Alison Lundergan Grimes Hits Mitch McConnell Hard With New MIA Kentucky Senate Ad

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Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D-KY) is hitting Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) hard with a new ad taking aim at his overall character — when it comes to the basics like troop funding, the VA and the farm bill, Mitch McConnell has been MIA, they say.

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First we learn Mitch McConnell skipped hundreds of committee meetings. Where was he?

He didn’t show up to vote on troop funding, the farm bill, and the VA … on days he found time for a lobbyist fundraiser and was on two TV shows.

Skipped a meeting on rural jobs but toasted the Chinese Vice President for “China’s great achievements.”

And the rest of the time, he created gridlock.

30 years is long enough.

This ad is a solid connect for the Grimes campaign. It lays out a very simple narrative that McConnell has not been focused on issues that matter to most people, on both sides of the aisle. On basic matters of character like funding our VA and troops, McConnell couldn’t be bothered to show up, sometimes because he was busy making a TV appearance or hang with lobbyists.

Several of these votes McConnell missed were “mark ups”. A mark up is an important part of the legislative process, in which members amend and rewrite proposed bills. McConnell missed mark up votes on some pretty big issues, like the VA, homeland security and the farm bill and he missed votes on troop funding.

Some DC politicians operate under the idea that it’s their job to make TV appearances and hype up their party’s talking points rather than be an actual part of the legislative process. In the past few years, it’s almost become comical with Republicans appearing on TV to demand information that is being released in a hearing or committee meeting that they are missing in order to appear on TV and demand said info.

So it is with McConnell, who has been in DC for 30 years and managed to focus most of his energy on his own rise in power as a party leader and in latter years, obstructing every breath President Barack Obama takes. McConnell is the 10th richest senator, according to the Center for Responsive Politics and in 2012, his estimated worth was $22.8 million. While there’s nothing wrong with being wealthy, McConnell behaves legislatively like he has been negatively impacted by the entitlement.

The Republican Senate Minority Leader has voted against raising the minimum wage 17 times. He has filibustered recent attempts to raise the minimum wage and has vowed to continue blocking a raise for hard working Americans. He still hasn’t managed to come up with a jobs plan for Kentucky — but then, he has made it clear that he doesn’t think it’s his job to do so.

Mitch McConnell admitted in a leaked tape that the Koch Brothers are running the Republican Party, so of course their agenda isn’t to be around for the legislative process, let alone care about our veterans or the long term unemployed, women, children, the elderly… If your name isn’t Koch, you don’t count.

Grimes spokesperon Charly Norton charged in a statement that Mitch McConnell puts himself above Kentucky families, “After 30 years in Washington, Mitch McConnell clearly cares more about himself and his party than Kentucky families. McConnell has even confessed that his national party ‘takes precedence’ over issues important to Kentucky and he doesn’t have time to show up to work. The people of Kentucky deserve better than a Senator who can’t help save their jobs because he doesn’t show up to his own.”

The problem for Mitch McConnell in this very tight Kentucky Senate race is that while he has Koch money to buy endless misleading ads, it’s so easy to target him with his relentless failures for the people as a Senator. The Grimes campaign has managed to quickly sum up why Kentuckians should ditch Mitch.

21 Replies to “Alison Lundergan Grimes Hits Mitch McConnell Hard With New MIA Kentucky Senate Ad”

  1. Maybe Mitch McConnell’s absence in Congress is a good thing. If he could be talked into staying away permanently we would all be better off.

  2. You all need to know it’s getting ugly in KY. A friend of mine informed me McConnell released an ad, with him chatting with average people that he should be re-elected because he stands up for middle class families, that he works across the isle and has been the adult in the room.
    I know, he’s hallucinating. I tried to find the ad on youtube, but could. I honestly think Ally will win this. From what I am reading, he, and others in the GOP are getting nervous. Lets keep ’em nervous!


  3. …c’mon Kentucky…I used to live in Southern Illinois,{yes, Little Egypt Conference!!!} and I met PLENTY of great Kentuckians…you should have FAR better representation than a self centered millionaire who hasn’t worked for Kentucky for decades…PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!

  4. This is what pseudo-TEA-types have done while Obama has been in office. They vowed on the president inaugural day to make him a one-term president. They failed! They are still failing the American people because they have gotten their way! Lest there be any doubt where they stand on helping the middle class and Americans in general!

  5. With so many despicable things Mitch & the GOP have done to hurt the US as they continue to play politics with peoples lives all in the name of trying to make Obama look bad as they make their wealthy benefactors more obscenely wealthy; it’s shocking this race still favors a McConnell win

    Aside from McConnell’s dismal Senate record, his recent boasting about what he’ll do when he’s *Senate Majority Leader* & his statements like “We won’t be voting on raising that gosh darn minimum wage,” ought to have sunk him.

    Grimes needs to stop avoiding association with the POTUS & embrace the Obama Administration’s accomplishments especially the ACA. If nothing else, Grimes should get Kentuckians to understand the their beloved KYnect is in fact Obama Care. The state of Kentucky should be promoted as a model for the country on how the ACA works when it’s properly implemented (by a democratic governor of course) & what a great success it’s been.

  6. Grimes is not getting a fair shake in the Lexington Herald Leader from political reporter Sam Youngman, Who used to be a reporter in Washington DC’s the hill. Evidently he got cozy with Mitch McConnell. He showed up just in time at the Herald leader in January 2014 claiming he wanted to return to his roots in Kentucky! His subtle biased reporting is disgusting. Youngman was on C-SPAN over the weekend and kept referring to the McConnell campaign as they are delighted.. as if they are personal friends! When the campaign is over, let’s see where Youngman’s promised job will be!

  7. I live in Kentucky. It is rather intriguing to me that both these candidates frames each other fairly accurately. McConnell IS a big-business conservative, with little connection to common Kentuckians. And AL Grimes IS a progressive, Democrat who will probably toe the party line on most votes of consequence. Pick one of those two stinky options, I guess.

  8. Nothing. Though I believe there is nothing wrong with being conservative either. Party-line voting irritates me.
    I am a conservative fellow and I will probably vote for ALG, as I think she’d be a decent, at least involved, United States Senator.

    However, I still suspect she’ll lose the election. Mr. Obama is weighing her down.

  9. America was founded on Progressive, and liberal principles. If America was founded on conservative principles we would still be a part of the British Empire.

  10. I believe toleration is still a “liberal” principle, which would include conservatives. I am no evangelical, in politics or religion, so believe whatever makes most sense to you. However, I will continue to enjoy the right to do the same.

  11. Joseph….oh please! The fact that you referred to our President as Mr. Obama speaks volumes about yourself!

  12. She’s going to lose. Mitch is not going anywhere. Thumb my comment down ALL you want; won’t change a thing. SENATOR Mitch is not going anywhere…except back to DC again as Senator McConnell. Most likely, (maybe), as the new leader. However, new leader or not, Mitch McConnell will be sent back to the Senate.

  13. Yikes! I want Alison Lundergan Grimes to knock McConnell out of the senate as much as any Democrat. To call Alison a progressive is a stretch to be honest. She would basically be the women version of senator Manchin of West Virginia who is a staunch conservative in every way.

  14. i disagree alison will win, yes it will be close but she will win, even conservative gop tp fox news admitted last week on sunday that mitch is in serious trouble, now when fox news says mitch ism in trouble u can bet that mitch is close to losing his seat, just get out and vote for alison and dems, and do not believe the polls showing mitch winning cuz the polls are wrong

  15. there is conservative polls showing alison tied and last week a poll showed alison beating mitch by one point

  16. They might keep the Senate, who knows? It’s a toss up either way. However, Senator McConnell is going back no matter what you say. That’s the reality. Just like people on the Mit Romney band wagon who were sooooooooo sure he was going to win the White House when all the polls showed otherwise. You can say it all you want, call people names all you want (typical liberal response when faced with the truth) thumb folks who disagree with you ALL you want, wish for it all you want, but it won’t change a thing. Just like it did not for Mit Romney’s supporters. How convenient to only give credence to the polls when they suit your agenda.

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