Homeland Security Urges Obama To Veto Republican Passed Funding Bill

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Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh C. Johnson is not impressed with House Republicans using the agency as a political hostage with their amendments to the funding bill for the agency. Not only is he urging President Obama to veto the GOP bill due to the amendments, but he forcefully condemned the Republican attempts to turn the agency into a “political volleyball.”

The statement by Secretary Jeh C. Johnson:

Yesterday the House passed H.R. 240, a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security. As introduced by Chairman Rogers, H.R. 240 was a good bill. It provided $39.7 billion in appropriations for the Department, and funded key homeland security priorities and initiatives. Regrettably, the bill was then amended on the House floor to include politically-charged language to defund our executive actions to fix the broken immigration system. The amended bill passed the House by a narrow margin; some Republicans did not even vote for it, and we have made plain that if the bill in this form comes to the President’s desk, his staff and I will recommend that he veto it.

Recent world events — the terrorist attacks in Paris, Ottawa, Sydney, and elsewhere, along with the public calls by terrorist organizations for attacks on Western objectives — call for increased vigilance in homeland security.

In these times, the budget of the Department of Homeland Security cannot become a political volleyball.

At present, the Department is operating on a continuing resolution due to expire on February 27. As long as this Department continues to operate on a CR, we are prevented from funding key homeland security initiatives. These include, for example, funding for new grants to state and local law enforcement, additional border security resources, and additional Secret Service resources to implement the changes recommended by the independent panel. Other core missions, such as aviation security and protection of federal installations and personnel, are also hampered.

I respectfully urge Congress to pass an appropriations bill for DHS as soon as possible, free of politically-charged amendments to defund our executive actions.

Johnson reiterated concerns raised repeatedly by the saner, namely that this is no time to mess with the agency tasked with homeland security, cyber crimes, border control and protecting the President. As I noted yesterday after participating in a call for reporters with the White House, the Secret Service can’t move forward with the recommendations for added security for the President until the agency is fully funded. This is not small matter, especially given that the recommendations were qualified as “crucial” to the protection of the president and his family.

This news is joined by the news that Secret Service Acting Director Joseph Clancy ousted four senior Secret Service leaders yesterday.

The funding of homeland security is not an issue that should be “debated”. How much is an issue for debate. But leaving the agency operating on a CR is not acceptable.

Republicans need to be held accountable for repeatedly using funding the government as a hostage in order to exact policies they didn’t earn the proper way. It is especially egregious that Republicans are holding the DHS hostage at this specific time, ironically hampering border security as they wax hysterical about our borders.

The DHS itself agrees that President Obama shouldn’t cave into the hostage taking, even though they desperately need to be funded. To give in or “negotiate” with Republicans using these kinds of egregious, unusual tactics would be to offer the DHS up as a political hostage/volleyball.

The security of our nation and our president are not negotiating tools for a party that can’t handle the President acting within his constitutional authority via executive actions that impact undocumented immigrants. This is not the way to debate policy and even the hostage itself agrees, the President must not give in.

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  1. Ooops…
    Homeland Security…
    No longer the bragging right of the Fascist Right.

    What will they do?
    W.h.a.t … w.i.l.l … t.h.e.y … d.o ?

  2. The GOP are doing this, even after what has happened in Paris. So much for them being pro-life, huh? Now news is breaking in Belgium! Whoda thought Belgium would be the center of a terrorist attack?
    Obama will veto this, and it will be interesting to see the GOP heads explode

  3. ‘Homeland Security’ is a Frankenstein’s monster, cobbled together from the parts on hand.

    Individual acts of terror in the US are a political problem, not a ‘security’ problem. If we would stop traveling to the ‘holy land’ to wage religious war, our main problem would be domestic terrorists.

    We went all redemptive violence slaughter mode after 9/11. This is a golden opportunity for ‘bi-partisan’ rethinking of a grotesque mistake.

    It is too big, too intrusive and un-American. Destroy it before it gets any bigger and more powerful.

    GOP, with their ‘small government’ dogma, should be happy to break this creature into its component parts.

  4. ‘Pro-life’ is the doublespeak for returning female citizens to chattel status.

    It has nothing to do with human life, except to enslave it.

    Women are the canary in the coal mine. If they can make us chattel, your turn is next.

  5. I don’t think it will need a veto. There are too many teahadist in blue states that will be up for election in 2016 and like everything else the wingnuts passed in the house this to will die in a Senate committee.

    Still if the Democrats have an ounce of brain matter they should use this as a sledgehammer against all CONS. Remember there are no moderate republicans only cowards and the loons

  6. This is NOT complicated!! The whole discussion about Homeland Security running out of money is a red herring, meant to scare Americans into believing that there is no money to protect them from ”allllll” the alleged terrorist activity in the world. REALLY? Have you looked at the graph of the annual federal budget? 52% goes to Military and Homeland Security! Think about it. How many terrorist attacks have there been around the world? 5, 6? Of 7,000,000,000 people? You have a better chance of dying crossing the road or slipping in the tub than by a terrorist attack! On 9/11 did the terrorist attack affect you? 3000 people died and 1/4 of the people weren’t even American – they were from at least l0 countries. It was tragic but the worst possible attack that would be successful most likely wouldn’t even touch the US. The government needs to justify 52% of the Federal budget spent on Military – and 48% spent on everything else. They MUST keep America in a constant state of fear!

  7. While I agree with some of the posters about the need of homeland security its here and it is not going no where.

    This is where we need to play the game and bash these false patriots over the head with their hypocrisy.

    This aint beanbag this is hardball politics and if you want to win sometimes we need to check our goodie two shoes attitude at the door

  8. When they took over they promise to move this country forward! Instead we have now had a White Supremist allowed to black mail our Congress on National T.V, an they took no action to remove the person from high office that cause the Congress to be black mailed!Republican Grimm had to quit for Tax evasion! They want to some how deport 11 million people from America to about a dozen countries, an still bring in the crops from the field when it’s time that takes thousand of those immigrant workers they want to deport! Now if they don’t get their way, they will black mail home land security an put us all in Danger, an not just 11 million immigrants. Rand Paul is going after Disabled people an what little they get every month! There going after Social Security an the Elderly!! When do they just stop this craziness, an do some thing good for this country as they promised?

  9. What is needed is a terrorist attack on one of the big banks. Wall Street would punish any politician or political party that failed to fund any or all security measures.

    That’s all the GOP would hear: the gate shutting on the flow of money to their election plans.

  10. Call up a brigade of the Army to guard the occupants of the White House, and pull all police and security from the Capitol building. If Boehner wants to know how it feels, sell firearms in the Rotunda of the Capitol to allow for 2nd Amendment rights.

  11. with the terrorist attack in france, it is outrageous that the GOP would even think about playing games like this. I think America is experiencing severe voter’s remorse over the midterm results. who knew that righties would come this unhinged after they got what they wanted. it is treasonous extortion what the GOP is planning on.

  12. I think it would be a really good idea to have security forces around the White House really beefed up. There are more and more threats from yahoos, racists, Christian Dominists, etc. to make one start to ponder the possibility that this could happen.

    That this could happen in our lifetime, that it could even be considered as possible … is both sickening and yes, frightening.

  13. Be damned sure of your brigade. Remember Salvador Allende? “Seven Days in May” might not have a happy ending in real life.

  14. I think it would be a good idea to have security forces around the White House really beefed up. There are more and more threats from yahoos, racists, Christian Dominists, etc. One must begin to ponder the possibility that some sort of armed rebellion, desired by some maybe could happen.

    While it’s really doubtful that such madness could succeed … there are some crazy-ass idiots out there like Ted Nugent calling for it, and the talk spreads.

    That this could happen in our lifetime, that it could even be considered as possible … is both sickening and yes, frightening.

  15. How do you like that…. here I thought progressives were all basically fine with useless and inefficient monuments to bureaucracy.

    Be careful. Before you know it, someone is going to come along and accuse you of reading Ayn Rand.

  16. You do remember that the Department of Homeland Security was created by a REPUBLICAN president and a REPUBLICAN Congress voted into office by people like you, Charlie, yes?

    So that means, REPUBLICANS and (scaredy-cat Cons). are not only a-okay with useless and inefficient monuments to bureaucracy, they create them. Then again, since the creation of the EPA (when the Republican Party was still sane) what policies have the Cons and Republicans put forward that wasn’t useless and inefficient?

  17. Thank you, djchefron!

    Although I’m convinced that any government under Republican control not only doesn’t work, it’s detrimental to working, poor, impoverished, and uneducated America, government works very well when Progressives are at the helm.

    Compare California to Texas, and see the glaring difference. Or, just read up on how Gov. Brownback is destroying Kansas by trying to plug up the hole in the State’s budget left behind from all those tax cuts to the wealthy, by filling it with money he plans to cut in education.

    Also, compare the Obama presidency to Reagan’s, GHW Bush’s, and GW Bush’s reign of terror on the American people, and see for yourself which Party is better for America, for business, for Wall Street, for employment, for foreign relations, for wages, for health care and health care insurance, to promote the general welfare of the citizens of the United States.

    The Republican Party have shown to fail the American people again, and again, and again…

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