Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama For The Washington Redskins Losing Their Trademark


Rush Limbaugh took his Obama hate to an absurd new low today by blaming President Obama for the Washington Redskins losing their trademark.

Limbaugh said:

This is not the Patent and Trademark Office. This is Barack Obama. One of the things in reporting out of Washington that has happened during this administration… This is executive branch. All this stuff is coming out of the executive branch. All of this, well, tyranny. It’s all coming from the executive branch, and Obama owns the executive branch.

He is the executive branch. But yet it’s never reported that way. It’s never, “The Obama administration today canceled the trademark ownership and registration the Washington Redskins.” No, it’s the Patent and Trademark Office — a nameless, faceless bunch of geeks. Wrong! Barack Obama’s administration did this. Barack Obama’s administration lied to you about keeping your doctor.

Barack Obama’s administration has basically erased the Southern border of the United States and is allowing anybody in. Barack Obama’s administration is doing all of this, and they’re just now getting up to full speed. It’s not the Patent and Trademark Office. That’s just the location of the implementation. The thinking, the intellectual firepower, the desire, the instructions, the orders, the power to do this is coming right out of the White House.

Make no mistake about it. IRS? Obama! Not Lois Lerner. She was just the woman that implemented the desires/demands that come from the White House. This is all executive branch stuff, and it’s never reported that way. “The IRS today said five rogue agents in Cincinnati,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No. The White House. The Obama administration. In a sense, this is landmark.

Has a name ever been criminalized before? Have we ever…? I don’t know. I’m just asking off the top of my head. So in that sense, it may be landmark. But I told you it’s gonna be cheered, and you need to note the people cheering it. Those people deserve to lose their next election, the people cheering this. This is the simple taking of private property rights without any kind of due process whatsoever. Zilch, zero, nada.

Limbaugh blamed the cancellation of the Redskins trademark on Redskins owner Dan Snyder being a Republican. The problem with Limbaugh’s Obama/Redskins conspiracy is that today’s ruling was the second time in fifteen years that US Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the federal trademark of the Washington Redskins. Back in 1999, when Clinton was president, the USPTO ruled against the Redskins on the same grounds that the trademark “redskins” is a term that disparages Native Americans.

Rush Limbaugh was also wrong about Obama making the Redskins change their name. Even if the Redskins lose the trademark, there is nothing legally stopping them from keeping the name. Obama did not criminalize anything, or bully private enterprise as so many conservatives are suggesting. The Redskins can keep the name, even if they lose, but they it will be much more difficult for them to protect their merchandising without the federal trademark.

Limbaugh was wrong about the lack of due process. The Redskins will appeal this decision in federal court. The Redskins have the right to appeal, and the appeals process may take years. The existence of this legal process destroys the right’s argument that Obama is a dictator who is oppressing the Washington NFL team.

This sort of reality detached anti-Obama delusion is what makes the cash registers ring for Republicans and the right. Limbaugh’s claims today had no basis in fact, and were the ramblings of a man who makes his living by feeding into the fear and hatred of this president that he has cultivated among his audience for years.

Republicans really will blame Obama for anything, including the racist history of the Washington Redskins’ name.

Article Edited to correct the fact that Bill Clinton was president, not George W. Bush in 1999.

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  1. Well we have to understand that was all just sarcasm and none of it was meant. I know Rush would never lie to that extent

    Would he?

  2. > Back in 1999, when George W. Bush was president, the USPTO ruled against the Redskins on the same grounds that the trademark “redskins” is a term that disparages Native Americans.

    Ummm, I’m pretty sure that George W. Bush wasn’t President until 2000.

  3. Rushbo has to have an opinion on everything. He just spews out whatever comes into his fat head knowing that his few followers will lap it up like a cat to a bowl of milk. He needs to be run off the air waves.

  4. So the author got the date wrong but you have nothing to say about the idiotic ramblings of drug addicted pedophile. I wonder why?

  5. I don’t need to say anything. I can’t stand Limbaugh, but I don’t like articles that can’t get their facts right either.

  6. The basic premise, well at least to me was the absurdity on the Reich’s meme that this is some plot by the President. Now it seems some is picking out that error and not commenting on the article itself. Like a game of gotcha. What’s funny is they all are first time commenters. But you’re right, cross your ‘s and dot your I’s because there are some who are just waiting to pounce on a error.

    I am quite sure when the author finds out he will correct it or if not it doesn’t take away his skills on getting people to think like all our authors. Its not like he lied deliberately to take a potshot at a regime who made a living or causing death with a misstatement.

  7. His “fat head” I love it. And the funny thing is, Limbaugh doesn’t even like his listeners. As long as they buy his crap and tune into his station, he tolerates them. He’s just a greedy rich man who’s strictly for other greedy rich men.

  8. The “Redskins” trademark loss actually shows that Rush is once again on the wrong side of history.

  9. Rush Limbaugh took his Obama hate to an absurd new low today by blaming President Obama for the Washington Redskins losing their trademark
    Now I admit I had a beer with my dinner tonight but I don’t see where the author mention bush in his opening statement

    You have to go through limpballs rant where bush was brought up. This is where it gets murky:The Trial and Appeals Board rescinded the team’s trademark protections in a 1999 ruling that was part of a case filed in 1992. A federal court later overturned the ruling on appeal due to a technicality that the plaintiffs say has been fixed in this most recent case.

    I don’t think who was President is the main focus of the story. But carry on

  10. Clinton was in office when the Patent Office made it’s ruling in 1999; the ruling was overturned in 2003 when Bush was president on what amounts to a technicality – that the plaintiffs should’ve filed suit soon after the name was trademarked in 1967.

    I agree that Limbaugh is going above and beyond to lay this ruling today at the President’s doorstep, but I’m not sure what difference it makes WHO was president in 1999, 2003, or 2014. These decisions are NOT made by the presidents. Limbaugh is off his rocker, we all know that, but we don’t need to try to make tenuous connections to other administrations when it is clear it doesn’t matter what administration such decisions are made under. This is a function of the Patent Office.

    All that said, the name is offensive and it is high time we get rid of it. We wouldn’t tolerate a team being named the “n-word,” would we? Why tolerate this?

    Time to get into 2014 already.

  11. I apologize if this was written by a relative of yours.
    LOL now we have jokes. I was wondering seeing you are a first time commenter, exactly how did this article catch your attention? You don’t have to answer that but what I would like to know is how you never felt the need to comment on any of the articles just today that has far greater consequences than who was President in 1999?

  12. Can you believe this lowlife scum stooping to this level to blame the president of the U.S. for something like this???? Is there nothing he won’t put the blame at Obama’s feet. Honest to God, I am so sick of this fat pill addicted moron. Why does he remain on the air and why on earth would anyone believe the bull he spews out??? What a lowlife scumbag he is. He is lower than a snake crawling in the grass. That fat pig would crawl under it.

  13. All that said, the name is offensive and it is high time we get rid of it.

    Dan Snyder seems to agree. It was announced a short time ago that he will eliminate “Washington” from the team name as the vast majority of Americans now find it offensive.

  14. …just consider this…if El Rushbo was addicted to alcohol, we wouldn’t be readin’ his vile screed today, cirrhosis of the liver woulda got him by now…and would you drop WHO was Prez in ’99??? This ain’t supposed to be Nit-Picker Central…lol

  15. I see the racist parasite is still partaking of his hillbilly Heroin. if we are lucky maybe he will overdose!

  16. you’re not amusing

    I am, of course, simply beside myself with angst at having my brand of humor be declared as underwhelming. Have I tainted the otherwise amiable interwebs?

    But… perhaps you are right, and all things Washington related are truly no laughing matter, but then again, I do not have a whiff of a clue how not to laugh- at least from time to time -at what emanates from our nations problem-solvers, and I am also overwhelmed with a lack of interest at even attempting to regard Washington, DC (both Democrat and Republican inhabitants, mind you) as anything more than the best example of continuous tone-deaf, self-indulgence. If one steps back and can achieve some semblance of objectivity, it is easy to see that the joke my dear Paws – in many instances, is being played on all of us.

    (I’ll add a smiley :-D, lest some of my sarcasm also be taken in a manner more hostile than intended.)

  17. As usual you sound stupid. The only one that comes remotely close to what little logic you think you may have is Chiefs. And even that doesn’t come close to the racial slur that is redskins. But then again you are not a bigot

  18. None of the names you list are intended as derogatory terms. For instance, there are a lot of Minnesotans who are of Scandanavian ancestry and they consider the term and image of “Vikings” as part of their proud heritage. The citizens of Green Bay take pride in the name “Packers” which reflects the hard working spirit of the city. By contrast, the term “Redskins” has always had a negative association, a means of saying “you’re not as good as ‘Whiteskins’.”

  19. Typical Limbaugh nonsense. Members of the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board aren’t appointed by the president, and even if they were, none of the three in question were appointed during the Obama administration. Karen Kuhlke, the examining attorney who wrote the majority opinion, joined the Board in 2005. Peter W. Cataldo, who joined the majority opinion, and Marc A. Bergsman, who authored the dissent, both joined in 2006.

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