Republican Congressman Peter King Slams Self-Righteous Delusional Wing Of His Party

Peter King
Appearing on Luke Russert’s online MSNBC TV program, Shift, New York Congressman Peter King (R) slammed fellow House Republicans for not simply banding together to pass a clean funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. King made it clear that he was fed up with Tea Party Republicans playing politics with Homeland Security funding. The New York Congressman declared: ”This madness has to end soon…I’ve had it with this self-righteous, delusional wing of the party.”

King lamented that may GOP members of Congress come from very conservative districts where they “live in an echo chamber”. He argued that those Republicans are so blinded by being anti-Obama, that they would rather put American lives at risk, than yield an inch to the President on immigration reform. While King announced that he, like his GOP colleagues, was not in favor of President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration, he noted that funding Homeland Security was more important than picking a fight with Obama over immigration policy.

King was adamant that funding Homeland Security was a matter of life and death, and that Republican actions endangered the country, by threatening to “take away our front lines against Islamic terrorism”. The New York Congressman chastised his fellow Republican lawmakers repeatedly, for putting American lives at risk.

In addition to arguing that the Tea Party wing of the GOP was foolishly playing with American lives, the Congressman also argued that their strategy made no sense politically, either. He likened Republican strategy, to the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War, and to Custer’s Last Stand. By comparing the Tea Party strategy to two exceedingly foolhardy military attacks, King was accusing his GOP colleagues of not only being morally wrong, but also of being flat out stupid.

In fairness to the Tea Party wing, Congressmen Peter King is prone to hawkishness on foreign policy, and his fear of Islamic terrorism at home, is often out of proportion to the actual threat. Nevertheless, King is on target with his criticism of his House GOP colleagues. Many of them dwell so much on anti-immigration sentiment, and anti-Obama fervor, that they have lost any sense of perspective for how to govern.

Fed by votes from xenophobic Obama-bashing zealots in deep red congressional districts, these Tea Party representatives have little incentive to govern. They simply can count on stoking the flames of right-wing rage, to propel their political careers, while they let the nation suffer from their collective inaction.

The Tea Party wing of the GOP puts Congressman Peter King in a quandary, because the Long Island swing district he represents, twice voted for Barack Obama for President, albeit narrowly. King has an incentive to govern, because he is in a district that could theoretically turn on him, and replace him with a Democrat in 2016. This is a concern that many of his fellow Republicans in Congress do not share.

Tea Party members who represent places like East Texas, the Ozarks, and the Kansas plains, are not only far removed from the sites of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks, they are also far removed from any threat of being bounced out of office by a Democrat. Many of them are looking over their right shoulders at the threat of being ousted by a more extreme conservative in a GOP primary, but they don’t even have to glance to their left, ensconced as they are in completely safe red districts.

However, the bottom line should be, that on issues of national security, the primary concern on how to vote should not be dictated by political considerations. Instead, lawmakers should focus on what will best provide security for the American people. While we don’t have to agree with Peter King’s assessment of the terrorist threat, nor do we have to accept the notion that Homeland Security is the “be all and end all” for combating terrorism. However, King’s criticism of his fellow GOP lawmakers is a legitimate one. If they care about the security of our nation, they should stop playing politics with Homeland Security funding, and the self-righteous delusional wing of the Republican Party should step aside and let the Congress vote on a clean funding bill. Anything less, as Congressmen King said, is “madness” that must come to an end.

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  1. Why is King now “fed up” with the “delusional right wing of the Republican Party?” The whole party had been “delusional” every since the black man won the Presidency in 2008.
    He’s been apart of that wing every second since he won, and now he’s “fed up?” Big deal! I’ve been fed up with them for six years, already! They are all treasonous jackass who should be stripped of their citizenship!

  2. I disagree with one statement this author has made about their inactions. Since their good constituents voted them in office this past mid-term election, they have been plenty busy with sabotaging the president, and passing bills that will harm even their voting crowd.

  3. Peter King has been pretty “self righteous & delusional” himself in the past but it’s nice to see him making sense on this issue.I happen to agree with Republicans that the more ILLEGALS we allow to stay,the more will come here ILLEGALLY. They tried to force the issue by tying it to Homeland Security funding bill but really both sides are equally to blame. The Republicans should have stepped up & made their voices clear when BuSh,BuSh & Ray-gun were signing their own legislation to allow ILLEGALS to stay. At least they would have been consistent!

  4. The Tea Party doesn’t care because their savior Jesus Christ is guiding their steps and that is not an exaggeration. The media won’t discuss how much the far right wing is the evangelical zealots of America. They are our home grown Christian Taliban destroying our nation from the inside out.

  5. The Republican Party opened a Pandora’s Box when they embraced with open arms the irrational, ignorant, intransigent, intolerant, socially-regressive, fear-mongering, xenophobic, homophobic, sanctimonious, conspiracy theory-promoting tea party and Christian conservative movements.

    Now some members of their leadership are attempting to shove these extremist factions back into the box and bury it so that the GOP can be viewed by the nation’s populace as a party of serious, rational, informed politicians striving to serve the needs of the vast majority of Americans.

    Good luck with that.

  6. The majority of the time,( pretty much always), I consider Peter King a blowhard. I do agree with him on this issue. Although, I do believe he is afraid for his congressional seat.

  7. Seriously, King voted 100% of the time even when he was suppose to be fed-up. Question for King, if they are delusional and crazy, what does that make you?

  8. Defund Homeland Security and bring our troops home. Let other countries fight it out amongst themselves, and let us get back to funding progress in the USA.

  9. This may help you understand immigrant labor is needed:

    Undocumented workers: essential but unwanted
    “Undocumented workers are cast by the hysterical as enemies of the state, but they are essential to the U.S. economy. We use them for their labor but decry their presence. We’re all complicit.”

    California’s addiction to immigrant labor
    “Immigration has helped middle and upper-income Californians economically while driving down wages for those with the fewest job skills.”–.html

    The Texas economy is dependent on immigrant labor

  10. Is there any bill/legislation with this guys name on it? Peter King(aka Peter Griffin/Family Guy) is all bluster no merit.
    A veritable Captain Obvious of “House” rhetoric.
    This is one of the first to desire to pass a bill outlawing Sharia Law, or maybe a law to make English the language of ‘Merika by law, or some silly ,numbnuts talking point of the FOX viewer type.

  11. They’re obsessed with gays, guns, greed, gynocology.

    If you believe President Obama is a secret Muslim who wants to spread Islamic law in the U.S., consider this.
    When you look carefully at many Islamic countries, you’ll see they tend to share these values.
    1. They are anti-abortion.
    2. They are very supportive of the death penalty.•
    3. They oppose the separation of church and state.
    4. They believe religious doctrine should be taught in school.
    5. They tend to believe women should have fewer rights than men.•
    6. They oppose “multiculturalism”.•
    7. They consider homosexuality as evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed.
    If President Obama really wanted to spread Islamic law in America, he’d be a Republican!

  12. With apologies to James Thurber, the Tea Party in America bears as much resemblance to Christians as Calvin Coolidge did the MGM lion.

    They can believe Jesus is in their hip pocket, but their actions betray them utterly. That said, the idea that King is the voice of some reason here is to-the-bone scary.

  13. Mr. King, you are fed up with the TP?

    That’s too bad, because you own it.

    It took this long for you to see their destruction and stupidity? Then must be you are not too bright either. I live in NY and your comments at this time don’t mean much. Too little, too late.

  14. Keith your article is very good.

    Tea Party members who represent places like East Texas, the Ozarks, and the Kansas plains, are not only far removed from the sites of the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks…

    Excellent point. But typical of the TP, if it doesn’t affect them, they don’t give a darn. They should have experienced 911 in NY, maybe that would knock some sense into them. Nobody will ever know unless you were there what that nightmare was like.

  15. The media must love this guy. He’s a lot like them! LOL

    Republican quisling par excellence. Maybe he could Lying Brian’s job?

  16. Peter King is scared of his own shadow and loosing his head to ISIS hence his tirade against his fellow nut jobs in Congress. He seems to have forgotten that he’s one of them.

  17. I live in the South. The Southern Republican Party’s attitude is “Shut up and vote for us”. They don’t want them out of the party or else there wouldn’t be one, the leadership just wants them quiet. Think of the Tea Party as what liberals and progressives wish that we could be for the Democrats. Since 2010 they’ve risen up and taken over the party, now the Republican leadership is having increasing problems silencing them.

    That’s not a issue for Democratic leadership. Look at the “Hillary?” thought for liberals and progressives. The lack of support is real. So is not being able to do anything to check it. She’s not saying anything that liberals and progressives can get excited about. Her entire campaign is similar to the “Next Up” mentality for Republicans in presidential campaign, and women’s “It’s our turn now”. Distressingly she doesn’t have much to say and her campaign is already fighting among themselves again.

  18. They are all treasonous jackass who should be stripped of their citizenship!
    Start paying closer attention. King is playing his part in the latest production at the Theatre of Homeland Security.
    All that remains of the promised “fight” against amnesty is the theatre by which surrender is to be played out. This was already determined MONTHS AGO in the CRomnibus. And for heaven’s sake try clawing your way out of that black hole of hysteria.

  19. The fact that the administration is giving SS #s to illegal aliens is pretty solid proof that these supposed “deferred deportations” don’t come with any intention of any eventual deportation.
    Also, under DACA, (in response to illegal alien applicants who were concerned that their previous FELONY identity-theft and fraud crimes would preclude them from the new non-deportation benefits) DHS made it clear that illegal aliens who wanted employment documents would not have to disclose to the Feds whether they used stolen SS #s.
    DACA applications were/have been/are being approved with abysmal oversight, little public disclosure, and total ABSOLUTION for identity-rip-off artists. The latest planned executive action will DWARF that ongoing fiasco.
    And “qualifying” applicants for “deferred” action can now claim as much as tens of thousands of dollars in payments from the EITC. Mucho dineros. Enough to pay any required “fees” multiple times over.

    More in a minute

  20. It goes without saying that the fraud potential is limitless, but we can trust illegals to be honest about just how large (and where) their children are in reporting their dependents for EITC calculations, can’t we? We’re talking untold billions in wealth transfers from your/mine/our pockets to the new quasi-legal millions of self-invited “guests.”

    This is not deferral, it is amnesty… quite pure… and very simple. Reward the lawbreakers and screw the American citizen law-abiders. And sell out our national identity in pursuit of cheap votes and cheap labor.

    Ah well, tough luck, right?

  21. They get Social Security numbers so they can be taxed; most of them will never be able to get it back.

  22. Never mind, I got it.

    reynardine at 3:21 pm

    The IRS already allows illegal immigrants to pay income taxes with a tax ID number. Illegal aliens don’t need a SS number for that.
    djchefron at 3:18 pm

    Over the years? What does that mean? Billions are spent each and EVERY year on subsidized housing, welfare , Medicaid, education of illegal children, food stamps, crime related and incarceration costs, suppressed wage costs, etc. American citizens don’t OWE illegal aliens anything. They knew how the game would have to be played when they chose to become an illegal immigrant, and crossing the border illegally or overstaying a visa, contrary to popular belief, does not entitle any foreign national to anything.

  23. New York Congressman Peter King (R) slammed fellow House Republicans and declared: ”This madness has to end soon…I’ve had it with this self-righteous, delusional wing of the party.” There has been delusional madness since Obama severely thumped both McCain-Palin and Romney-Ryan! Let’s look at The TEA/KKK/pseudo-Republicans track records:
    TEA/KKK/pseudo-Republicans killed these passed acts:
    The DREAM Act
    The DISCLOSE Act
    The Paycheck Fairness Act
    The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act
    The Emergency Senior Citizens Relief Act
    The Creating American Jobs and Ending Offshoring Act
    The American Jobs Act
    The Buffet Rule
    Teacher and Responders Back to Work Act
    Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act
    The Manchin-Toomey Background Checks
    The Keep Student Loans Affordable Act
    The Bring Jobs Home Act
    The Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act
    The Student Loan Affordability Act

  24. charlie quit biting the teathug bone of lies, there is only about 2 percent fraud in social security very low, so stop spreading lies of tea party idiots

  25. I’m talking about the EITC. What are you talking about?
    Illegals currently can’t get the EITC, because the law requires a SS # to apply and they don’t have SS numbers. Until now.
    And the EITC program is already rife with fraud and the IRS has been shown to be making no improvements in the reduction of improper payments.
    Not to mention the part about how when this new spigot pumping wealth right out of the middle class is turned on, it won’t ever get turned off.

  26. “We cannot allow such a small group to be dominating and controlling what happens in the United States Congress.”
    Whatever happened to “We The People”? Shouldn’t that read…
    “We cannot allow such a small group to be dominating and controlling what happens to the United States Of America”?

  27. The neo-fascists call Peter King a ‘RINO’ (Republican In Name Only) but he was there, a Republican; when they were all going to their Klan or YAF, or LaRouche meetings, the tea-bags are not Republicans, they are infused with race hate, misogenation, and a strong hate against religious freedom. The only thing they like are oligarchs, and telling lies.

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