Game On: Obama Endorses Senate Bill to Protect Women from Hobby Lobby GOP


Remember when we said that with the Hobby Lobby decision, Republicans had won a battle but lost a war?

Republicans have handed Senate Democrats a very powerful Get Out the Vote tool. Democrats drafted a bill to protect women from for-profit corporations like Hobby Lobby interfering in their medical and health needs. President Obama has just indicated that his administration supports this bill.

Noting that preventative care like contraception has significant health benefits, the Obama administration also noted that since 2013, when the coverage requirement started, utilization of preventive care under Obamacare saved women $483 million.

Game on.

S. 2578 – Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act
(Senator Murray, D-Washington, and 43 cosponsors)

The Administration strongly supports legislation that would give women affected by the Supreme Court’s decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., the same coverage that everyone else is offered without interference by their employers.

Preventive health services, when accessible and affordable, have the potential to prevent disease, manage chronic illness, and save lives as well as dollars. That is why the Affordable Care Act ensures that Americans have coverage for preventive care like vaccines, cancer screenings, and contraception that medical experts have concluded are critical to the Nation’s health. According to a recent analysis by the Department of Health and Human Services, an estimated 76 million people have gained preventive services coverage since the law passed, and there are now an estimated 48.5 million women enrolled in private plans that are required to cover contraception without cost‑sharing. Contraception has significant health benefits, as documented by the independent Institute of Medicine, and coverage removes cost as a barrier to its use. One study found that in 2013, the year the coverage requirement started, utilization increased and women saved $483 million.

However, the Supreme Court’s rulings in Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Burwell, allow some employers to now withhold contraception coverage from their employees based on their own religious beliefs that their employees may not share. The Administration believes that women should make personal health care decisions for themselves, rather than their employers deciding for them.

This legislation would restore that right. It would prevent owners of for-profit companies from asserting their personal religious views to deny their employees Federally-required health benefits. At the same time, it would preserve the regulatory exemption for religious organizations like houses of worship and an accommodation for eligible nonprofit religious organizations, like some charities, that have religious objections to contraception coverage. This legislation is consistent with the congressional intent in enacting the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

The Administration strongly supports Senate passage of S. 2578 and remains committed to working with the Congress to improve the affordability and accessibility of health care for all Americans.

With the Hobby Lobby decision, it became obvious that there is a GOP War on Women. It became obvious that Republicans anti-Obama fever and faux pro-life stance was forcing them into a corner where they were against contraception, which is, of course, the best way to reduce abortion rates. This is not a matter of opinion, but logic backed up by evidence. It should be noted that contrary to the accusations made by Republicans, the abortion rate has dropped under President Obama.

If a person is really “pro-life”, they are going to be for things that prevent unplanned for pregnancies. If a person is really “pro-life”, they are also going to be for health initiatives that protect women, since women are human beings. Yes, rumor has it that a fetus can turn into a woman, so it makes little sense to protect a fetus only to destroy a woman’s health.

While Republicans deny rape and pretend that contraception is all about sex, women and the people who love them know better. This issue impacts most women at some point in their lives, so it wasn’t a smart move for conservatives before an election. While midterms favor Republican voters demographically, Republicans are doing their best to motivate the opposition. And the opposition, in this case, is an ever-expanding tent.

Republicans won a battle, but now that battle is being used against them in the war. Game on, GOP. Republicans are likely to obstruct the legislation today, but this is what happens when you make women angry.

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  1. Actually, their objection to contraception isn’t all about sex. It’s about the dreaded possibilty that women might experience sexual pleasure without the ensuing pain of childbirth or back-alley abortions. Consequence -free sexual pleasure is a prerogative of men, just as food, shelter,medical care, and a decent education for one’s children are prerogatives of rich white people. If subservient groups are allowed access to this privileged “stuff”, they’ll get uppity. Then the Gate of Ganzir will burst open,Tiamat will come out, the high will be humbled before the low, the servant will be master… can’t have that, can we?

  2. Good luck to our President. Our Constitution provides only one way to override a Supreme Court decision that many citizens consider unfair or unjust. And that is via laws passed by Congress. The Hobby Lobby decision, and a number of other recent decisions handed down by an increasingly old male Catholic conservative Republican court, has provoked outrage among many citizens across the country. The opposition to these onerous decisions is beginning to gather its forces, and the push in Congress is about to begin.

  3. How happy whose ignorant, silly old men in their black robes be if it were Viagra, ED treatments and prostate health on the line instead of women’s health issues?

    We really need to get rid of the RATS!!!

  4. Yikes! What happened to the edit button??

    My post should have read, “How happy would those…”


  5. The reason the right hates this is they see it as terminating a life in progress. I can assure you we do not hate women; I have recommended raises and promotions with success, make sure women are treated equitable, etc. Same with minorities. Just because we hate the idea of terminating a life is not just cause to twist it into some sick “women’s health” or “cons hate women” mantra.

  6. Its because in pushing for a not terminatihng you have to take away a womans right to decide and her own rights. Not to mention when the kid is born you would rather let it die. DOnt say you dont, the gops actions speak louder then your words

  7. Two points:

    1) How does something that prevents fertilization terminate a life in progress? And if that is what you see contraception as doing, then you appear to want to outlaw contraception, itself, up to and including things such as condoms.

    2) This issue is not just about affordable access to contraception. It is about the “right” of a large, for-profit business to decide it can be exempt from the law for religious reasons.

  8. The women at FOX and their female Republican guests and representatives are defending the Hobby Lobby decision. To me they are brainwashed. The Republican/Tea Party Right wing extremist have taken hold of their minds too. What a shame…..

  9. this is why I have never worried about the democrats losing control of the senate. I knew the republicans, in their fantasy world circa 1800, could be counted on to do something stupid to help the left gotv.

    never did I think it would be several stupid things: their war against women, their anti immigration stance, trying to suppress the black vote, angering war vets.

    november 2014 looks promising in both houses. november 2016 looks even more promising. THANKS GOP!!!

  10. Ok, let’s have a go at this argument.

    The were a number of physicians and pharmacists that testified that the items to which Holly Lobby objected did not cause abortions. Nor did Holly Lobby PROVE their contention that these pills/devices terminate a pregnancy, it is only their belief that they do.

    I’ll take scientific proof over a layman’s belief.

    Not to mention that SCOTUS violated the same Constitution it swore to uphold, by dismantling the 1st Amendment (the Establishment Clause). We, not SCOTUS, are going to pay for that big time.

  11. I am not sure why there is outrage. In years past, if people did not like their benefits they would just go work for another company. Grab a newspaper and go through the employment ads and find another job. People feel like they are owed everything and, oh wait, Barry is going to take care of me! Get the government’s teat out of your mouth. How many of you even work at Hobby Lobby?

  12. We knew they would.
    The groundswell under their feet continues to rise.
    Eventually, they will be buried by WE THE PEOPLE–the sane ones, anyway.



    GET these creeps OUT of our crotches!




    BOTH Signed and shared.

  13. WHY was our ability to fix typos taken away?

    Limit the time period to edit, but don’t FORBID us from either fixing typos OR deleting posts and reposting them, with corrections made.

  14. There are more women than men in the United States and more women than men vote. Get thee to the polls, women, and take back our lives from these uptight, controlling, scaredy cat middle aged men. Their legislation and court rulings against the best interests of women simply show us who they are and we must take back our power. Vote! We need more Democrats in office and on the court and the more women, the better.

  15. There is more to life than a fertilized egg. There is enough food, education, health care, living wage, shelter, safety. The right seems to be against all of these things.

  16. in years past one could DO was a workers market.. it has not been that for years.. the fact the wage has not risen makes people even more hesitant to move jobs.. my mate was forced to quit a 17.00 hr job due to the work place negligence.. for which we could not even sue thanks to Texas laws.. two years out of work, 4 surgeries later and had to fight to get a job that pays half of what he made so its NOT just.. get another job!

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