Ferguson Will Only Truly Find Peace When Darren Wilson Is Charged With Mike Brown’s Murder


After another restless night in Ferguson ended with tear gas and rubber bullets fired at protesters, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon unilaterally decided to send in the National Guard to help keep the peace Monday. Apparently, Nixon made this decision without much discussion with police on the scene and didn’t even give President Obama a head’s up before making the announcement. Nixon did state that due to these additional resources being deployed, Ferguson will not be under a curfew Monday evening.  However, the addition of 80 National Guard troops to Ferguson is yet another band-aid that’s been applied that will do nothing to cover up and heal the wound that’s been created by the Mike Brown shooting.

The fact is that the protests would quickly simmer down if a handful of actions were taken, none of which involves SWAT teams, tear gas, riot gear, assault rifles or armored vehicles. The moment Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson gets charged with the murder of Mike Brown, the city of Ferguson won’t find itself overtaken with protests, rallies and marches. We are now 9 days past the shooting of an 18-year-old unarmed black man at the hands of a white police officer, and no charges have been filed. There have been two autopsies performed and the federal government is doing a third one. Yet, Wilson remains a free man, and until recently, was able to keep his name and identity a secret.

While looting, violence and police reactions have been taken up much of the media attention surrounding Ferguson, the fact remains that people started demonstrating and lashing out in the community due to the senseless killing of Mike Brown. They feel that the police departments and administrative offices in Ferguson and St. Louis County are not going to provide them justice. Therefore, with each passing day that Brown’s killer is not charged with his crime, people will take to the streets and protest in Ferguson.

Besides hitting Wilson with a murder charge, there are other actions that can be taken politically and administratively that can provide some relief to the city of Ferguson and bring calm to the community. First off, Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson needs to be removed from his position. Whether he resigns of his own accord or is fired, the vast majority of Ferguson residents do not trust him one bit. The way he has handled the shooting and its aftermath has been beyond abysmal. Many of his comments and actions, such as releasing a video of Brown taking part in a minor robbery minutes before he was killed while simultaneously releasing Wilson’s name, have served to antagonize and anger the residents of Ferguson. It seems as if he takes delight in pouring gasoline on fire.

Another thing that likely needs to happen is that St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has to be removed from investigating this case. McCulloch’s objectivity has been called into question due to a number of factors, least of which is that his father was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty when McCulloch was twelve. His dad’s killer was black. Also, McCulloch publicly criticized Governor Nixon’s decision to remove command of law enforcement overseeing the situation in Ferguson  from Jackson and St. Louis County police chief Jon Belmar and hand it to Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson. The move was universally lauded and seen as a necessary step that was needed in building back trust within the community. McCulloch’s criticism makes it appear as if he’s too close to the police departments and cannot be objective when potentially trying one of the officers.

Beyond that, other things that can be done include releasing the initial autopsy done by the St. Louis County coroner, the mayor of Ferguson being more visible and publicly apologizing to the residents for allowing institutional racism in the town to go unchecked and the hiring of more officers of color to the Ferguson police department (there are currently only 3 among a force of 53). But, more than anything, Wilson needs to be charged with a crime, and that needs to happen sooner rather than later. Anger and frustration will only continue to build upon itself as long as Wilson isn’t staring down a murder charge..

The people of Ferguson, and Mike Brown’s family, want justice for Brown. They want to feel like they are going to see progress in their community.  Until then, it doesn’t matter what strategic band-aids are put in place, such as making the burned down QuikTrip off-limits, people will continue to hit the streets and voice their rage

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  1. If you look at the autopsy, none of the wounds are close range, which means that Brown wasn’t shot while trying to take the officer’s gun away. The arm wounds are consistent with having one’s hands up, and four of them? You aren’t going to keep your arm up after one. Two head shots? One shot alone and you aren’t going to advance. This was rapid fire murder.

  2. This much is certain….that police officer is not sleeping too good at nights. He knows he will be going to a trial and most likely to jail. He looks at his family and probably shakes his head with the knowledge that things will not be the same in his life from this point on and the day he pulled the trigger six times. He is probably second guessing himself right now and wishing (probably) that he had just admonished the kid instead of pulling his weapon on an unarmed person. (Remember he did not know of the shoplifting)

  3. It was around 2 a.m. Sunday, two hours after the new curfew mandated for Ferguson, Mo., but [Joshua] Hampton was sitting in his own car, smoking a cigarette in his aunt’s driveway. He thought he was obeying the law. […] suddenly, Hampton says, his car was surrounded by police. “Put your [expletive] hands up!” he says they told him. […]
    “They kept telling me to get out of the car, but I didn’t want to make any kind of movement,” Hampton, 30, told The Post in a phone interview Sunday.

  4. This pig is just thinking that my brother gang members (officers) better cover me! And that’s what they’re doing now. Trying to cover his butt. We should NOT calm down. If we call down the cops(gangsters) win. We need to rip things apart until they charge this guy.

  5. A veteran Police officer who received awards for his service is being tried by hearsay in the press. Activist are calling for his blood. Local people are howling for this man to be handed over to mob justice. Business are being burned and looted. What has happened to the rule of law and the “presumption of Innocence” that is a bedrock of these United States of America? Can we not wait for an investigation, a trial by a jury of peers and duly rendered verdict? I am ashamed that My country has lost the veneer of civilization!

  6. What has happened to the rule of law and the “presumption of Innocence” that is a bedrock of these United States of America?
    Lets ask Michael Brown. Oh snap he was executed with a kill shot to the top of his head

  7. Well, well the truth is coming out

    When the Ferguson police department released the name of Darren Wilson, they also chose to release video footage which they claimed was of Michael Brown robbing a convenience store for some cigars.
    The problem is, the video shows Michael Brown at the register, paying for the cigars.

    The lawyer for Dorian Johnson said that Mr. Johnson told the FBI that he “had taken cigars from the store”. Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen, but the fact that the store owner didn’t bother to contact the police and that police didn’t respond to the supposed robbery until days after Mr. Brown was dead shows that something doesn’t add up.

    Michael Brown, Ferguson Victim Paid For His Rellos

  8. Do you think that the six bullets “ripping things apart”? Do you think that you can just shoot young blacks and go home to your TV dinner?

    Shame on such callous ideology.

  9. The murderer i.e. the sworn law enforcement officer shot an unarmed kid six times twice in the head. He was over 35 feet away at the time and in zero—-repeat—-zero danger.

    You say lets have a jury of his peers and that is EXACTLY what the Ferguson community has been asking for since the murder occurred.

    I live in Albuquerque and we are living in the same type of situation that haunts Ferguson, we too have criminals and murderers walking around in cammo fatigues with AR-15’s shooting harmless people.

    You are right the veneer of civilization is eroding, in fact it is just about gone with the cops riding around in MRAPS with 50 calibre machine guns pointed at citizens. Christ get a hold on how the mother and family of this kid feel. NOT the murderer.

  10. Excuse me, but I don’t see how stooping down to the level of the Ferguson PD is going to solve anything!

    Especially considering that for African Americans, rioting backfires more on us than it does whites.

    I’m not being callous. You are.

  11. Not just robbery, they claim, but “strong arm robbery”. Talk about pouring fuel on the flames! Disgusting! It’s high time to fire that Ferguson police chief and bring Darren Wilson in to face charges. How he can still be free is simply infuriating! One thing is guaranteed: There will be no peace in Ferguson until then.

  12. This rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper
    More likely you’re going off on a rabbit trail.
    You know…those rabbit trails that go here, there, and everywhere…and pretty much tend to lead nowhere?

    The attorney for Dorian Johnson (Freeman Bosley), has already confirmed Brown took the cigars.
    “My client did tell us — and told the FBI — that they went into the store,” Bosley said on MSNBC. “He told the FBI that he did take cigarillos. He told that to the DOJ and the St. Louis County Police.”


    The store owner doesn’t seem to be claiming there wasn’t a robbery. Just that he wasn’t the one that reported it.
    The attorney for the owners of the store says the owners don’t want to get wrapped up in the middle of all this.
    Can’t say I blame them.

  13. This police officer was transferred to Ferguson from another police unit that was disbanded because of corruption, also the unit in Ferguson had not made a practice in the past of filing incident reports in the
    individuals file, so I am sure they all look like model police.
    Add to the fact that this policeman had a very
    troubled teenage growing up period with his mothers serial lawbreaking and I think he has problems.
    He should give himself up, he would be put into protective custody until trial!

  14. No justice, no peace. How many times in how many places have we heard that? And why are we still having to fight this racism and police brutality against minorities? Charge the officer. Put him on trial. Get the process moving. He needs to face criminal charges, then federal charges, and then a civil trial. He made a choice to shoot this young man. Choices have consequences for us and they should have consequences for police officers. They should not be exempted from accounting for their actions in a court of law. No justice, no peace.

  15. The way you CONS always try to justify the execution of black people reminds me of a Dave Chappelle skit. White officer guns down a Afican American male and says “Oh shit just killed me another n@@@er” His partner says just sprinkled some crack on him.

  16. “Oh snap he was executed” I understand that that is your emotional reaction and you are entitled to it; but, this country was founded not on kneejerk reactions but on the rule of law. As I understand it there is a local investigation, a state investigation, a national investigation and even the UN is involved. I’m sure the facts will eventially come out.

    “Ours is a nation of laws: of citizens who live under them and for the citizens who enforce them. ” President Obama yesterday.

  17. He had 5 bullets in him with his hands up. The 6 bullet was to the top of his head. The kill shot. What would you call it? Oops my bad

  18. Where your argument falls apart is that the officer did not give that kind of chance to Michael Brown, who is now DEAD. If he had waited…if he had investigated…if he had understood that if a guy has his hands up he is not a danger…if he had aimed for a leg…if he had stopped with one shot….if, if, if. So don’t be suggesting now that we are uncivilized if we don’t give the officer all the things he failed to give to Brown. Even though it was his duty.

  19. 30 ft and unarmed does not mean safe! Find an unarmed combat instructor and he will tell you 6-10 seconds. Again I’m not the expert and I doubt that you are, so lets show a little restraint until the investigation is complete. It’s early for “murder.”

    Investigations take time. I don’t understand how burning and looting local business is “asking for due process.”

    The US Department of Justice recently released the findings of a 16-month review into the APD, stating that the department’s use of excessive force had caused a number of unjustified fatal shootings by officers in recent years. The DOJ recommended a “systematic change.” ….. Due process led to correct result now is time for you to get out and campaign for people who will fix the problem.

    “Christ get a hold on how … NOT the murderer.” I fully understand and sympathize with the family. But, in my life I have learned that knee-jerk reactions are often wrong and there is a reason investigation and…

  20. My argument does not depend on the actions of officer Wilson nor the actions of Mr Brown. It is a prime founding tenet of the english legal system that was then adopted by our founding fathers in both the Deceleration of Independence and the Constitution. And quite frankly if you disagree with the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” then yes I would consider you uncivilized.

  21. You are so right! This is outrageous that people are demanding this police officer be arrested when the investigation is in the early stages and it isn’t looking too good for Michael Brown from what has been released to the public. Who do these people think they are to loot and riot and think they are going to make demands????

  22. What makes him so special. Thousands of people are arrested everyday without a grand jury. Especially the ones who execute an unarmed man

  23. Darren Wilson didn’t know about the convenience store robbery, but Michael Brown did. The kid probably panicked because he thought the cop was about to arrest him. 18 year old kids do reckless things on impulse, and Michael decided to charge at cop. The cop saw a 6’4″ 290 lb. man rushing towards him. I don’t know why he had to shoot him more than once to stop him, but he’ll have to reveal that at the grand jury hearing. One thing I do know: if Michael Brown listened to Bill Cosby instead of Snoop or 50, he’d still be alive today.

  24. Wow. If he had listen to Bill Cosby. Here is idea you people cant seem to get in your pointy heads. Mike Brown had his rights violated and was executed.

  25. Based on the evidence that’s been released, it’s a no-brainer that the cop should have been charged awhile ago!

  26. You’re being emotional, too.

    Oh, this poor, poor, decorated officer is persecuted…

    You are so intent on believing he’s innocent and he’s no where to be found? He’s in hiding, yet you are defending him?

    You’re so emotional you have forgotten that we have a constitution that protects the rights of all citizens. The police can’t just shoot anybody they want. They need probable cause, because if they don’t, the constitution is meaningless. When the police stoop down to the level of criminals, what’s the point of having them?

    You defend a cowardly police officer that doesn’t even have the courage to face what he’s done. He hides behind some idiot named “Josie” and a militarized small-town police department attacking peaceful demonstrators.

    You’re not only being emotional. You’re being irrational. And you’re “check and see” attitude is pathetic. Supposedly we know everything about Michael Brown, but almost nothing about Darren Wilson and you blindly ac…

  27. The vast majority of the protesters were peaceful. And many of the community residents were protecting stores.

    Sorry, but this is nowhere near the severity of the 1992 LA riots. Everybody knows that a small group is causing all of the trouble, but the Ferguson PD insists on going after everyone. They were even tear gassing neighborhoods where no protests were happening.

    So, just because a small group of agitators decide to cause damage and violence, means that people peacefully exercising their constitutional rights should be punished too?

    Quit watching Fox News because you are being lied to!!!

  28. At this point I wouldn’t be surprise if St. Louis county is busing some of these hooligans in to cause trouble.

  29. Michael Brown was unarmed! This is the part you refuse to admit.

    But, hey, seeing how right-wingers continue to jump around and do back flips trying to defend this coward of a police officer is pretty sad.

    You are defending someone who doesn’t even have courage to speak from himself. He allows gullible folks like you defend him instead.

  30. As I have viewed the videos that have been released of the street scene I am unable to tell if the cop’s face is truly injured; has anyone else been able to see a clear video to tell?

  31. You actually believe that what happened to Mike fits within the Constitution?

    You really don’t understand the Constitution at all.

    You foolishly believe that authority figures like police officers never make mistakes or abuse their power (except when it comes to “certain people”).

    This is a blind faith in authority that the Founding Fathers never possessed. Although they were all-white and most owned slaves, they never trusted authority as much as you do.

    But hey, if this were 1776, you would definitely be on the side the British loyalists. Your blind faith in authority would easily have you kissing King George’s ass instead of dumping tea in Boston Harbor!!!!

    The modern-day “Tea Party” is a deception perpetuated by billionaires who have more in common with the the 18th century British monarchy than they ever did with Washington, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, or even Jefferson.

    But, you fall for this BS anyway like a useful, authoritarian idiot!

  32. There is no witness saying any such thing. There are witnesses saying Brown ran when the cop starting shooting and then turned around, raised his hands, and said, ‘stop shooting, I don’t have a gun’. You’re just fabricating a silly story to try to influence stupid people against the black guy. You’re at the wrong place, however, to find many stupid people.

  33. So awful that another young black man is shot down by the police. Why doesn’t someone try to help these young men who are stopped by the police and tell them how to respond to the police. Arguing and trying to run away will only get you killed. If needed go to jail. That would save their lives, which is more important. Let the robbing and mugging be solved in the courts. That will save their life! That the most important thing! Save their life. They sure won’t save it by going up against the police. They are trained to kill!

  34. We have this thing in America called the justice system. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. You are quick to want to throw officer Wilson in the fire. This man risks his life to serve the law. Police officers are under paid and risk their lives everyday at work. Yet you all want to lock this man up without even knowing all the facts or evidence. Shame on you Justin.

  35. “we have a constitution that protects the rights of all citizens” Good! A point we can agree on. The difference between you and me is that I believe officer Wilson and Mr Brown have equal protection under the law. A police officer that commits a crime becomes a criminal and is as subject to the law as every other citizen. If after proper investigation and a trial it is determined officer Wilson acted incorrectly then he should be punished and if Mr Brown is determined to have acted incorrectly then .. well I guess he has already been punished.

    “But hey, if this were 1776 … Your blind faith in authority would easily have you kissing King George’s ass” — I put my life on the line for this country and I think that provides enough in the way of bona fides. This “authoritarian idiot” has a great mistrust of government but I have seen “a jury of peers” get it right more times then not and until someone invents a mind reading machine the trial by jury is the best thing goin…

  36. Yeah and your officer wilson was pretty damn quick pulling the trigger too and shooting six damn bullets.Did Brown get due process? you need to just X out!

  37. Of course the republicans will blame all this on President Obama. Everything (according to those morons) is his fault!

  38. BTW the officer never checked his pulse or attempted to help him after the fact..as if he knew he killed him for sure. Is That what he wanted ?

  39. Thank you Shiva for bringing that up. Thought the same and was wondering if there was a robbery, why had the owner not made a police report? called the news? stopped the nearest news media around to give his info on the subject.
    I read on another site the argument was about change on the item bought.. If this is so, the police made up the whole situation and created the current problem themselves. Nice police dept???? NOT!! Crooked police dept.??YES!!

  40. It is not possible to determine if someone was shot at close range from examining the wounds. The velocity, mass, and construction of the bullet determines its potential damage. None of those variables change enough in the first few hundred feet to determine the distance at which it was shot.

    The only semi-reliable measure is the detection of gunpowder residue on the victim. The first autopsy results were not released. The 2nd autopsy performed by Dr Baden did not have access to the victim’s clothing and is therefore not a reliable source of residue evidence.

  41. Still clinging to that bullshit that Officer Friendly was acting in his rights. Must be hard to come to grips that Mike Brown was executed. But I understand. White is right

  42. “At 11:51 a.m. that day, police records show, authorities received a 911 call reporting a robbery at the Ferguson Market. An unidentified officer was dispatched to the store, arriving within three minutes. The officer interviewed an employee and customer, who gave a description of a man who stole the cigars and walked off with another man toward a QuikTrip store.”


  43. Dumbass a box of swisher sweets does not cost 48 dollars. Post more bullshit then you are gone. BTW link to someone more reputable. Big dummy

  44. I am on the side of law and justice. If the shooting was not justified, then the officer should be charged. If it was justified, then he should not. I have not seen enough evidence to be convinced either way. My family is white and black. Believing in innocent until proven guilty is not a racial issue.

  45. So what you are saying this is the side you are on
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    That’s law and justice in an American town? Shock and more awe you say

  46. But you are forgetting one small detail. The lord high executioner had no idea that a a so-called robbery took place and where is the tape that shows Mike Brown paid for the swisher sweets? I know you have seen it. I posted it.

    Is it so hard for you to believe that Mike Brown was executed? Even if he stole the cigars do you think a summary execution is warranted?

    Officer Wilson words after he carried out the death sentence “WHAT HAVE I DONE”

  47. Of course I do not think that anyone should be shot for suspected robbery. I am not siding with the police. But if the reports of Brown charging at the officer are true, the shooting may have been justified. I have no idea of what the truth is nor am I speculating which story is correct. I do know enough police officers and military to know that reacting to a life threatening situation with 6 shots might not be excessive. Bullets are not like they are on TV. The only incapacitating shots were the two to the head. The entire shooting could have happened in two seconds with little to no aiming involved. I only want justice to be served regardless of who was at fault. Can you say the same?

  48. The military has rules of engagement. Meaning you will not return fire unless fire upon. Mike Brown was unarmed. He was black. He was male. So he must be eliminated.

    Meaning he was executed

  49. If indeed he was 35 feet away, then that is an issue. But how do you know that this is true? Listening only to the version of the story that aligns with your belief system is problematic. I am open to any fact no matter who ends up at fault. How about you?

  50. You all want to charge him with homicide? You will get the Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman trial all over again. Overzealous prosecution chasing a charge they can’t possibly prove.

  51. Interestingly enough you offer no rebuttal to my comment. In a court of law, what you know or what you think is right is largely irrelavant. What you can prove is all that matters.

  52. A rebuttal to what? Since Mike Brown was executed we should just forget about it because PEOPLE like you don’t believe in equal justice under the law? How will anything change when your attitude is just another dead n@@@er nothing to see here move along

  53. I agree — see following: “Nearly two times a week in the United States, a white police officer killed a black person during a seven-year period ending in 2012, according to the most recent accounts of justifiable homicide reported to the FBI.

    On average, there were 96 such incidents among at least 400 police killings each year that were reported to the FBI by local police. The numbers appear to show that the shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., last Saturday was not an isolated event in American policing.

    The reports show that 18% of the blacks killed during those seven years were under age 21, compared to 8.7% of whites. [USA Today, 8/15/14]”

  54. There is too much evidence that the officer was within his right to shoot. If the community still persists wanting blood then they may end up unhappy. Blacks need to stop saying and believing all white people cannot be trusted.I know for a fact that is a lie born in HELL because I am as white as a lily and taught in an all black school in Camden New Jersey and loved my kids. You can ask any of my past students who are adults now, and they’ll tell you I was a good teacher and someone very fair.I cannot see this officer being prosecuted for wrong. Many people get stopped and questioned by police every day and never have a bit of trouble. It was the fact that this was not a good person but rather a thug and his reaction to being stopped that got him killed. It’s a shame but it’s a fact. Go home people and stop acting like fools.

  55. Don’t see any of you arm chair quarterbacks discussing Wilson’s fractured eye socket. All of you commenting need to experience this type of skull injury so you know how painful it is and the other effects it can have on you.

  56. If it was so painful why he didn’t get immediate medical attention? If it was so painful why was he shucking and jiving with the other police? You are a brained dead idiot who cant tie his shoe without his mommy help

  57. Knowing up till now everything has been lied about by the cops, I would say he may well be lying about his eye. Broken sockets are very painful yet he just walked around like everything was normal. No hand to the eye or anything.

  58. What ‘evidence’ are you referring to? You have investigated this crime and have pronounced Brown guilty? There appeared an “expert witness” (read pundit with no evidence) on FNC claiming that there was an unconfirmed report of an injury to the shooter. No verified confirmation. That isn’t evidence, bubba.

    You are calling the teen a thug? Your proof is…what? A thug that was entering college after graduating from high school? It is reprehensible to make inflammatory statements with no evidence of any kind to back up your words. It’s folks like you that cause derision in our towns & cities, all across the US. Shame on you.

  59. Bottom line….If Michael Brown had just respected the lawful order by the police officer and gotten out of the street, he would be alive. He defied the authority of the officer. If a sworn officer tells you to do something, DO IT! He wasn’t told to jump in front of a train! Everything after his refusal is entirely his fault. HE escalated the situation.

  60. Bottom line is you come here with nothing but claims that dont hold up, and then say you are surrounded by stupidity.

    You are right, but its you who are the stupid one. Come back with some evidence. Until them, you remain stupid.

  61. What claims? It’s part of the record.

    And my SBS is on all my posts on the internet…not just this one….a little sensitive?

  62. You are making claims you cannot back up. This is only part of the cops claims and not verified. In fact the police never even wrote up an incident report. You have no basis for your claims.

  63. hmmm…maybe i’m privy to info that you are not…I am a black Philadelphia Law Enforcement Officer.

    Although, CNN did a nice walk thru of the incident up until the discrepancies in stories started.

  64. You are privy to bovine excrement. So tell us black law enforcement officer in Philly is it SOP to shoot someone in the top of the head execution style after you have shot a suspect 5 times with one of the shots a eye shot? Methinks you are full of shit

  65. So, I feel like I’m surroundedbystupidity right now. Do you really believe that is all that happened and that it was cause to be shot 6 times – twice in the head? You are one maleficent person. You should never own a gun if you think a gun can be used because someone doesn’t blindly obey your order. I hope you never have any kids!

  66. please post your name and badge number so we can verify that you are a philly police officer.otherwise what you say will be consider trolling.

  67. You may want to look up “execution style”. I was unaware that you knew which order the shots hit the suspect.

  68. I do not believe that is all that happened. I believe that the entire incident could have been avoided. Having been in similar situations I can tell you that the suspects attitude and actions can severely elevate the situation.

    If an officer tells you to do something, it is for your safety or the safety of others (like not walking down the middle of the street causing drivers to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid you). By your thinking why listen to judges, or the government, maybe you should just not blindly pay your taxes…

    I have kids, and unlike MANY of the kids i see everyday, they are taught to respect the law. Not just the parts they want to, all of it. They are taught to not steal, bully, or disrespect authority.

  69. Ahh officer friendly the autopsy said the 6 and last shot to the head was the kill shot and if he was already dead and the lord high executioner shot him in the top of the head after he was dead that makes it even worse.
    I see they don’t teach common sense to Philly cops.

  70. Actually the first autopsy (and what will most likely prove to be the most reliable) stated that the shot to the top of the head was “likely” to be the shot that killed him. That has not been proven yet. It also could not determine (in initial findings) whether Browns hands were up in a surrender posture or crossed in front of his face in a defensive posture. If in a defensive posture the bullets would have gone into the same side of the arm.

    If you are in a situation that you need to fire your weapon, you fire until the threat is gone. You don’t fire once and look to see where the bullet went and the effect it had. In this situation all rounds would be fired in succession in a matter of a couple seconds. I find it very difficult to believe that this officer shot Brown 5 times then waited to see if he was dead to fire another “execution style” (as you put it) shot.

    I for one will wait until i hear all the facts before i pass judgement on the officer.

  71. The most reliable? Surely you jest. This has been one clusterf@ck from the beginning. They have lied put out propaganda and every trick in the book to cover up and protect this murderer. Now I know you just cant believe po folks when they said Brown hands were up. That just cant be because we know you police are virtues of honor.

    Why was there no report on firing his gun? Maybe procedures have change but when you fired your weapon you have to file a report.

    Why was no incident report filed?

    Why when that POS Chief said Wilson stopped him for the so called robbery then when that didn’t mesh with the timeline changed his story to the jaywalking story?

    Why did they say the officer “suffered severe trauma to his face but was standing around for hours around the corpse joking with fellow officers no ambulance was called to treat said severe damage to his face?

    Why. why, why

  72. You cant make this shit up. Pure Keystone cops. But this is not a comedy
    11am today:

    “Instead, the chief told reporters that members of his department would be handing out copies of a police report from the strong-arm robbery of a convenience store that occurred prior to Brown being shot by Wilson. During his prepared remarks, the chief said Wilson first approached Brown because he fit the description of the suspect sought in the store robbery.””


    3:30pm today:

    “Police Chief Thomas Jackson said the officer did not know the teen was a robbery suspect at the time of the shooting and stopped Michael Brown and a companion “because they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic.”


  73. Typically the first autopsy would be the most reliable because doing a autopsy changes the condition of the body. Subsequent autopsies are looking at slightly altered conditions.

    I agree that the entire process has been handled horribly. People are in place to get to the truth. But i’m still not going to call the officer a murder until all the facts are out. Thats why we have a judicial system.

    You have already convicted this man. Brown deserves justice but so does the officer.

    @robert ncnair : if thats your opinion, go ahead and consider me a troll. Believe my claims or don’t I’m not posting my info any more that you would post your (real) name or home address here. I’m posting my anonymous opinion like everyone else.

  74. The 911 call was made by a customer. There was no theft and the owner has made it very clear that neither he, nor any of his employees, called 911.

    Now, that being said, it doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter if Brown had stolen a case of cigarillos, which he would have had to do to get anywhere close to $48. Even if he had, he didn’t, it would not have given any cop the right to execute an unarmed American* in the process of giving up. Never, ever, ever.

    *note, I use “American”, as opposed to man/teen/kid/etc, because every American is given rights, regardless of their race, and if it can happen to others it can happen to you!

  75. So since Mike Brown received his “justice” will Wilson after his trial if there is to be one receive the same justice or will the song remain the same, JUST-US

  76. I certainly did not state that Brown received justice. Unfortunately, his family must take on that burden at this point. Its at the same as a gas station attendant that gets shot and killed by a robber. His justice must come from prosecution of the robber.

    In this case if the officer is found guilty, then he deserves what he gets. Unfortunately for him, even if irrefutable evidence were to come to light that he acted within the law, in your eyes he would still be a murderer. And i’m sure more riots would ensue.

    Even if found not guilty he will never be able to continue in law enforcement. That may not seem like much to you but the majority of officers i know love their profession. If they didn’t they wouldn’t agree to go out everyday knowing that today may be the last day you hug your kids.

  77. Unfortunately, his family must take on that burden at this point.
    Exactly what does that mean? Are you saying since this will be a whitewash and we as citizens cannot count on the state then we must take matters in our own hands?

    St. Louis County officer suspended after tape of racist, violent speech surfaces

    The St. Louis County police officer who was last seen on tape shoving CNN reporter Don Lemon during a Ferguson, Missouri, protest has been suspended. Not for manhandling the press and protesters on live television, but because tape has surfaced of the officer, Dan Page, giving a virulently racist and violence-peddling speech to the far-right militia group, “Oath Keepers”.

    In addition to ranting about “black robed perverts,” affirmative action, hate crime laws, Muslims, “sodomites” on the Supreme Court, “sodomites and females” in the military and declaring that the people he meets on domestic violence calls should just “shoot each other and get it over with”, and seemingly bragging about killing people

    I can feel the love

  78. Exactly what does that mean? Are you saying since this will be a whitewash and we as citizens cannot count on the state then we must take matters in our own hands?
    You certainly like to twist things. I simply meant that his family can become his voice in the judicial process. The state will do their responsibility. In case you haven’t noticed…people have taken matters into their own hands…by rioting.

  79. The people rioted because of the military response by the police. I know you have selective memory but the demonstrations were peaceful before the police instigated violence

    You really need to read this. I know history blah blah but it offers insights from someone who was in the same situation back in the 90’s

    The Penitent
    My wife tipped me off to this interview that the BBC did with a guy named Norm Stamper. He was the chief of police in Seattle when the disturbances around the meeting of the World Trade Organization erupted in that city back in 1999. Stamper thinks that the way the police in Ferguson, Missouri rolled up in the streets made things worse, and not better. He should know, after all.
    Read more if you can

  80. Listen to your “star” witnesses televised statement. He outright admits to not doing what the officer told them to do.

  81. I’ll try to state this as you would:

    The people rioted because of the military response by the police.

    Please feel free to quote all of the news you like. After all, thats where your information that you are basing your conviction of the officer came from.

    No more reasonable conversations to be had. I’m outta here.

    Take care!

  82. The truth hurts Coward. Stick your head in the sand all you want but if you are a black man you should be ashamed of yourself by not knowing your history. Again COWARD

  83. WTF so that gives you the right to be a executioner. You really need to see a doctor and turn in your weapon if you are a officer

  84. DJ, i knew you you would miss me.

    I want to leave this conversation because no-one in it is basing their opinion on anything but media coverage and pre-conceived bias. My opinion is from personal experience, and i try to explain that in my posts.

    Other than my “name” (which people took offense to), i stated early in the conversation was a name i use on ALL of my web posts, and was not meant to be specific to this conversation, I have not resorted to personal “name calling”. I have been called stupid, a coward, someone who should never own a gun, never have children, and apparently i am Maleficent. All by people that that haven’t shown me they are not those things themselves.

    Apparently this forum cannot have a conversation with out resorting to “name calling” and responses like “Really?”.

    I just don’t have the patience to continue arguing with people that don’t have educated answers.

    At this point…I refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed people.

  85. BTW….I AM a black man, & know MY history. Unfortunately I’m ashamed of a lot of it. I grew up in south-central LA with nothing. I am where i am today because i didn’t ride the “suppressed by the white man” wave.

    I busted my ass to get to where i am. And am proud of it.

  86. Look I am proud that you did what you did but I will tell you why I am pissed when people try to defend this POS.
    Did you know he was part of another department in Jennings that was disbanded because of the mistreatment of its black citizens? Contrary to the popular media belief we are not all thugs as they want to portray us.

    Did you know that when the first shots at 12:03 it wasn’t till 12:40 or so he called it in? Is that SOP in your department?

    And finally and this is what gets my blood boiling and I didn’t know this till it was brought to my attention, they left the body out for 4 full hours on display like some trophy. It was like I am the baddest MOTHERF*FUCKER in this jungle and if you coons don’t respect my authority this will happen to you.

    I grew up on the Southside of Chicago and saw plenty of homicide crime scenes and not once did they leave the body on full display for 4 hours.

    Can you understand my anger where all we have heard is character assassination of another young black male who had no police record, the full tape showed he payed for the cigars and the ones he couldn’t afford he threw back at the clerk but Wilson knew none of that and he executed that boy because like you said don’t question my authority. Excuse you but you are not a occupying Army and you serve to protect us not to show you got the bigger dick

  87. DJ…….Did you know he was part of another department in Jennings that was disbanded because of the mistreatment of its black citizens? Contrary to the popular media belief we are not all thugs as they want to portray us.

    Was he involved or part of the dept? Part of the dept is like saying I’m a hoodlum because I’m black. (or, and i went to Penn State, the mess that occurred there defines me) I want to, but truly cannot control my overall dept.

    so far, i have to give the benefit of doubt to to this officer, he worked in this city for 6 years without a complaint.

  88. dj, this is confusing to me …..i have seen a LOT of video tape in my career. you and i apparently saw two different things in this video. i saw a man committing a Class 4 felony.

    A person commits robbery if in the course of taking any property of another from his person or immediate presence and against his will, such person threatens or uses force against any person with intent either to coerce surrender of property or to prevent resistance to such person taking or retaining property.

    B. Robbery is a class 4 felony.

  89. This why I am here to answer your questions. Yeas I do know and here is the link

    Now they did say he had no complaints but come on man, you know and I know if you are part of a culture something of that will rub off on you and if you had any misgivings you would have quit. Just following orders and doing my job didn’t work at Nuremburg and it shouldn’t get a pass here.

    I know there is some humanity in you so I will ask you this. Don’t you after discharging your weapon have to file a incident report of some kind at the time of the shooting? If and I hope you are never in this position but if you shot and killed a person justified or not would your department leave the body in the open for 4 full hours before it was carted away?

  90. Even if that is true Wilson had no idea of that allege crime. Remember Brown was executed for walking in the street and not bowing down to Wilson authority

  91. My culture rubs off on me every time i walk outside.

    I have no doubt a report was filed. Its a huge part of the job. in 17 years i have had one complaint. my dept has had several more than that.

  92. i did see the full video.

    i agree that Wilson had no idea. But the video from 10 minutes earlier shows Browns state of mind. And Brown didn’t know that Wilson didn’t know about the robbery.

  93. I am quite sure you didn’t put 5 shots in a person with one to the eye and as a final shot one to the top of the head. That last shot was the kill shot. That’s a execution

  94. You’re right a report was filed. Ten days after the fact and the only thing on it was the names of the two people involved. If I did that for a book report in school I would have receive an F

  95. i’ll chalk up the 4 hours to an inexperienced dept. its truly not right but it shows that this is not a daily occurrence there. they didn’t know how to handle it.

    My favorite “eye”witness account….Piaget Crenshaw…reporter: “did you see the entire event”…”yes”…what happened at the police vehicle? ….”I really couldn’t see from my vantage point but it looked like”……

    i’m sorry but this doesn’t carry a lot of weight.

    I also have an issue with signs posted that say “snitches get stitches”. so, the rest of the US sees…”if you tell the truth, you will pay”…..i wonder why people judge my people….my take..lets just get to the truth.

  96. i’ll chalk up the 4 hours to an inexperienced dept. its truly not right

    Are you serious? Leaving a body in the street without the dignity of a body bag is due to inexperienced? I hope you was not drinking when you wrote that

  97. two to the chest and one to the head of an unarmed black man…(who had just beaten my white partner half to death)…but a black officer shooting a black suspect doesn’t sell papers or get ratings on TV.

  98. But who was Mike Brown beating half to death? Your situation might have been different and you use the force necessary to protect your partner but what was Wilson thinking? Please don’t bring that bullshit that he had a swollen face because common sense would tell you if that was true after all the lies that dept. put out that would have been the first thing we would have seen

  99. Dear White People and their black enablers,

    There are almost 40 Million Black People in America. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson but two of them, and both are media personalities. They are not our “leaders”. Both have done some good things, and both have their flaws. We don’t hate them, but we damn sure don’t “follow” them to the outlandish degree that you seem to think we do. Neither has been of much relevance since the mid 1990’s. Please update your Racial Boogeymen.

    It’s getting a little silly, and your continued fascination with these two guys just underscores how little of a clue you have about the Black community as a whole. Seriously, just quit it already, you’re looking really stupid.

    Contrary to popular belief, Black People can, and do, think for ourselves. You know, just like White People do. It’s not a revelatory concept, it’s called being human.


    Black People

    P.S. Go ahead and add Louis Farrakhan to this list, just in case you had some wise idea.

  100. You cant be serious. Dead Body on the ground. Medical Examiner comes in and say yes he is dead. They make a chalk outline where the body was at and move the body out of the crime scene then forensics gets done. How many shots, shell casings, where the bullets that didn’t hit where are they at, spent cartridges on the ground to where the final resting place of the body, officer statements, any witness statements etc… You don’t need to leave a body in the baking sun on the street for 4 hrs unless you wanted to send a message to the community

  101. Again, handled very poorly. i do not believe it was intentionally done. if you kill someone, its traumatic…even if they shot at you first.

    i think these guys were in shock (and granted not too smart). believe me, if the intent was to hide anything, they would have covered everything up so there was no pictures or video

  102. i do not believe it was intentionally done
    Then why was his internet history scrubbed?
    Mike Brown was unarmed with his hands up. The autopsy proved that
    Why did it take them over 40 minutes to call it in?
    The video and pics were from witnesses not the police
    And why did it take 10 days to file a report? If you fire your weapon and be honest how long do you have to file a report

  103. DJ…i’m traveling for training this week (hopefully about what not to do in a small mid west town)…jk.

    If you (or anyone else wants to harass me, tell me i’m wrong, call me names, etc…like the guy that told me i was trolling (his ONLY post on this thread)).. I’m at: imsurroundedbystupidity@gmail.com

    just don’t take the email personally. I also use “President Not Sure”…..hopefully i don’t have to explain that.

  104. I am not harassing you at least I don’t think I am. I am just a veteran who took a oath to defend the Constitution and I want answers. If you come with bullshit I will call you out on it and its up to you to prove me wrong

  105. Yeah if this man was accused of child molestation I am sure you would kill him and not ask for justice and say innocent until proven guilty you fucking hypocrite.

  106. The officer should not even be charged sorry this is not a civil rights case. Kid was a thug thief! The behavior of the black community was deplorable!

  107. Quit acting like an idiot. The kid was on his way to college and the video showed he didnt steal anything. I hope to god you were not allowed to breed, but if you do/did I hope your son never meets this cop

    Go away, you smell

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