Republican Presidential Wannabes Gather In South Carolina To Renounce Democrats


A bunch of Republican real and presumed presidential primary candidates descended on Greenville, South Carolina, Saturday. The event was the “South Carolina Freedom Summit.” It was held at an auditorium ironically named “The Peace Center.” Ironic because every candidate seemed bent on starting the Third World War.

Citizens United was the primary sponsor. Yes, the “Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission” crew. Only Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, George Romney and Lindsey Graham had better things to do. Tickets were free and gone in a flash with a 700-ticket backlog for the daylong event.

The stage was festooned in red, white and blue bunting; An anti-Hillary propaganda video that ended with giant lettering “Hillary’s Web of Deception” greeted attendees.

At 9:08AM, Citizens United President, David Bossie, walked to the microphone. “Well, good morning Greenville.”

All speakers followed essentially the same template. Islamic terror, repeal the president’s health care plan, Hillary and Obama-bashing, no taxes, no regulations, no anti-Wall Street, repeated bows to the military from the candidates, a balanced budget, welfare recipient-bashing, candidate humble beginnings, ceaseless damnation of immigrants, the “porous border”, American exceptionalism, Israel as BFF, the constitution and amendments, keep the fed’s nose out of state business, free speech, especially when it comes to state denial of gay rights and the homosexual-hating musings of that old bearded, camouflaged TV guy. Most speeches ended with “God Bless America.” I could stop the story here and you wouldn’t have missed a thing.

Wisconsin Governor and recall survivor, Scott Walker, was the first candidate speaker. He paid homage to the veterans in the audience, as did the other speakers. Nothing wrong with that, though, none of the Republican candidates ever saw actual combat duty. Walker said, “We’re going to talk about freedom today.” He didn’t elaborate. He mentioned that state unemployment is now 4.6%. What he didn’t mention, and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel did, was that the Wisconsin grew low paying jobs at the fastest rate ever, since 2000.

He also said the state’s bond rating is strong. Really? Wisconsin Public Radio reported that the rating is still among the lowest in the country, and a recent modest upgrade came the same day the state reported a projected $2.2 billion shortfall in the next budget. This, after bragging about lowering the tax burden by 2 billion dollars. He defunded Planned Parenthood and urged repeal of Obamacare.

After the speech, Walker left for Israel to visit with fellow blood-luster, Bibi Netanyahu. The duo will figure out how they can level any home country of ‘radical’ Islam. “I want to take the fight to them, before they take the fight to us.” Third World War, anyone?

Rick Santorum followed. In addition to radical Islam, he added China and Russia to the list of American enemies. As for Islam, “If these folks want to bring back 7th Century Islam, we need to ramp up and bomb them back to the 7th century.” Do I need to bother with anything else Mr. Macho had to say other than he hates immigrants?

He bragged on South Carolina for attracting all those huge companies. Yeah, no unions, lousy wages, unfettered pollution, huge incentives and tax breaks everywhere. According to the Post and Courier newspaper (scroll down to S.C. Hard hit), household wages dropped by 10.9% between 2000 and 2012 when all those great new companies were moving in.

Rick Perry continued the Islamist theme. He accused the president of weakness and vacillation. He wants to attack Islamists. “We must have the same resolve to defeat them that we did with the Soviet Union.” H’mmmm. I guess our attack on the Soviet Union slipped my mind. He wants Washington “out of our lives.” I want Perry out of the campaign.

Egomaniac Donald Trump then addressed the crowd. This cartoonish oaf opened with Tom Brady having all that snow in front of his house. “Tell Tom Brady about Global Warming.” He got progressively dumber after that.

He tacked a bit to the left in telling the religious evangelicals that he didn’t give a s**t about lobbyists. The audience laughed uproariously. I guess ‘cursing’ is OK when an avowed conservative decides to go potty-mouth.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott admitted he had flunked out of high school. “I think I’m the only Senator who ever flunked civics. Then I went to the Senate and there was a whole lot of competition across the aisle.” Another Scott admission: He used to sing a song to Obamacare. “Hit the road, Jack, and don’t you come back no more.” How about “Hit the road, Tim?”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was next. He had the requisite poor parents/American dream story, realized when his parents came to America from Cuba in 1956 and found work as a bartender and stock clerk. “They found good jobs.” The line that really defined Rubio was in relation to Jihadists: “We will look for you; we will find you and we will kill you.” The audience cheered wildly. He wants to (ho) repeal Obamacare (hum). Telegenic, but not great on the stump.

Then came arguably the star of the show, Ted Cruz. “God bless the great state of South Carolina. What a blessing to be with so many incredible patriots.” You mean the kind that retain dual citizenship for the first 43 years of their life? Cruz’s birthplace of Calgary might have been a clue. He renounced the Canadian side last year. He wants to “padlock” the IRS building and bring its 90,000 employees to “our southern borders.” Repealing every word of Obamacare and initiating a flat tax (as in flat earth) are on his agenda.

John Bolton was there as a special hit man to dismantle Hillary/Obama foreign policy “failures”, especially Benghazi and Iran’s nuclear facilities (finding nothing doesn’t mean Republicans won’t let go). Is there a more unlikable human on the planet?

We can skip over the Bolton’s continued tedious attacks on Hillary’s foreign policy bona fides and former New York Governor, George who? Pataki’s speech.

That brings us to Bobby Jindal, governor or Louisiana. Covering the template as described earlier in detail, Jindal, nonetheless, identified our “greatest threat” as what Obama is doing to redefine the American dream. That’s because his administration doesn’t give carte blanche to the aforementioned Indiana, Arkansas and “Duck Dynasty” boob, Phil Robertson, calling homosexuality a sin and comparing it to bestiality. Jindal ended with three “God-blesses.”

Ben Carson told of his mother in the end-stages of Alzheimers. I’m not going to pick apart someone who is going through that incredibly difficult time with a loved one.

But Carly Fiorina faces no such challenge. She just needs to make excuses about why she was unceremoniously booted out as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. In truth, she approved the purchase of Compaq for $25 billion and promptly laid off 15,000 Hewlett-Packard employees. Over the next few years, profits lagged, and HW was losing out to competitors. Bye bye!.

Moving on…

We’re done. People are filing out. They started just after lunch. Nothing really bombastic came out of the event. Iowa and New Hampshire held similar shindigs and there will be more around the country in the future.

The three candidates to be taken seriously from this group are Cruz, Walker and, possibly, Jindal. The others can pack their bags.

26 Replies to “Republican Presidential Wannabes Gather In South Carolina To Renounce Democrats”

  1. No… more like ALL of them can pack their bags.

    Their brand of idiocracy will be and should be shunned by all Americans.

  2. Given my politics, I at least agreed with the last sentence, so I probably should just stop there.

    Nah, I can’t.

    The Republicans here do not and will not bash immigrants to our country. I mean, Look at Jindal. We do have a problem with gate crashing illegal aliens who jumped the fence w/out permission. Gotta play by the rules to become a citizen.

  3. King Bobby takes himself very seriously. Thanks for destroying a childhood memory. Now, I can never see Howdy or Cowboy Bob without BJ haunting it.

    Begone, vile vision! Avaunt thee!

  4. “What a blessing to be with so many incredible patriots.”
    Weren’t those folks’ ancestors the guys that fired the first
    shot of the Civil War at Ft. Sumter?

  5. Look at the mouth, head position on the photo of Cruz. It reminds me of a naughty child caught out but still semi defiant and a bit obstinate; even though they know they are in the wrong.

  6. Once again the Republicans go out of their way to denounce those whom they feel are ‘illegal’: Individuals. Yet they have absolutely NO PROBLEM with corporations flouting the law.

    They claim they are against individuals violating the law yet they demand forgiveness when one of their own gets caught, assuming that they simply don’t ignore that person’s crimes.

    Like a broken record/scratched CD, they keep repeating the same few lyrics they’ve been trumpeting for decades, and they pat themselves on the back for being mavericks.

    Smaller government/let’s go invade someplace else.

  7. Playing by the rules would be fine, when you can get wealthy white men to stop paying illegals peanuts for housework, lawn work, and watching their kids for them. How about white men play by the rules for once? And for all the whining (to this day) about Obama not being a citizen because he was born in Hawaii, where is the inquiry into Cruz’ citizenship, or Marco’s? They are just as half white as our President, and I’m sure they both also benefitted from that evil affirmative action to get into their Ivy League schools. But, hey, they are God-speaking “Christian” rich guys, and they support war and poverty, so all’s well in Kochland with those two. Jindal looks and sounds like a creepy middle schooler who stalks the cheerleader’s locker. He’s going nowhere nationally, plus Louisiana is economically and educationally even worse off than Wisconsin.

  8. Robert, You want immigration reform? Well my friend that will only happen when the wealthy and the corporations start getting fined for hiring illegals under the table.

    Remember the 2009/10 crash? Small companies closed, big companies downsized and laid people off left, right and center. Unemployment was at an all time high of 9.6%. Just in case you forgot during this time illegal immigration began hitting an all time low. Between 2000-2009 immigration from Mexico was at 29% & 31% for all immigrants. In 2010 – 2013 it was 10% from Mexico and 5% for all immigrants.

    Also, the immigrants from Mexico are the ones who take the lowest paying service, construction etc jobs.

  9. Good to hear you support Pres. Obama’s DREAM Act – since ALL those children of immigrants “played by the rules”.

  10. That’s the slimy sneer of someone absolutely certain they are better than everyone else in the room.

  11. Thanks for summarizing this crap so we don’t have to watch it.

    High-Ster-Ical: Freedom Summit @ Peace Ctr paid for by Citizens United.

    They made lot of those attack films and books about Hilz – all released in 2007 for some reason… coinciding with her last campaign… surprise. They were known famously by their name back then: C.U.N.T. Citizens United Not Timid. So the use of *chit by Trump is not going to surprise those people.

    They are good at pointing fingers at others not themselves.

  12. Crowd Applauds Woman Calling Immigrants ‘Rats And Roaches’

    Republish Reprint

    The Republican party base is posing a serious problem for their 2016 election prospects, as you can see in this short video clip from the South Carolina Freedom Summit.

    David Bossie, head of the Citizens United Foundation and organizer of this unruly mob, has a mother-in-law, and she really doesn’t like immigrants.
    Read More

  13. They applaud her and suggest they’d vote for her for president. Yep, she is only saying less diplomatically exactly what they all say. The whole rotten lot of them.

    And the ones that don’t think it, say it just to appease their base.

    Hillary was right, she stands on one side and all of them are total contrast. Wish she could debate the whole lot of them vs just her. She’d whip their ignorant asses.

  14. Oh please. Republicans aren’t the party of racism, gay bashing, hate speech, xenophobia and attacks on poor people class warfare?

    They are the poster child party for all that. I always wonder how the few people of color, log cabin Rs, etc. stay with their oppressors. And women – who should be shouting “excuse me, men can’t get pregnant so shut up” are towing the line. A lot of your wimmen folk are getting sick of you neanderthal white faux-christian men.

  15. What a bunch of crooked and stupid people; the crooked ones are the pandering candidates, the stupid ones are the attendees gullible enough to swallow their lies and BS.

  16. I think it’s more than just who’s white and who’ not. I think it comes down to the haves vs. the have-nots! This is a systematic, methodical raping of the middle and lower class. I don’t care what color you are, what religion you live by (if any), the country you are from…whatever. We are The Middle Class and we damn well better stick together and storm the damn voting locales and start ending this criminal, heartless, beating being administered by the rich on us “unwashed and uncouth” masses. I am not trying to belittle the police situations ongoing around the country. That is another set of injustices that are founded in the same type of hatred toward people of color. Clearly it is fueled, at least in some part, by bigotry.

  17. The boomerang effect is a Bitch! Corporations made the government let the illegals in. The corporations benefited from the hard work of the illegal aliens because they payed them low wages. Those workers have children. Now these children are adults and aren’t real damn thrilled about how you treated their parents and the middle class. Welcome, to the fight for this country. WE ARE THE MIDDLE CLASS! We have to take our country back from the corporations and their hired henchmen.

  18. I wish to hell they would all get in a damn bus! One drone strike and we rid the world of a lot of Kock-roaches!

  19. If Cruz hates undocumented immigrants so much why didn’t he have his father deported years ago? And if poppa Cruz loves America so much why did he wait 30+ years to become a citizen? And why don’t we hear from Ted’s mother isn’t she proud of her anointed son too?

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