Chuck Norris Dares Obama to Mention God on Thanksgiving – Cue Fox & Friends Smear

First, Chuck Norris complained in an op-ed about President Obama’s lack of public expressions of faith, a lie, since Obama has made many public expressions of his deep and heart-felt Christian faith. Fox & Friends picked up on this new opportunity to bash the president – seemingly the show’s raison d’être – and criticized Obama for it as well.

Then, two days later, when Obama appealed to the Bible with regards to his executive order on immigration, Fox & Friends threw the “Friends” thing under the bus and called his use of the Bible “repugnant” and “out of bounds.”

Now Chuckie is back with a new op-ed on WND called, OBAMA VS. GEORGE WASHINGTON ON THANKSGIVING Exclusive: Chuck Norris dares president to do 1 thing before holiday meal.

And yes, you guessed it, Norris is upset that President Obama doesn’t seem Christian enough on the Thanksgiving holiday. He charges:

In 2013, President Obama’s Thanksgiving Address didn’t give a single mention of the pilgrims, their Christian devotion or thanks to God. He did, however, share his gratitude for the Native Americans and their “generosity during that first Thanksgiving.” He gave a litany of “We give thanks,” but none of them included faith.

In 2012, Obama again didn’t make a single reference to the Pilgrims, their faith, their God, his God or any thanks to God in any form.

In 2011, we finally find a reference to the “First Thanksgiving” in Obama’s Thanksgiving Address,” but it’s not exactly our traditional religious picture of the Pilgrims. In fact, it had nothing to do with the pilgrims giving thanks to their Christian God for their survival and harvest. Rather, “The very first Thanksgiving was a celebration of community during a time of great hardship.” The Pilgrims’ faith wasn’t in God, but a “faith that tomorrow would be better than today.” (Sounds like Obama’s indoctrination was successful as a community coordinator under the tutelage of Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”)

In 2010, in a 700-word Thanksgiving Address, the president again gave no single reference to any aspect of Thanksgiving’s religious history, purpose, or gratitude in God, save the tip of his hat for “the God-given bounty of America.” And yet, he didn’t forget to include the same old progressive dribble for Americans to consider our country’s journey “since that first Thanksgiving,” when whoever celebrated it “came together and did what’s required to make tomorrow better than today.”

In 2009, Obama started his reign with another Thanksgiving Address that excluded any reference to a pilgrim, Thanksgiving’s real history or any gratitude to God, though he did talk a lot about his Recovery Act and concluded with the words, “God bless you.”

For five years, the president has flunked Thanksgiving Day remembrance and proclamation. Will he do so again in 2014?

I did not realize that a person could flunk their own beliefs. I did not realize that it was necessary for Christians to live their lives in accordance with the demands and expectations of other Christians. I don’t recall Jesus ever telling Peter, for example, that he better damn well live up to Matthew’s expectations of him.

Doesn’t President Obama have the right to his own beliefs? Chuckie sure lays claim to his own rights in that regard.

But no, Chuckles wants to make sure everybody believes what he believes:

We must continue to explain to our children and our children’s children about the religiously steeped history of Thanksgiving. We must tell them about the devoted Christian faith of the Pilgrims and how they crossed the Atlantic clutching to their Geneva Bible. They trusted in God and Jesus despite facing horrendous hardships and loss of life. They learned to “Give thanks in everything” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) and, in so doing, the Almighty rewarded their perseverance and faith.

Here’s the problem, or rather, problems, with Norris’ claims:

First, as Wikipedia points out, “In the United States, the modern Thanksgiving holiday tradition is commonly, but not universally, traced to a poorly documented 1621 celebration at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts.”

Norris is creating a great deal out of an event that is now nearly mythical.

Second, Thanksgiving has its origins as a Pagan harvest festival rededicated to the Christian God. In England, from whence the Pilgrims came, the old Pagan custom of the Harvest Home, which marked the end of the grain harvest, had been kept alive long after its religious significance had faded.

In other words, as Wikipedia also points out, “Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after harvests and at other times.” Including, it might be noted, those Native American cultures upon whom the Pilgrims were imposing themselves. But Norris doesn’t want the kids finding THAT out.

This process happened in the Old Testament, too, when Pagan holy days were transferred to monotheism. Deuteronomy marked a complete break with Israel’s Pagan past. Moshe Weinfeld rightly points out that the events of 622/621 led to a “profound transmutation” of the Jewish religious landscape, that a “cultic religion had been transformed into a religion of a book.”[1]

The result of Josiah’s revolution was the creation of an entirely new religion, something never seen before and its Pagan elements were subsumed into the new belief system. The paschal sacrifice lost its magical/animistic elements and was turned into a communal sacrifice based on the Jerusalem Temple instead of “the high places” and regional temples. The Pagan harvest festival (the feast of unleavened bread) lost its rural, Pagan-style focus and was also directed towards the central Temple.

But Norris ignores all this. I mean, they’re just facts, after all. Instead, he says,

If Obama is looking for a Thanksgiving Address this Thursday to model, then I recommend he look no further than presidents George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. I dare him to cite them even in part.

Norris goes on to “quote” Washington’s address but he leaves out a great deal, compressing it to say what he wants it to say, and leaving out the bit where Washington appeals to the American tradition of religious tolerance just then being established:

“…for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted – for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed…”

Rational…well, we know how the Religious Right feels about rationality! Just watch Fox & Friends. Or read WND. And wouldn’t that religious liberty Washington speaks of, protect President Obama’s sincerely held religious beliefs?

I think so. Meaning Norris is using Washington to attack Obama when, in fact, Washington’s words defend Obama. And Norris wants Obama to be like Washington, when he already is like Washington (unlike Norris) in appealing to religious liberty.

Honesty is too much to expect from Norris, clearly.

And look, folks: We know what happens if President Obama dares cite anything. Any reference he makes to scripture, an likely to the Christian god, will be called “repugnant” and “out of bounds” because being a left-wing Christian, he has no right to it. We’ve seen that already.

We’ll see soon what President Obama has to say on Thanksgiving this year. I am certain whatever it is, it will be sincere and heart-felt, unlike anything we will hear in response.

And then get ready to flip over to Fox & Friends to hear their hysterical and unreasonable knee-jerk rebuttal.

Because, you know, you can’t give thanks on the Religious Right without turning it into a stoning.


[1] Moshe Weinfeld, “Deuteronomy: The Present State of the Inquiry,” JBL 86 (1967), 258-259.

64 Replies to “Chuck Norris Dares Obama to Mention God on Thanksgiving – Cue Fox & Friends Smear”

  1. If you’re waiting to hear even-handed rationality come out of the blowhole of Chuckles, you’ll wait a long time. Don’t hold your breath!

  2. I’m really disappointed at Chuck Norris critics of the President! Why in the world would he have gone to visit Pope Francis, if he did not have any consideration of Religion? He was greeted in such a friendly way by the Pope. And I’m sure that the visit to the Pope was even more fruitful than all the contacts he had in Europe with the do-nothing leaders of the quarrelsome Europe. Trust me Chuck is a fine Ranger, but he should keep only that line of work. Ciao, from Italy

  3. “I’d like to grab every Athiest I can find and brand a cross on their foreheads.” Chuck Norris…When is this fetid hateful intolerant Christofascist bag of ass-pus going to die

  4. So Norris dares, the Pres. to act like a Christian.
    I dare, no double dare, Norris and other (so called)Christians to act like the Christians they claim to be.
    Or, is that too steep of a concept for you?
    Sick of these people who claim Christianity, then never live it, or show it.

  5. It’s NOT a religious holiday! It’s about giving thanks. Instead of being a butt head, why can’t Chuck and all the rest of the haters just wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and spread more love instead of hate?! I used to have respect for Chuck. He just shown me that he is a hater.

  6. Unlike most of the so-called Chrisians, Chuck Norris probably has a reason that can explain his insanity, that is that he’s been hit in the head one too many times.

  7. I am an Atheist. Mostly due to assholes like Chuckie. He sounds like he wants the Spanish Inquisition all over. Or the Salem witch hunt and other lovely “Christian ” jollies.

  8. Last time I heard this kind of talk was on the school playground. Why are papers allowing the likes of Norris to write opinion pieces attacking the president? It’s disrespectful. Oooh, wait, the msm all whore for corporations, just like the GOP.
    How else can you explain a paper allowing a Z list actor who has never held public office, dare the POTUS to say anything? Norris must have entered his second childhood, because only children aged 9-12 dare people like this!
    Norris is irrelevant, trying to be relevant. He’s no differnt than the Alaskan hillbilly family, Nugent, Carson, Trump, Sajak, West, the quack quacks..they are seeking publicity for publicity sakes.

  9. Norris has no idea who the pilgrims were, why they were booted out of every country they went to or anything else about our history. If the Pilgrims were here today, norris would be kissing their boots or in prison. Norris doesnt have a clue how many people the native Americans killed either

    The pilgrims were some of the most insidious humans around.

    The sky god has nothing to do with thanksgiving itself. People can give thanks for what they have to a god, or they can feel thankful they live here, or any number of things people feel thankful for. It doesn’t have to include thanking one of a 1000 gods for this country.

    Norris’s own actions indicate he doesnt follow his own skygod

  10. I heard an enlightening rendition of “Gimme that Old Time Religion” yesterday; sing along if you like…

    “Gimme that old Atheism, gimme that old Atheism, gimme that old Atheism, you’re religion ain’t for me…

    (Second verse!!!)

    “…Gimme that old Paganism, gimme that old Paganism…”

    And so on and so on, with as many different variations of the “other” un-Merican ree-ligg-un’s and belief systems.

    (Pastafarianism is a hard one to fit).

  11. Not only will President Obama “Mention God” on Thanksgiving but, he will bring some west-side of Chicago…Church sisters to twist and shout, hope you can make it….Chuck!

    The only clown on earth with a world patent on the name God!

  12. I detest this washed-up actor and his RW screed but SERIOUSLY? “Why do we allow” free speech? Of course it’s disrespectful. As ours of Bush was. That’s why. We all, even Norris, have that Constitutional right to be a butt head.

  13. I’ve read the comments and not a single comment from a guy called James from last week who couldn’t praise Chucky enough. He claimed that Chucky “was a straight shooter and never talked about politics or religion” Of course we know that’s just self delusion among the Chuckie-ites. And as far as Obama never mentioning anything regarding god or religion in his Thanksgiving that’s pure HorseSh!t!!! I call Thanksgiving the Indians last Supper! because that was the beginning of the end of the TRUE AMERICANS of which I proudly claim is in my mortal coil. Screw Chucky and his followers.!!!

  14. If Native Americans had known what they were going to receive as “thanks” for helping the Pilgrims, there would be no “Thansgiving”, there would be a day of remembrance for the natives who rid the land of the European menace.

  15. the pilgrims left england because of abominations like heathen entertainments such as theater. where would that leave chuck?

  16. Doesn’t WND stand for World Net Daily? You call that a paper? It’s just a rag, worth nothing to thinking people.

  17. Don’t forget Sorbo, Cameron, Bachmann and most of all don’t forget Tedly, who has been ordained “king” by the dominionists to rule our country.

  18. Well, I must say, the negativity that was espoused about Bush was legitimate based upon his lying to and stealing from the American populace. This was a pattern of behavior adopted by the Republican party to justify their ‘steal from the poor to give to the rich’ideology that also allowed him and his chronies to take liberty with the lives of many individuals. I think the criticism was well placed with Bush. Although President Obama has had some foibles along the way, he has done thrice as much for the United States and has tried to serve the presidency with honor. Records and statistics regarding his successes will find him one day ranked as a good president, despite the ongoing brainwashing that Faux News and the Republican Party continue to perpetuate because they are have no productive agenda for American, nor do they intend to develop one. They have proven time and again that their primary agenda is to the wealthiest.

  19. I am a non-theist, however, this is so stupid of Norris. Obama has already mentioned god several times before on the news media.

  20. The same Pilgrims, that made the colonies famous for the Salem Witch Trials? Those good “god fearing extreme fundamentalism”, that we as a Nation, have to tolerate their descendants with their same lies and fear-mongering of Today.

    Please give us a break, at an time of loving giving from our compassion and not of any RELIGION. Get off your high horses in name only “holier than thou christian”.

  21. Shame on Chuck Norris… I wonder what his teacher would have said about this. Would Bruce Lee have been so hateful.

  22. That’s not the point. We don’t ‘allow’ free speech. It is a RIGHT for even the Right. When we start acting as if it’s selective, we stop being a democracy and violate the fundamental issues of the Constitution. That’s my point.

  23. The Pilgrims were not the same as the Puritans – different views. Everyone of that time believed in witchcraft because they had no other explanation for things around them.

    The Puritans morphed into the Unitarians in one branch and the United Church of Christ, the first Christian church to openly endorse and fight for marriage equality years ago.

    Fundamentalists today are NOT out of that branch of Christianity but out of Pentecostalism and some versions of Evangelicalism.

    So it’s great to uphold freedom over repression, but get the facts straight. Some people of faith are your best allies in terms of justice; others are still rewriting it to claim superiority and act repressively. The difference matters.

  24. “Why are papers allowing the likes of Norris to write opinion pieces attacking the president?”

    World Net Daily can’t be considered a “paper”. It is nothing but trash, worse than The National Enquirer. To be associated with WND is to be shown as a true right wing nut job. Nugent anyone?

  25. According to Chuck, the Pilgrims were the first Americans, not the native Indians.

    Of course, America wasn’t founded until 1776, more than a hundred years later.

  26. Chuck Norris is another washed up has been like Ted Nugent who is spewing derp to try to stay on the news.

    It’s becoming an overcrowded field.

  27. Churchlady, people can say whatever they want to say, but that doesn’t mean we have to give them airtime to spout their nonsense. The right to free speech doesn’t say you have to cater to every nut-job that wants an audience, especially without any rebuttal.

  28. Just where is the Reich Wing coward who votes down but is too scared to voice their opinion and learn something about reality, it’s a win win for the coward and us.

  29. You are right, my bad I’m sorry to spread wrong info in this day and age. Love this web site. Happy holidays churchlady 4044 and to all.

  30. I personally would love it if, at the Thansgiving Day address, Obama quoted the gospel of Matthew re: the public trumpeting of faith, and then called out a personal F*ck You to Chuck Norris.

  31. The conservatives’ inability to make amends with the people they should represent has turned them into a hateful segment in our country. And so, Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent and others like them are the examples of how hateful a human being can get. We have to turn their words, ideas right on their face because that is what they are.

  32. Chuck Norris? An at-best C or D level actor? I guess Faux News is the only network that gives a damn what he and Ted “Nazi” Nugent think about anything. I sure don’t care what either of these evil people think.

  33. I am sure if Chuck Norris asked the Native Americans how they felt about the Pilgrims and the first settlers, they might have a different opinion.

  34. I like this,do we still pay attention to chukie? When some people are getting to old the only hobby they can practice is praying or take care of their driveway to make sure not one u turn …

  35. I guess nobody is particularly familiar with history…the Pilgrims were Puritans, and they were trying to escape the monarchy and lack of “religious freedom” they experienced living under the Roman Catholic/Christian umbrella back home. Thanksgiving was a celebration of their new life in a new land with new people, not the “religious” holiday it has been made into. Christmas is in fact a celebration of the winter solstice, which is a typically pagan observation to honor the season and has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, or any other religious date of importance marked by Christianity. Chuck needs to study a bit before ranting and condemning, it’s not very christian.

  36. Agreed, and the hypocrisy of these people is breathtaking. A party that knows nothing about God or His righteousness. A party filled with so much hatred for the poor and people of color certainly doesn’t represent the will of God. The devil has them all by the tail and they invite the wrath of God on a daily.
    How dare they, mention God!!!

  37. How dare you, Chuck Norris, has been actor, dare President Obama to do anything! Who the hell do you think you are?

  38. Chuck Norris is a good Texas Ranger but a lousy critic otherwise.

    It’s audacious that Norris insist that President Obama agree with Norris’ standards. As president of the United States, Obama is President of ALL not to “bits and pieces” of the population. The President’s words must always encompass everyone in the country not to any “one” specific” thought.

    It’s time that Norris and other critics like him respect our President. As a man who, in his programs, invokes his Native American ancestry, Norris should act like the adult he purports to be instead of demonstrating his ignorance and disrespecting our President!

  39. As far as Norris goes……”Out with the old, in with the new!!”. At one time, Norris was a somebody, for America, when we needed a hero. A down to earth, good old American boy…..putting the US of A on the map…, Norris is every evil thing that the US represents. 40+ years ago, the world loved Chuckie, today, just another old rich white fart, trying desperately to hang onto what little the corporations have allowed him to have.
    Life under these evil rightwingers, is scary enough in a world, where the worlds population would rather see an American get his head lobbed off, rather than have to put up with his silliness. Instead of helping build America, to greatness once again…..the rightwing sell it off and then bitch about how terrible things have gotten.

  40. It’s unfortunate that Chuck or anyone else is involved with this under evolved view of God/Christianity/politics. Faux has no shame to pull these stupid shenanigans. It’s right up there with the phony TV evangelist healers. It’s also a shame that there are a percentage of the population who subscribe to this sort of rubbish.

    Their Jesus is one with an AR-15.

  41. Happy Thanksgiving America from a Native American.

    White men tell the children that their ancestors “settled” here. When the truth is, they invaded us, they murdered us, and they raped us until we barely existed.

  42. Just remember that God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

    If Christians are right and you are wrong they spend eternity in heaven and you, in HELL.

    If you are right and we are wrong, we just die and we both spend eternity pushing up daisies.

  43. The problem is you don’t live your life as what Christ said. You are a hateful bigot who probably never read what he said and just go by what other bigots told you what to think

  44. Wait a second. I am not for any political party. But how can we say that the Democrats are the party for the Christians when a lot of the Democrats are against keeping the sanctity of marriage and are pro abortion. These are not biblical and they are certainly heaven or hell issues. So if you are a Christian stand up for Christian values like Pro Life and keeping the sanctity of marriage. Some of your beloved democrats voted to give the morning after pill to children. There is something really wrong when we Christians vote to condone this type of legislation.

  45. How do you know. You do not know me. So who is calling who a hateful bigot. Really. Just ask yourself who is speaking the hateful speech.

  46. I read your bovine excrement that I deleted and I stand by what you are. A hateful fake ass Christian nut job

  47. Pro life? Please read your bible for a change.And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
    Gen 2:7
    A bunch of cells do not draw breath

    And by the way I know being homeschooled you may not know this but marriage has always been a civil contract

  48. The author of this article would have been well served to mention the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF THANKSGIVING. It was proclaimed in 1637 by Massachusetts Governor John Winthrop. He did so to celebrate the safe return of English colony men from Mystic, Connecticut. They were returning from a massacre of several hundred Pequots that had laid down their weapons and accepted Christianity. As a reward, they were slaughtered by their new “brothers in Christ.” The women and children they didn’t hack to death, they burned to death.

    William Bradford, in his History of the Plymouth Plantation, described this carnage of women and children as a “sweet sacrifice.”

    Here’s a link to the Bradford citation from that hotbed of pagan liberalism, the University of Houston.

  49. You forgot the blankets. They brought blankets. I know they were kind of modest. They were covered with a small box, so they couldn’t have been very substantial. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

    PS. Sorry in advance for any typos. ;)

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