Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s Extremism Threatens To Bring Him Down In 2016

mike pence religious freedom bill press conference
On Thursday, Democrat John Gregg announced that he was seeking a rematch to defeat Indiana Republican Governor Mike Pence in 2016. Pence beat Gregg in 2012, by a closer than expected 49.7 to 46.5 percent margin. As former Speaker of the Indiana House, Gregg is a formidable candidate that represents a legitimate threat to defeat Pence, especially since the Governor’s popularity has slipped after he backed a controversial “religious freedom” law, which sparked a huge statewide and national backlash.

Pence won in 2012, largely by avoiding discussing social issues, even though as a Congressman he had a track record of taking extreme right-wing positions on abortion and gay rights. While he wisely downplayed his far right ideology during the 2012 general election cycle, Pence will not be afforded the luxury of ignoring social issues in the 2016 race.

Upon making his announcement, John Gregg came out swinging, hitting Pence hard for his divisive social policy while arguing that the Governor had done nothing to improve education or create jobs. Gregg exclaimed:

The governor has done what he said he wasn’t going to do. I thought he was going to focus on the economy, I thought he was going to focus on creating good paying jobs and improving our education system. He’s focused on nothing but social issues, which was his record in Congress, and those social issues do nothing but divide us.

In October 2013, Gregg had announced that he did not plan to challenge Mike Pence in 2016. However, that was before Pence launched his anti-LGBT crusade by arguing for a “religious freedom” bill that would grant individuals and businesses the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians. Gregg made it clear that, if elected, he would stand against bigotry and work to repeal any laws that discriminate against LGBT residents.

Mike Pence’s anti-gay bigotry has already cost him popularity in Indiana. Now that John Gregg has decided to seek a re-match, it may also cost Mike Pence his job. Elections have consequences, and Governor Pence is a year and a half away from facing his consequences for aligning with religious bigots rather than sticking up for the rights of Hoosiers to be free from facing anti-gay discrimination.

12 Replies to “Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s Extremism Threatens To Bring Him Down In 2016”

  1. The Right has said:
    Dems are forcing Gay Freedom/Issues down our throats!

    Dems saw the injustice coming.
    Democrats are always fighting to the least among us.

    “Whatever you did for the least among you…
    You have done it for me”

    I’m not religious…but The Christian Right has all forgotten that value!

  2. if he loses will he become introspective and pensive?

    live as a monk or hermit contemplating the real meaning of Jesus and like Sysiphus be forever unable to understand the true meaning? just as comprehension begins to dawn the stone rolls back downhill…

  3. All republicans are running on are social issues, because they have nothing to offer for the good of the country.

  4. Wasn’t Pence one of stars on the Republican “deep bench”. That bench is starting to look more like Pop Warner than NFL.

  5. The so called deep bench was the figment of the village imagination. Just once I wish they would tell the public exactly what they stand for

  6. A minor irritation: folks from Indiana are “Hoosiers”, not “Indianans”.

    Along with a growing “Fire Pence” movement, there has been a recent call for Glenda Ritz, Indiana’s elected and much-abused Superintendent of Education, to run for the governorship in 2016. Considering that she got more votes than Pence in the last election, she might actually beat him, which would indeed be poetic justice.

  7. If they told people what they stand for, they would never get elected. Obfuscation and gerrymandering (along with outright cheating) are the only way the current crop of GOP clowns can win.

  8. Thanks. I corrected the use of “Indianans” and changed it to the word “Hoosiers”.

    Also if Glenda Ritz jumps into the race and gets the nomination and beats Pence that would indeed be poetic.

  9. hoosiermama, thank you! That word “Indianans” has been driving me nuts too.

    I’m a lifelong Hoosier myself. I recently met Mr. Gregg, and was very impressed. I voted for him, of course, in 2012 — and was horrified when Mike Pence won the election. I just think it’s sad that people – in general – paid absolutely no attention to Pence’s record while he was a Congressman. We reaped what we sowed by voting this backwards version of a bought-and-paid-for politician.

    What he encouraged and signed into law has definitely hurt our state — makIng us look like fools. I was thoroughly embarrassed by the bullshit (excuse my language) Law, making it ok to discriminate!

    I hope Mike Pence burns in hell someday; he deserves it for being incredibly stupid.

  10. Lifelong Hoosier here… Pence perhaps is the worst governor the state has had. For sure he is the most inept in recent memory. Indiana, for the better part of the last 50 years, has been well-represented by our governors, no matter the party. Pence, however, aided and abetted by a GOP supermajority in the legislature, has tried to assume almost dictatorial powers based on conservative zealotry. His only reason for seeking the governorship was as a stepping stone to the Presidency. Now, his ineptitude leaves Hoosiers with a state that is the butt of comedian’s jokes, and less likely to obtain much-needed jobs.

    I can’t express enough my dismay that this ideologue remains our governor. If Pence had any love for Indiana and Hoosiers, he would resign immediately.

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