Racist Republican Leadership Absent From 50th Anniversary of Selma

It is probably a revelation to many Americans, but this weekend is the 50th anniversary of the Selma march that earned the name “Bloody Sunday” due to the violence toward peaceful protestors. The 1965 event was by any estimation a very pivotal point in the American civil rights struggle. This August will mark another pivotal point in American history when it will be 50 years since Congress passed the Voting Rights Act ensuring African-Americans the right to vote. One group that was glaringly absent from Selma on Saturday was any substantial representation of racist Republicans; most notably Republican leaders in Congress.

Of course the civil Rights movement was much more than just about voting rights, but what is still a black mark on American history is that in 1870 African Americans had already earned the right to vote with ratification of the 15th Amendment. Still, due to the abominable 10th Amendment, former Confederate states continued denying African Americans their constitutional right to vote that persists to this day. In fact, Democrats in Congress recently introduced another Constitutional amendment guaranteeing all Americans the right to vote; despite the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments and the now-neutered Voting Rights Act of 1965 allegedly giving all Americans identical civil and voting rights.

One of the participants in Saturday’s ceremony marking the 50-year anniversary of the  Selma march, Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware), sent out a letter alerting his supporters that, “Of the 95 members of Congress who marched in commemoration today, not one Senate Republican (and only one in the House) has indicated a willingness to join Democrats in addressing the Supreme Court case that gutted the Voting Rights Act. Unless someone steps forward from the Republican Party, I fear the efforts across a dozen states and localities to suppress the vote will march forward, and our commemoration of the Selma march will be a hollow reminder of how much further we have still to go.”

Senator Coons likely understands, as does President Barack Obama, that as a nation America has a long, long way to go before there is ever going to be true civil rights for many Americans; people of color in particular. As if to punctuate just how far this racist nation has to go, the Department of Justice investigation of the Ferguson Missouri police department revealed that intrinsic racism and white supremacy permeates the department that is really typical of many Americans. By now, Americans have heard about, or read for themselves, the ‘egregious examples of racism’ within the Ferguson police department that are sadly typical across America and supported by Republicans.

Although many Americans errantly believed the nation had turned the corner and escaped the epidemic of racism with the election of Barack Obama as President, the truth is the disease was fermenting among a substantial segment of the population and was just waiting for a reason to manifest itself. The President’s election certainly brought the racists out of hiding and as has been the case for over thirty years, they predominate in Republican ranks; particularly in the former Confederacy where suppressing African Americans’ right to vote has taken on a life of its own. It is something President Obama noted in speaking in Selma on Saturday.

The President said, “Right now, in 2015, fifty years after Selma, there are laws across this country designed to make it harder for people to vote. As we speak, more of such laws are being proposed. Meanwhile, the Voting Rights Act, the culmination of so much blood and sweat and tears, the product of so much sacrifice in the face of wanton violence, stands weakened, its future subject to partisan rancor. How can that be?” The President is a master orator and he certainly knows ‘how it can be,’ and who is responsible, but he is also pragmatic and understands the consequences of citing the dirty racism prevalent in Republican ranks.

Earlier in the week, the President answered his own rhetorical question during his comments regarding the DOJ’s investigation of the racist Ferguson police department. He remarked that the results of the investigation “evoked the kind of abuse and disregard for citizens that spawned the civil rights movement. What happened in Ferguson may not be unique,  but it’s no longer endemic, or sanctioned by law and custom. And before the civil rights movement, it most surely was. We just need to open our eyes, and ears, and hearts, to know that this nation’s racial history still casts its long shadow upon us.”

Open white supremacy, blatant Republican suppression of the African American vote, and white cops gunning down unarmed African Americans is slightly more than racism casting its long shadow upon us, but President Obama cannot say what most Americans know; racism is a generational disease, rampant, and no amount of open ears, eyes, or hearts is going to bring it to a halt. There is only one viable solution to end racism according to a savvy sociologist studying generational racism,  but it is unthinkable and unmentionable.

No American with a pulse dare deny that the dirty shadow of America’s ever-enduring discrimination and racial animus toward African Americans is rampant even as President Obama addressed Republican-led states’ racially-driven “laws designed to make it harder for people to vote.” As creators of those laws, it is no surprise Republicans were not well-represented in Selma. Although there was a former Republican president (George W. Bush), and one House Republican, most Republicans likely felt that attending or even acknowledging the anniversary would not play well to their white supremacist base or their racist conservative media.

They probably assumed that attending would incite a ferocious anti-GOP rebellion among the majority racist wing of the party. A racist wing they depend on to stay competitive at the states’ level especially in the former Confederacy most responsible for voter suppression laws and the Supreme Court getting the opportunity to eviscerate the Voting Rights Act.

No conscious American can deny with a straight face that Republicans, racist conservative media,  and  their white supremacist base is in any kind of mindset to countenance any more mention of their sick demented predilection to racism, ardent opposition to voting rights, or any non-white American’s civil rights. Even discussing the dysfunction of their racism just has no place in their  political, cultural, and religious ideology of a nation they are certain their god created exclusively for white Christians.

In fact, the only thing the racist base wants to hear mentioned from Republicans is how quickly every single legislative victory won by the Selma marchers and organizers of 50 years ago will be summarily abolished; including any mention of the now-impotent Voting Rights Act, the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, and particularly Abraham Lincoln’s  Emancipation Proclamation.  Remember, there are a fair number of conservative Christians adamant that slavery is of, and approved by, the God of their bible and should never have been abolished.

Republicans spent the entirety of the 2012 general election, and President Obama’s first term in the White House, telegraphing their true regard for African Americans, and it continues unabated today. Their absence at a historically important landmark and anniversary celebrating the sacrifice and persistence of decent Americans seeking their Constitutional right to vote and civil rights long-ago guaranteed in the so-called ‘Reconstruction Amendments’ is, sadly, not surprising.

While for many Americans the anniversary of Bloody Sunday was a reminder of the struggle and celebration of just how far this sad racist country appears to have progressed, it was a reminder to Republicans how close they are to taking the country back to 1965. An era a large segment of the population is very much looking forward to and they are all part of Republicans’ base.

Editor’s Note: The lone House Republican leader to make the trip to Selma was Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Twenty-three House and Senate Republicans were registered to attend the Selma anniversary.

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  1. The only Republican that appeared was George W. Bush. Say what you will about his Presidency, but he made an appearance. It should not shock anybody that the KKK, error, Republican leadership, heck, Republicans in general, did not show up for this event.
    They are stuck in a time warp and want to go back to pre Civil Rights days, so, no, they stayed home, took the white robes and hoods out of the closet, and attended cross burnings with David Duke and Ben Carson. Carson, thinks it’s a bonfire he was invited to!

  2. It was so moving to see Barack Obama next to John Lewis walking that bridge! One of the most significant things I’ve seen in a very long time. So proud of the achievements of Barack and John. Thats how you stick it to the racist gop that failed to show up.

  3. I didn’t see him there. I don’t think he has any interest in being part of a movement that made his posh existence possible.

    He’s such a traitor to the Civil Rights movement.

  4. The FOX News lie machine is so effective, it is creating many GOP members that are even more entrenched in their racists views than previous generations. The GOP control freaks keep their members from attending these events lest they convey any support whatsoever for the Democratic president.

  5. There are (according to Wikipedia) two current African-American Republican House members – Mia Love from Utah, and Will Hurd from Texas.

  6. The South is going South again in more ways than one. All of you people out there with “Tattoos” on your hides will bring a higher price for your Corporate “Slave-Masters” in their “Slave Trading Markets”. They could use your “hides” to make lamp shades etc.. You are no better than “live-stock” to them. In my opinion.

  7. I guess Sen. Tim Scott (R. SC) is neither black nor Republican. Likewise Rep. Martha Roby (R- AL) isn’t Republican. And Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy isn’t a Republican.

    Seems like the racist progressives can never tell the truth.

  8. This is article is misleading, and some of the responses are outright wrong. Over two dozen Republicans were there, according to the NY Times, including the House Majority leader.

    Hillary Clinton was NOT there.

    And how dare you label roughly half the population who routinely vote Republican as all racists. Anyone who claims that is a racist.

  9. We are talking about right now. Your racist ass would be the first to say why blame me for slavery I didn’t own any slaves. IDIOT

  10. Racism is making the strife worse! Yes, because the crimes fruit of poverty are common among black people because black people are also among the poorest. And the system is not helping reduce poverty. So some situations are clearly blatant racism, with no other justification. If the economy does not become more humane, crime, racism and poverty are all going to thrive.

  11. Some Republicans were there. Actually, many were there but weren’t observed because they didn’t get off their buses. They turned around and went home when they realized it wasn’t going to be a reenactment.

  12. Of course they didn’t participate. They don’t want to upset their “racism doesn’t exist and slavery never happened” political base.

    Furthermore, many of these socially-regressive legislators also believe that the federal government had no business forcing the private sector to allow African Americans in their places of business, right Rand Paul?

  13. FYI, Hillary is not in office right now, her attendance would overshadow the message of the day. Republican leadership were absent, guess that “autopsy” doesnt matter anymore now that Kochs have taken the gotp.

  14. I know being homeschooled you don’t have comprehension skills but the article clearly states leadership

  15. The Republicans en – masse attended the 51st State Representive: Netanha. And gave him a bone tingling reception. The applauses were kiss ass embarrassing. IF SOME OF THOSE REPUBLICANS COULD HAVE GONE ON THEIR KNEES AND KISSED BIBI’S, YOU KNOW WHAT, THEY would have done it, without a doubt or embarrasment. And now they are absent from SELMA…((Sigh)) we know why. And we know Why Republicans will NEVER get an Afro-American to vote for them. EVER. Except for those House blackies, who will kiss up to the plantation owner, just to curry favor. Piss on them. The history books already have them down as the worst of the worst. Congressmen and Senators—Politicians, and human beings.

  16. But yet only the headline mentions leadership. The piece is absent of the claim. WHY? Because the RNC leadership was there. Did you bother clicking on the link, or are you just that type of lazya**.
    Was Harry Reid in attendance? No!
    But of course, you’ll brush that one off….

  17. “the house coon Tim Scott… pasty … congressman ” Racist much?…
    Maybe you should just stay out of politics. Tim Scott is a Senator, and not in the ‘house’
    So you don’t know Susan Collins, Jeff Sessions, etc?
    So where was Senate Minority leadership, Reid, Durbin, Schumer, and Patty Murray at this event…. You catching on here?
    Probably not.

  18. you all are the racist idiots ! you say republicans are racist your nothing but a ignorant puppet[snipped for pointless invective] get your facts straight!

  19. This is a very interesting article. First and foremost, I have to challenge obama’s comment about laws still making it difficult for people to vote. I would like for him to tell us what laws he is referring to. If he is referring to the law that states you must have an I.D. to vote, then I am sorry, I don’t understand that. You need an I.D. to do anything any more: buy cigarettes, buy alcohol, purchase a gun, open an account, apply for credit. I am sorry, but I fail to see why showing up to a voting booth, with an I.D. to confirm who you are, is racist. What happened in Selma 50 years ago is an atrocidy. It was wrong! But, folks, there is blatant racism today, and I am sorry to say it, but it is not white against black. In many areas, it is the other way around; and it is legal. There are many good people out there who don’t see race when they look at people. Conservatives, republican voters…it doesn’t matter. Please stop equating racism with conservatism. It is not t…

  20. What a great event. I wish I could have been there.

    Sad to see that some can’t resist puking all over it.

    Looks like at least one of the lessons from Selma is yet to be learned.

  21. Funny how the liberal media conveniently cropped the photo off just before George Bush and his wife and completely forgot about several congressmen then b blast the Republican party for not being their. Liberal media strikes again. And the way most of you talk on here and you have the nerve to call us racist. Y’all need to take a look in the mirror.

  22. I see our flock of neanderthal republican TROLLS just could help themselves flocking here for this article! Listen my republican trolls, A- your party has a HUGE racist element in it!! it started in the mid 1960’s when your BELOVED GOP desperate for votes gladly took our racist southern democrats!! “DIXIECRATS!! need proof?? ask yourself, WHY since the mid 1970’s has the SOUTH been solidly RUDY RED republican?? if the democratic party is so racist, WHY did the GOP turn dem politicians into republicans?? question? which party would strom thurmond and george wallace of the 1950’s feel at home with today?? your damn right! the GOP!

  23. See most republicans are so deeply entrenched in WHITE PRIVILEGE, that they aren’t even aware of it, looking at @G’s half- wit post is proof positive. republicans stayed away from Selma because their tea party wing, remember them? would be screaming bloody murder!! see they’re the ones with the signs calling Obama a nigger, those poorly written signs! , spelling it “NIGER” remember the witch doctor ones?? the JOKER one?? remember GOP rep. from california emailing pictures of APES with the Obama family pasted on them? remember GOP staffer emailing picture of WATERMELLONS outside the whitehouse? remember “BARACK, the magic NEGRO”?? hell, ted nugent comes up with his racist rants on a daily bases!! oh but I forgot! according to @G and his buddys, it’s the dems who are the REAL racist! LOL

  24. no you did not own slave . Your folks came to america after the Africans arrived and made into slaves however, if you are benefiting from being white in America , you are sharing in the racist/discriminatory legacy built on slavery and discrimination and if you try to act like ‘it wasn’t me,’ then you are just gong along with the flow and enjoying undeserved ‘white skin privilege.’

  25. There were over 30 Republican Senators in attendance, including Tim Scott (R-SC) who is African American. There were scores of House Republicans in attendance, including Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader.

  26. You nailed it. History. History prior to the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts. Then all of those racist Dems became Repubs and have remained there. For merely the past 50 years.

  27. You cant make this shit up
    Top Republican: We watched a movie about voting rights, what more do you want from us?

    McCarthy noted that this year’s delegation of two dozen Republicans was his party’s largest ever to a commemoration ceremony at Selma. And Congress has honored the legacy of the march, he said, pointing to the congressional gold medals awarded to Rep. John Lewis and other Selma foot soldiers, as well as the screening of the movie “Selma” hosted on the Hill last year.

  28. THIS IS WORTH Repeating (from the above article)——: “most Republicans likely felt that attending or even acknowledging the anniversary would not play well to their white supremacist base or their racist conservative media.————-“They probably assumed that attending would incite a ferocious anti-GOP rebellion among the majority racist wing of the party. A racist wing they depend on to stay competitive at the states’ level especially in the former Confederacy most responsible for voter suppression laws and the Supreme Court getting the opportunity to eviscerate the Voting Rights Act.—–”

    On the money!

  29. Out of 301 Republicans in Congress, 23 made it to Selma including Kevin McCarthy who changed his mind late in the week, stating earlier that he wasn’t going. Can anybody name any other Republican of the 247 House Republicans who was at Selma?

  30. You certainly presented an accurate picture by naming TWO of the 247 Republicans in the House who made it to Selma. Kevin McCarthy stated he wasn’t going to attend and reversed himself on Friday. Where were black Republicans in the House Mia Love of Utah and Hugh Hurd of Texas?

  31. I don’t believe that 23 Republicans out of 301 is a great representation; Kevin, himself stated that he wasn’t going to come and changed his mind on Friday. Naturally this was the best representation, I don’t believe that the 49th anniversary brings out record crowds. I hope that the GOP is proud of their 8% representation. They were probably tired from the standing ovations they gave the TERRORIST earlier in the week.

  32. The evidence is clear: identification requirements for voting reduce turnout among low-income and minority voters. And the particular restrictions imposed by Republican lawmakers—limiting the acceptable forms of identification, ending opportunities for student voting, reducing hours for early voting—certainly are aimed at Democratic voters.

    Visit YouTube for Mike Turzai/Pennsylvania/voter ID. He BRAGS about how it is “done” in PA and will give the state to Romney (in 2012). The audience cheers!

    Need an ID? Visit a nearby DMV office. Ooooh, sorry. Those are being closed in ID states, making it more difficult for Seniors, city dwellers who rely on public transportation, students.

    In Texas, college ID is not a valid form of ID for voting. Gun licences are!

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