. Labrador claimed that we need to fix the guest worker program to allow businesses to bring over qualified workers legally. This set Ingraham off, as her feeling is that there are more than enough qualified workers in America and too many people without jobs. Therefore, the borders need to be completely sealed.

At this point, Ingraham tried to get Labrador to agree to sign the FAIR pledge. FAIR, or the Federation for American Immigration Reform, is a conservative organization that is trying to push lawmakers and candidates to pledge not to accept any immigration laws that they feel give undocumented immigrants ‘amnesty.’ The organization also wants reforms made to the entire immigration process, making it extremely difficult for anyone born outside of the US to achieve citizenship or permanent residency in this country. Ingraham is a big proponent of the organization and has regularly pushed other conservative politicians to sign the pledge.

What is amazing here is that Labrador has been a big reason why immigration reform hasn’t gone anywhere in the House. He was originally part of the ‘Gang of Eight’ that was going to work on the House’s response to the immigration reform bill that passed in the Senate. He eventually dropped out, using his opposition to ‘amnesty’ as the main reason for him ditching the effort. Since then, he has sworn to help block any progress on the issue, something he pointed out to Ingraham. Instead, Ingraham chastised him for not having a more ‘scorched earth’ mindset.

INGRAHAM: So you’re where Cantor is, because he won’t [sign the FAIR pledge] either.

LABRADOR: I have made it very clear for the last year that we shouldn’t even have a bill for immigration reform in the House of Representatives. I was the first one who said that. I said that publicly.

INGRAHAM: Their wages are flatlining and their standard of living is deteriorating and yet you want to bring in more guest workers and foreign workers into the economy. Why? … So the Americans are too lazy — they’re not creating any jobs? We just need foreign workers? You’re just wasting your time and you’re squandering your conservative bona fides in the process.

Message to House Republicans: No matter how far to the right you think you are, you’re never conservative enough for the right-wing media.

As for Labrador, his quest to succeed Cantor as House Majority Leader has been doomed from the outset. Not only does he have to contend with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the current Majority Whip and #3 Republican in the House, but he also has to show his fellow Representatives that he is a competent organizer and communicator. That will be difficult considering that the Idaho GOP convention, which he presided over as chairman, ended in chaos earlier this week. On top of that, it was discovered that he didn’t have basic contact info for many House Republicans and quite a few had never even talked to him for even a short period of time, something that doesn’t bode well for someone with leadership aspirations.


H/T Talking Points Memo

24 Replies to “Right-Wing Radio Host Laura Ingraham Bullies GOP Congressman Over Immigration Reform”

  1. This should be translated in Spanish and targeted where a extra 3 to 5% of new voters can be the difference.

  2. hee hee… I love it when Conservatives push against the guest worker concept. It just brings us closer to the day when they will be forced to recognize that those jobs are so dehumanizingly, health-destroyingly awful, it would probably actually be illegal to let a US citizen do them.

  3. I am an immigrant. Immigrants are LPR’s (Legal Permanent Residents). Immigrants are legal by the definition of the term. Please don’t refer to people who violated our immigration laws immigrants. It is not true.Immigrants are NEVER here illegally
    “deport all immigrants who are here illegally”

  4. The word immigrant doesnt denote legal or illegal. A person can illegally enter a state(country) with the intention of staying for the rest of their life.

    At that point they are an illegal immigrant

  5. Laura Ingraham like most far right nuts has her information all wrong on jobs. The truth is that the manufacturing jobs have all gone over seas (Apple,HP,Steel,Nike,etc.)just to name a few. Corporations like these use slave labor to manufacture their products and sell them to America at ridiculous prices while off shoring huge profits that they never pay taxes on (so much for job creation). Of course she and others like her will never admit to this, they think we are all too dumb to see what is really happening. Just look around the country and you will see the steel mills that have closed or will be closing due to cheap inferior steel from China and how about Apple an American product manufactured in China by slave labor and sold to suckers for a huge mark up just so they can say they have an IPAD or IPOD or IWhatever. Nike used to be manufactured in Oregon they shut that down and moved to where else CHINA. Hey Laura spend a season picking oranges, I dare ya.

  6. I challenge Laura Ingraham to spend an entire season doing nothing but the jobs that guest workers do, out in the fields picking oranges,produce,cotton, fish processing,cleaning hotel/motel rooms, landscaping. The real truth about guest workers is that most are imported by their employer even though the employer is supposed to show proof that there aren’t enough domestic workers available. http://www.splcenter.org/sites/default/files/downloads/resource/us_guestworker_faq_2013.pdf
    These are low wage long hour jobs without any worker protections. Stop listening to idiots like Laura Ingraham, she is clueless to the truth.

  7. Here is more crap from another right wing rag Right Wing News that confuses two issues in an attempt to Obama Bash and they look foolish doing it. Out sourcing IT jobs to India has nothing to do with the guest workers coming into the US to do Agricultural work or fish processing etc. One of these things is NOT like the other.
    One of the most polarizing issues in this country today is what to do about illegal immigration. To the “round ’em up, kick ’em out and build a wall” thinkers out there, we pose the following question: Do you like to eat? http://fruitgrowersnews.com/index.php/magazine/article/No-Immigrants-No-Food

  8. Farmers and ranchers certainly don’t condone the hiring of illegal immigrants. The problems created by an estimated 8 million illegal aliens in this country weigh heavily on our entire society. That’s part of what makes this issue so difficult to resolve. While our government searches for a better way to police this problem, fruit and vegetables are rotting in the fields. Over time, this problem will diminish the value of farmland and increase the cost consumers will pay for food.
    If these migrant temporary workers are “TAKING AMERICAN JOBS” then why are so many “AMERICANS” unemployed? If your out of a job and need one I’m sure you can find one in a local field, somewhere. I’ve done just that until something better came available, there is no pride lost in a hard days work.

  9. Laura Ingram was asking if, this man would sign a pledge to NOT have any agreement on Immigration as “LONG as Obama was in office.”
    Wonder, does this mean that when pres Obama is out of office they will pass some sort of new law? OR will rethugs once again just resort to their old and tired ideas of the past.
    I think the key to Laura I’s whole argument is “while Obama is in office” That and that alone is the rethugs main aim.

  10. Laura is holding out for the great white dope because when Hillary if she runs wipe their racist/sexist ass across the floor it will be more of the same.

  11. I find it interesting that opposition to the guest worker program is considered to be a far right position. That program exists so that businesses can bring in cheap foreign workers and use them to push down the wages of domestic workers. As such, opposition to the program is very much a left wing, labor friendly position.

    On this one point I am in agreement with Laura.

  12. As a Native American,I find the right wings objections to immigration reform,laughable. These people have obviously forgotten where they came from. True,their was no “immigration law” back in the day. But,these “children of European colonists,came here without the knowledge of the natives,ignored their rights,stayed without permission,and took without asking,usually,by force. If the majority if illegals here,were from Canada,Denmark,Germany,the U.K.,Australia or some other mostly white,mostly Protestant country,Conservatives would be falling all over themselves trying to legalize them,and reform the system,so more could come more easily. Here is the irony Most of those who have come here from south of us,carry Indian blood in their veins. I call that poetic justice

  13. So, you think that left wingers are for lower wages? You can say that after the right has passed right to work,anti union legislation,that stifles wages,eliminates job security,denies workers the ability to market themselves into something better,because businesses conspire to keep wages artificially low,and call it “competitive wages” Right to work laws gives employers the legal right to lie cheat steal from and otherwise screw their workers,without repercussion. It is nothing more than government sponsored and condoned employee abuse. All right to work laws should be repealed. It is not about unions. It IS about dignity.

  14. Sorry but Laura Ingram is anything but a Democrat.And she is not insane either. Cold,calculating,narrow minded,tunnel visioned,one hundred years behind,but not insane. She and the other Joseph Goebbells wannabes at the Propaganda Ministry at Fox,know exactly what they are doing. Experts at perpetrating the “Big Lie” something a little Austrian Corporal was famous for in 1930’s Germany.

  15. actually it’s War Eagle. I hit the wrong key and did not realize it until too late. That said,thank you democratinny

  16. Like I said,I have no doubt that if the majority of undocumented immigrants,were,say from England,Conservatives would be hollering, “give them amnesty’ at the top of their lungs. If this revival of the Nativist movement were not so pathetic,it would be funny. From immigration,to almost violent opposition to Obama,to voter suppression,it is all about race. white conservatives see the browning of America and are scared to death.Soon they will lose their grip on American politics,and will themselves be in the minority. Then,listen to the screams!

  17. Ms. Ingraham once stated that ‘The only real Americans,are white,protestant,and Republican. This may come as a great surprise to about four million Indian people. Now say again that ultra conservatives are not racist?

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