Republicans Have A Duggar Problem: Here Is A Picture Of Molester Josh Duggar and Jeb Bush


The Josh Duggar molestation scandal has the potential of causing a major heading for another Republican contender as Duggar was photographed with Jeb Bush.

Back in January, Josh Duggar tweeted:

Bush isn’t the only Republican presidential contender with Duggar trouble. Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Perry have all had photos of themselves getting chummy with a child molester tweeted by Duggar.

At heart, the Republican Party is in the middle of the Duggar scandal because the GOP continues to pander to evangelical social conservatives like the Duggar family.

Social liberals outnumber social conservatives in the United States, but evangelical conservatives are vastly overrepresented in the Republican Party. The Republican presidential candidates have gone silent. Josh Duggar was one of their own. He was the executive director of the Family Research Council’s political arm, which means that Duggar came into contact and had access to the very top of the Republican Party.

At a time when Republicans should be universally condemning Duggar’s behavior, the GOP has gone silent. TLC, the network that airs 19 Kids and Counting, continues to have no comment. Everyone on the right appears to be trying to wait this scandal out, which is why it is vital that you don’t let that happen.

The Josh Duggar molestation scandal isn’t just a TLC problem. It is a Republican problem, as the hypocritically self-proclaimed party of family values has chosen stone cold silence over condemning sexual abuse.

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  1. Having a picture is one thing. Goodness knows who among us were included in pictures of monsters…

    But you are correct- why the silence? It’s almost as if they’re hedging their bets…

  2. who knew that inclusion in the Republican party meant Josh Duggar, Ted Nugent, pedophile and molester…

    David Vitter, family values with prostitutes…

    McCain and Newt, three failed marriages?

    Sarah and family, sex out of marriage and drunken brawls…

    wide stance trolling in the men’s room…

    add your own to the list here___________

    the road goes on forever and the party never ends..

    and before anyone complains… yeah… Dems do it too… we just don’t try to pretend we’re above it and try to tell other people how ‘sinful’ it is…

  3. I don’t know anything about these people in these 4 threads and haven’t read the threads or the comments in these articles at all. I don’t watch TV, went for 10 years with none in the house and didn’t miss it. Now if it is on two hours a week for news or an occasional comedy show, it is a lot.

    I see these names the Kardashians, the Duck Family, these baby maker whatever the story is with them… and I wonder why do people like this stuff?

    Turn off teevee open your mind.

  4. Having your picture may not mean much but I do know one thing….

    I hope they saved some money that they grifted because if not its going to be real hard feeding 19 and counting kids on food stamps

  5. I do have a TV, but no cable. Mine TV is primarily used to watch Movies or TV shows on disk.
    Currently inching my way through Game of Thrones.

    Why the allure for them? Everyone needs something to either: A) feel superior to someone (Kardashians), or B) reinforce their beliefs (just about everything else).

    Why do you think they call it: Programming?

  6. Remember this?

    Barack Obama “paled around with terrorists”?

    The fact that Obama was once in the same room with William C. Ayers.

    So those “family values” Republicans (barf, snort) are they palling around with Pedophiles?

    Fire with fire guys, Republicans would do it.

  7. But remember that Anthony Weiner committed no crime. That was between consenting adults.
    Embarrassing, certainly, but nothing like being a hypocrital liar like the tap tap guy in the airport restroom. Certainly cannot be compared to republican child molesters.

  8. I posted this on his page “spoken like a true Reich wing so called christain.BTW how many dogs did your son kill?”

  9. Hey, it’s THEIR child molester…..he did no wrong. Total absolution in their eyes for him, remember he was a “troubled” teen and a Republican one at that. So, he gets a pass.

  10. GOP/TPers keep getting embarrassed by shysters because they continue to jump on the latest bandwagon(s) and/or to support persons without delving too deeply into their backgrounds. This is a serious problem in the GOP/TP. Another problem is that after GOP/TPers discover that someone/thing they supported is/has been discredited, they still support it/the person. Superficiality and blind devotion are perfect words that describe them. When it was revealed that Palin was an empty-headed fraud, they went silent. When it was revealed that the movers and shakers on the the right use them as their personal cash cows, they went silent. When Aaron Schock was revealed as a corrupt, grifting tool, they went silent. They go silent because they’re embarrassed about being so gullible and so easily hoodwinked by disreputable grifters and schemers. I used to feel sorry for them, but no more because they seem to love being taken advantaged of by their “betters.”

  11. I have cable, but I don’t watch any reality shows because first, they bore me, second, I have no interest in watching others do stupid and ridiculous things for fame, money, and attention. I watch some movies, PBS, Justice TV, and a little of the Syfy Channel. I had to stop watching TLC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and A&E because they’ve all gone reality TV crazy. I even stopped watching TV “news” programs because none of them ever tell the truth about anything, and their execs’ major goal seems to be making money. I have a low tolerance for anything having to do with BS, and most of the reality TV shows are filled with BS. I’d rather watch an educational program than any other type of program, but except for PBS, there few real educational programs on TV anymore.

  12. Jim Bob is a millionaire. I read his bio. He made most of his money in real estate. Now, whether he’ll toss a few bucks to Josh is another matter, especially, if he’s a true devotee of pulling one’s self up by one’s bootstraps. I figure Josh won’t be unemployed for too long. Someone his parents know will offer him a job pretty soon. Remember, Eric Cantor left Congress, didn’t remain unemployed too long, and was hired by Moelis and Co, where he serves as a vice chairman and managing director and sits on the board of directors.

  13. someone asked awhile back what news sources do we use if we don’t trust the Networks and Cable news…

    I answered Salon, MJ, ThinkProgress etc…

    the one I forgot is Al-Jezeera USA… if you don’t have TVs how do you get that news?

    never seen Dork Dynasty or 19 altho i get the gist of their crap when they make the newsfeeds…

    it was interesting yesterday in light of this story… I had a dental cleaning yesterday and my hygienist was telling me how much she liked 19… before the story broke…

  14. So if a Republican candidate is associated with a person, and then it’s discovered that person is a pedophile, The republican (and all republicans) partially shares that stink, even though it wasn’t known until now?
    Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire Democratic supporter. He has donated 3.5 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Epstein is a pedophile. A convicted pedophile.
    Therefore the Clinton Foundation tacitly supports pedophilia. Fair enough? Wow! This game is easy…

  15. I don’t care who he took pictures with. My main point is the hypocrisy of this family and their Reich wing views on gays. On one hand they preach that gays will come get your babies and on the other hand they covered up child molesting just to protect their gravy train.

  16. Ok, that is perhaps a fair point. But the article is tainting Republican candidates by association. (Except for Huckabee. You guys can throw him under the bus all day.)

  17. Jim Bob makes 90 percent of his money with the show. All the money comes to him and his wife and adult children get paid whatever amount he deems fit.

    Excuse me, his wife gets nothing, she is only his “helpmeet” and doesn’t get any actual pay.

  18. Robert, you are absolutely correct that “This game is easy… “. However the point that I see is Republicans telling, preaching, no demanding, what I do with my body and what I do in my private life, I do not see from Democrats. By and large.

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