House Republicans Put Obama’s Life In Danger By Holding Homeland Security Funding Hostage

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During a call with reporters Wednesday afternoon, R. Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, pointed out that one of the troubling impacts of the House Republicans not funding the Department of Homeland Security is that until it is fully funded, the Secret Service will not be able to move forward with the additional security measures recommended for the White House and President Obama.

Other problems a CR imposes are going to be harder for the public to see and feel right away, but law enforcement is already feeling the impact of the House Republicans’ actions. Kerlikowske said that he “can’t stress enough the importance of having a stable budget in place” for money in place to equip and train. He stressed that prioritization is “critical to any law enforcement agency.”

On Wednesday, the House Republicans voted (236-191) to fund the DHS but they attached amendments that defund Obama’s executive actions on immigration, going back to many of his previous actions. One of those actions was the rather obvious move that prioritized those who should be deported, distinguishing criminals from children brought to the US. Republicans would prefer that we go back to the chaotic and broken immigration we had before President Obama took action.

Cecilia Muñoz, White House Domestic Policy Director, observed that none of what the Republicans are doing makes any sense from a policy perspective, “If you look at what they passed today, they prevent ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) setting priorities all together — nothing that makes any sense from a policy perspective.”

Asked if the President would be negotiating with Republicans as they hold the Department of Homeland Security hostage (my words), Muñoz replied, “There is no reason to tinker with the executive actions at all, they need to fund the DHS.” She reiterated repeatedly when pressed that the Republicans need to do the right thing by doing their job and fully funding government. Funding the government has nothing to do with Obama’s executive actions.

In other words, the President won’t be playing games with the hostage takers.

Meanwhile, if another incident occurs at the White House or the President’s security is compromised, the blame can be squarely laid at House Republicans’ feet. It’s a sad fact that they feel comfortable doing this while attacking the President for not attending the Paris rally because the Secret Service couldn’t get adequate security lined up in time. The entire time Republicans were attacking Obama over this, they knew that they had caused the cessation of the implementation of the added security recommended to properly protect the President of the United States.

Again, until the DHS is fully funded, the Secret Service will not be able to move forward with the additional security measures recommended for the White House and President Obama. Those recommendations were based on the outrageous security breaches that put the President and his family in danger.

Republicans are not only refusing to take responsibility for their reckless petulance, but trolling the President for not putting himself in danger when they are directly responsible for the Secret Service not being able to implement recommendations for the President’s safety.

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  1. maybe the Republicans could be convinced to fund shooting lessons for the Prez and Michelle and the kids…

    you know… the NRA thing… one good (wo)man with a gun can take care of the bad guy with the gun…

    they could also argue no war on women too since they would’ve funded self defense lessons for the ladies… or in Republican speak… the girls…

  2. The Republican congress is like a 3 year old having a temper tantrum. You know, throwing themselves on the floor, slamming their heels against the floor, screaming and hollering.

    These people need to grow up and act like adults.

    If anything, ANYTHING, happens to harm this President, his blood will be on their hands and each and every one that votes for this bill needs to be held for conspiracy.

  3. Where did they get the money to attack the bartender that is suspected of “wanting” to poison John (the boner) Boehner? I say he has to be caught doing it before he is jailed. He just might succeed and do the country a favor.

  4. 3 year olds? I’m sorry, Patricia… Saying they’re acting like a 3 year old child is insulting to actual 3 year old children.

    What they’re doing is outright insane all because they feel the President should bow down to them because they got 19% of a 36% turnout. That’s not a majority… that’s basically getting their butt buddies on Wall Street freebies and thanking them for giving it to America without lube once again.

    What I do agree on is that if anything happens to him or his family because Homeland Security is closed down after what these jackasses are doing, it’s on their hands.

  5. Hm I wonder if this is the main reason all of the TP/GOPers were so upset about President Obama not going to Paris? One never knows with the TP/GOP.

  6. Human life means nothing to these treasonist cretins.

    They worship $$$, not our country or anyone’s lives. They just want what they want, when they want it.

    President Obama, do not negotiate with hostages. They are dangerous and sick people running our gov.

    THIS is what happens when people don’t vote.

  7. Furthermore, the GOP will wait until the 11th hour to pass anything and then add something noxious to it..that is their MO.

  8. Unfortunately, you are right.

    I just don’t understand how anyone could have so much hate, to go to these extremes no less, and they are supposed leaders of the country.

    They are exhibiting very bizarre and unstable behavior and have been for 6 years now. It gets worse.

    If anything happens security wise..the GOP will have blood on their hands.

  9. So, the GOP/TP are now holding women and children hostage.

    Wonder what they would say if something bad happened to the First Lady and the kids because of improper security measures, that Obama was a bad husband and father?

  10. Well djchefron, the tincture of time will tell. How much more do you think Americans can take? I hope you aren’t right either, but what is going on is above and beyond provocation, it is 100% unadulterated disrespect for Americans and the POTUS.

  11. Buh, they don’t care. GOP does not give a rat’s ass about this country, our President, or the American people.

    They are inhuman.

  12. It not just the president, it’s all American life that would be endanger. Homeland Security was step up because of 9/11 and these hillbillies is putting targets on all of our backs. If no one have notice most of these recent terrorist attacks are homegrown.
    And we all know their are plenty of psychos here in America (bombing NAACP, shooting at the movie theatre, schools, Bundy’s ranch, shooting of cops, congresswoman, fools in front of the WH telling the Pres. come out hands-up or it time for a lynching). You notice they all so-called Americans.

  13. Oh, it’s no secret, they have openly tried to incite violence against the Obama family for many years now. They’re traitors.

  14. They would probably have a celebration if something happened to Obama and his family because of how hateful they are.

  15. The republican brand: We hate immigrants more than we do terrorist.

    For the life of me I don’t know why Democrats don’t pound that message into the hardest American head but then again there is a reason why I refer to them as dummycrats

  16. If DHS funding is on a CR, local police won’t get more toys to kill us with.
    Do not conflate Das Homeland Security with the Secret Service. Don’t. DHS is police state tool for control.
    It exists on fear. The President has been ill-served by SS. He’s still alive. Throwing money at them won’t protect him.
    We, the People, by demanding an end to the police state, will do more for our ‘safety’ than all the Big Brother security guards in the world.

  17. The Presidency , and politicians alike are sounding like a ”FUCK” story unfolding right before our eyes , deal with the issues that need to be addressed , We take our country seriously, all you politicians are getting rich off of hard working citizens while most of us suffer to put food on the table , and pay our bills !

  18. I don’t care who the president is, if any person has done what Obama has done, then yea, it should be defunded. We have enough problems and we did exist just fine without additional security. If Obama doesn’t want his life in danger, he shouldn’t do things to jepordize it. He also should not put America’s lives in danger..including people he has blinded from the truth and ones that see his transparency. It isn’t about Republican or Democrat. It’s about right vs. wrong, and what that man has done is wrong what this country was founded on.

  19. There is no reason whatever for any of those employees pay to be withheld. It is entirely up to Obama what programs and people to cut and funding to. HE is the one throwing a temper tantrum because he can’t have his narcissistic way.

  20. This is the presidents decision not Congress. They are defunding Amnesty. It is the president that has gone to far because he must have his way ALL the time!The American people DO NOT support Obama’s AMNESTY!

  21. Please point to where the President is offering amnesty. If you don’t that just proves you are an uneducated bigot who has reading comprehension problems

  22. That so called first lady ain’t no lady. News flash for you my myopic friend, that so called lady is a dude.[Snipped for vulgarity] so ignorantly.

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