John Boehner Snubs the Unemployed as Republicans Push for Unpaid For Business Tax Cuts

John Boehner

As they push for permanent unpaid tax subsidies for big business, House Republicans once again turn their noses up at the unemployed.

The Senate offered up yet another bill to renew long term unemployment benefits, according to Arthur Delaney at The Huffington Post, who reported that the bill is paid for, just like the previous one the Seante tried to get the House to pass.


A spokesman for Boehner told HuffPost on Tuesday that the speaker’s response would remain the same.

House Speaker John Boehner can’t be bothered to look at the new bill, which just like the old bill, addresses the alleged “issues” the Republicans had with it, according to HuffPo. It’s paid for with revenue increases, as required by Senate Republicans.

Apparently this isn’t good enough for House Republicans, who have invented truly creative excuses for their reliable refusal to legislate.

This bipartisan bill authored by Sens. Jack Reed (D-RI) and Dean Heller (R-NV) should have at least garnered a longing glance by Republicans since it doesn’t provide retroactive benefits to those 3 million Americans House Republicans have been kicking in the gut since December.

However, it seems Boehner’s rejection is not about the actual bill. Boehner is already entrenched in his position and will not budge no matter how Republican the bill is. The only logical conclusion to draw from this is that Boehner doesn’t want to address the long term unemployment benefits, and he’s run out of excuses so now he’s just passing sight unseen.

Speaker Boehner’s shafting of the unemployed impacts more than just those folks who are looking for work. In March 2014 it was estimated that Boehner and his House of Cards had caused the economy to lose 5 billion dollars:

The U.S. economy has lost $4.7 billion ($4,698,892,545 to be exact – see the breakdown below) in the first three months of the year due to the Dec. 28 expiration of federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation, according to an analysis released today Monday by Ways and Means Committee Democrats.

(Click the above link to see a breakdown by state.)

Republicans were busted in March for trying to add 310 billion dollars — which Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) pointed out, “represents more than half of the entire federal deficit this year” — to the deficit with permanent, unpaid for tax provisions.

On June 12, Levin again pointed out the hypocrisy of Republicans hiding under the false excuse that the unemployment extensions are not paid for while they shred their own alleged budget principle by adding unpaid tax credits to the deficit.

“The inability of the House Republican Majority to take action to help our recovery, bolster small businesses, and grow our economy has resulted in smoke and mirror votes like the ones before us today. They want to signal that they support small business, but their action is so inconsistent with their past positions that it is rendered hypocritical,” Levin charged.

So, once again, Boehner won’t even look at a bill for the unemployed that would help our economy. It doesn’t matter that it’s paid for. It doesn’t matter that it pretends the last 6 months of misery for the unemployed didn’t happen or that Boehner is costing the economy billions of dollars just to appease the Republican base by giving the middle finger to hurting Americans.

24 Replies to “John Boehner Snubs the Unemployed as Republicans Push for Unpaid For Business Tax Cuts”

  1. I think the repubs know that they are about to be relegated to a regional dysfunctional party of the nuts. So in their parting they are just trying to do as much damage and grab as much for the rich as they can. Their actions couldn’t be part of a sound mind or critical thinking.

    They know that they have distanced themselves from the majority of the country. They know the future looks dismal. They know they have trapped themselves in a position favoring the idiots. The handwriting is on the wall.



    VOTE NO !

  3. I’m sorry, but I have reached the point in my assessment of the House of Representatives is that they are not.

    A House of representatives that is. They are a greedy self serving, bought and paid for by Corporate lobbyists and that is who they serve, NOT the American people. Impeach all of them, both parties, and see if maybe just maybe there might be some people in the country that really care about this country. JB, Mr. Speaker you are a disgrace to the position and this country. Please go back to Ohio and find a bar that needs a floor sweeper, your true profession.

  4. Congress is not going to do anything until after the 2016 election…unless we rid Congress of the obstructionists in 2014.

  5. I truly hope those that are unemployed remember that since the Teapublicans , don’t care about you, that you will not care about them in November.

  6. John B. should be more engaged in what his minions are doing bullying the people in their “investigations” in their committees.

    Rouge congressmen are destroying our democracy in all their Witch Hunts, while he is searching around his office(like Bush did looking for Bin-Laden)for the JOBS Mr. President.

  7. Oh sure, these guys are itching for another war, but can’t scare up the pocket change to pay for unemployment benefits.

  8. I’ve never seen a bigger group of misguided misfits that want to become out of work politicans any faster then this cross breed of teaparty/GOP asshats.

  9. The GOP has BS’d this country for a long, long time. How long, how long will this B#$%s$*&! go on??

  10. As long as the white working class keeps voting against their interest. I got news for them, god, gays and guns don’t pay the rent

  11. John Boner is an azzhole just like the rest of his klan and it’s time for US the sane to get ready to roll the vote,less,we will be further infested with their webs of hate. VOTE BLUE! MID-TERM,time for US to bring our country back!

  12. Just like members of the military, veterans, people who lost income during the republican shutdown, those who are unable to obtain the Medicaid expansion and a whole host of others who are harmed by the republicans, those who lost unemployment benefits will STILL vote for republicans.

  13. People better wake up; Boehner comes straight out and wants to give corporations a $360 BILLION tax cut which will add to the deficit over providing unemployment compensation to millions of average Americans (which we paid into – you don’t get it if you never worked)which is paid for.

    Republicans, esp Boehner, don’t give a damn. So Wake Up. Get out this year and vote Democrat. It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is, if you worked 25 years at a place and pay into unemployment and find yourself without a job or means of survival, unemployment is your life line … and Boehner is taking it away from everyone … in order to give rich corporations $360 Billion – at the expense of average Americans. Republicans would rather see you starve.

  14. I don’t know how many times it has to be said but give the American Taliban keys to the economy is like putting a crack addict to look after the drugs. Case in point

    What’s the matter with Kansas

    Kansas is the poster child for cutting taxes sharply in line with recommendations of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. Its calls for deep tax cuts and limits on revenues and spending reflect extreme “supply side” and anti-tax arguments that mainstream economic research discredited long ago, as my Center on Budget and Policy Priorities colleagues explain here.

    Kansas’ Tax Cut Disaster

    The Sunflower State is putting the lie to the anti-tax argument.

    After 40 years you would think they would have learned by now

  15. At least we get the occasional news item. I’m one of the three million unemployed with a child who depends on me and my benefits were cut off on Christmas. I finally got Obamacare but a dr can’t see me until November but only if I show up with $100. I have $800 in the bank so that will get me through next month. They told me to call the crisis center because wanting to die every day is not normal. I called tonight and she kept saying what do you want me to do. They’re supposed to be counselors with masters degrees and I said I needed help finding a dr and I was suicidal and she kept telling me what she couldn’t do without asking me a single question about my circumstances or offering help. If I could get my back UI of $203 a week I could get my car fixed to get out of the house and pay the up front money to see a dr. Yesterday I just quit filing UI since it’s been so long. I expect that if it’s reinstated it won’t be retroactive. Kick in the guts.

  16. As if I’m going to be alive in 2016, I waited until 2014 to get health insurance and I still can’t get healthcare.

  17. I am one of those over 55 job seekers. I have no extended benefits. Even though I apply to all viable job postings, no interviews are forthcoming. Until this happened to me, I didn’t believe this could happen. But there is no interest in hiring anyone in this age group. I have recently sold my car, and am living off those proceeds. My hope is that all the other folks in the same circumstances remember Congress’ (the Republicans) inaction and votes accordingly in 2014 & 2016!

  18. Cali if you check the internet, you’ll find different charities & organizations that provide job training or help paying your bills in California, depending on your situation. There’s also the CARE Program that gives you a 20% discount on your utilities. Good Luck!

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