Obama Has Had Fewer Vacation Days In His Entire Presidency Than Congress Has This Year

Barack Obama on vacation less than Congress

Here is a reality check for Republicans who keep complaining over President Obama’s vacations. President Obama has had fewer vacation days in the last six years than Congress will have in 2014.

According to CBS News Correspondent Mark Knoller, President Obama has spent 129 days of presidency on vacation. The Republican led House of Representatives was scheduled to be in session for only 124 days in all of 2014. This means that John Boehner and company will spend fewer days at work this year than President Obama has spent on vacation in his entire presidency. The numbers are actually worse when one considers that the House is only scheduled to work for 97 days between January and Election day in November. Members of the Senate, like Ted Cruz, have had nearly as many days off this year as the president has had since taking office.

This is the point in any story about Republican hysterics about Obama’s vacations that George W. Bush needs to be used as a point of reference. During Bush’s presidency, he took four vacations that were longer than Obama’s longest vacation. Former President Bush took virtually the entire month of August 2001 off. Bush’s vacation was almost twice as long (27 days) as Obama’s current break (15 days). Ronald Reagan took a 25 day vacation in August 1983. Republicans never demanded that Bush and Reagan return to work, so why is it different for President Obama?

George W. Bush spent the month before the 9/11 terror attacks away from the White House. President Obama came back to the White House in the middle of his current vacation for meetings. Congressional Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on when they criticize the vacations of President Obama. Presidents from their own party took longer and more numerous vacations, while their own work schedule has become noticeably lighter in the last few years.

The reason why the Republican criticism of Obama’s vacations rings hollow is because they deliver their remarks, not on the House or Senate floor, but while they themselves are on vacation. When these Republicans throw vacation stones, they are shattering their own glass houses.

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  1. The President takes too much vacation, the President didn’t wear a tie, the President didn’t wear a flag pin, the President put his feet on the desk.
    Will the right EVER get tired of such childish bullshit.

  2. Shame on the so called liberal media like the NY Times for even bringing this nonsense up.

    The President is never on vacation. But I see you. Your love affair with Obama is over. You print nonsense on the front page but when it doesn’t turn out to be true all we hear are crickets.

    The President will go down as one of the greatest when history is written. The media on the other hand will go down in the dustbin in history on how YOU let this country down by not telling the truth

  3. No they wont because their brain dead bagger base doesn’t know any better and that’s all they can talk about while they wait in the welfare line

  4. Quite so. What are black people for, if not to work fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, 365 1/4 days a year, so their white owners don’t have to?

  5. Well, you know– all of those white presidents needed long vacations because they were working so hard! They needed to rest. But since black people are lazy, they don’t need vacations– it’s just extending their laziness! Does that sound about right?

  6. Yeah, it doesn’t help any when the press calls leaving town for a weekend a vacation, I guess they have to keep stirring the pot all the time. The MSM is pretty much a waste of time these days.

  7. This is nothing more than the political correctness by conservatives! You know, the political correctness they so “hate”, yet use it whenever it suits them to smear Obama!

  8. I have found that the unhinged hate to be reminded of 3 things.1 That utter bored look on bushie’s face as he flies over Katrina. Many day after it happened 2.”You have covered your ass”. The response he gave when he was being advised about 9/11. The dazed helpless look on his face when cheney sent him to read to children during the disaster.

  9. It aggravates them that he is smarter and really trying to do his job even with them blocking everything. Nothing will ever satisfy them but some pasty,white android. He may be as stupid as Dubya,take away every program from us,but they will worship the ground he walks on. Thinking is not their forte.
    Remember to go and vote and show them all that they are not in charge. That is what they are counting on. Vote!!

  10. The RWNJs would have a point about their criticisms if President Obama was on vacation more than he was in Washington D.C. throughout the past 5+ years — like Congress seems to have been for the past 3 years.

    But honestly, there has been one industry-caused disaster right after another, one natural disaster right after another, one foreign crisis after another, one contentious election after another, one judicial loggerhead after another — it seems like, for the past decade or so there hasn’t been a stretch of time when EVERYBODY in this country can just r-e-l-a-x.

    …Thanks in part to the morphing of the 4th Estate from dignified tree-destroying paper news distribution to 24/7/365 sensational clickbait and breathless “breaking news” broadcasts day and night.

    So, if POTUS takes his vacation in the middle of the much longer vacation Congress is taking, and it happens to be while not much else has changed about America and the world around us (chaos), more power to him.

  11. What it comes down to is attack the other side however you can and hope that enough ignorant will believe you and vote in your favor. Classic politics….Classic manipulation….

  12. Wow. Just wow. Congress not being in session does NOT equal vacation. They have offices in their home states where they work and meet with their constituents. Just because Obama isn’t in the White House doesn’t mean he’s not working. 124 vacation days since 2008…that’s averaging more than 20 days a year- most jobs are about 10 vacation days/year. He should be working more than that- I’m sorry.

  13. That is actually incorrect, the average congressional individual makes about $174K a year. Break this down by an average 40 an hour work week, working the average 11 months, and about 1 week

    (Had to subtrack Holidays and 2 weeks vacation, when we all know they get waaaaay more)

    They are making about $83.65 an hour. Mind you, this does not include additional bonus and benefits they receive as well.

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